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The smell of girl's indoor shoes

Scent Fetish Goods by Tama Toys
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Maker Tama ToysVolume 10ml (0.34oz)Fantasy Schoolgirl Release Dec 15, 2022Product Type Scent Fetish Goods

User Reviews

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  • | 10/21/2023

    smells like a girl's indoor shoes, LITERALLY

    Bro I'm just gonna be honest, I like that feet smell in shoes and this smells "almost exactly" like it about 92% exact pretty accurate, defo gonna by more in the future I wanted to smell my girl's feet/shoes but I'm currently away from her cause we are long distant at the moment so I go this as a substitute to remind me of her and it sorta reminds me of her in a way I sprayed this on her shoes that she left with me, now I can think of her more...9/10 smells as excepted and it's pretty strong you only need one spray which means this thing is gonna last

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  • | 10/9/2023

    Not too smelly or floral

    A lot of scents are just super pungent or smell like flowers, this one does it right. Just the right amount of scent to smell like a sweaty foot after a light day.

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  • | 2/7/2023

    Not an off brand perfume scent

    Truly smells like what you would imagine the scent of a used loafer would be without going full 100% while adding a slight perfume scent. Other scents I've bought recently have been smelling like perfumes of different tones with only a label swap but this one is the real deal finally and it's really good. I hope more stuff of this kind will come on the market.

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  • | 2/6/2023

    Finally a good scent

    Smells like a mix of used leather and corn chips, which actually matches the smell of used shoes. Definitely more accurate than most of the other foot scents on the market right now, but may not be your thing if you're looking for something lighter.

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  • | 1/19/2023

    Stink! and too real for me

    If you are searching for what the title suggests, you have found it. The smell is reminiscent of a girl's indoor shoe, nothing more and nothing less. However, for me, it is a bit too realistic or perhaps I am just softcore.

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