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Wonderful Hip ! Happy Life !

Hip Onahole by Tama Toys
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Product Weight (without the package): approx. 5000 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 160x270x250mm

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Brand: Tama ToysProduct Type: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 11/14/2019

    Best toy I own

    When I opened the package I was excited to see that the toy was much larger than I anticipated. After using for the first time i have fallen in love, I even cuddled it to sleep in my bed. It is quality product, definitely worth the price and would recommend to anybody seeking a good hands free toy.

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  • | 10/21/2019

    A must-have for ass lovers.

    This was my first onahole, I decided to buy this one because I'm a huge sucker for big butts and heard many good things about this. Needless to say I was not disappointed. Although 5kg was a lot heavier than I expected, this hole does an amazing job and is extremely nice to use. The only problem really is that it's a bit hard to clean but other than that it's amazing. I've spent countless hours pounding into it and it never gets old, the sensation is always amazing and the ass is extremely squeezable and spankable. I highly recommend this to anybody who loves big booties just like me.

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  • | 6/27/2019

    Easily the best item I've bought on this site

    This is my first hip style onahole, and I must say I am very impressed. The toy weighs a massive 5 kg and offers great stimulation. The real draw of this toy is pounding into the firm material. The sheer weight of the toy makes this the closest you can get to sex without involving another person. As others have stated before, it can be a bit of a pain to clean. Also keep in mind that the toy can be quite loud, so its pretty much impossible to be discreet with it.

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  • | 10/19/2018

    Best Onahole I own

    After trying quite a few different onaholes I decided to buy my first hip. The packaging was great with styrofoam protecting the hip. First impression was that it's really heavy, being at 5kg. The quality and texture is great and there is only a slight smell out of the box. The ass is firm and great when you want to hold on to it, both holes are great but I prefer anal as it's tighter. Try this with a onahole warmer for an even better experience. Cleaning is a bit of a hassle, I usually take it into the shower with me, and spend some time using a cloth after to dry it out. It is quite expensive but I think it's really worth it, fabulous experience.

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  • | 8/27/2018

    Possibly the best hip

    To start, this is heavy. At 5kg, it's pretty hefty to be moving around, but it all adds to the realism. The texture and quality is fantastic, and I use this quite frequently now. I personally didn't find cleaning too bad, it's much easier if you use a tube/hose to flush out the holes then let it sit for the water to fall out. Follow up with a cloth get the last of the water and it's safe to store.

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  • | 12/18/2017

    Combine this with the free love stick from otona and you're in for a treat

    So, after almost 4 years of onahole experience, I decided to buy my first hip, along with my 10% discount (sadface; if I had waited one more day I could've used the Christmas discount for 15 instead). Anyway, this behemoth comes inside a styrofoam box with a shape that conforms to the hip, so no worries about it getting scratched by other items or damaged any way during delivery. Once opened, there was a very strong factory smell that you can wash off before your first use if it bother you. The powder on it is a bit oily, so be careful not to drop it when sliding it out of the plastic bag. When you lie this baby down on the floor, you have two holes to choose from: the anal canal and the vaginal one. When I first started, the ass was easier to enter into, but easily makes more noise than the vagina when you start pumping. The flaps on her lips make it a little hard to enter when doing things hands free (switching holes while watching a video), though it offers more pressure as it it lower down and parallel to the surface it is on when you lie on top. That being said, both holes are quite nice to use. I was quite reluctant to lie down on it without support it in fear of breaking it, but as I slowly got used to it, I put more and more body weight on it. This onahip is soft, yet sturdy, being able to hold an average adult male brainlessly humping away at it (I weigh ~75 kg/165 lbs, give or take a pound). Word of warning: be careful not to go too rough your first time, since you might accidentally pull too far, slip out of the hole, and snap your branch into a pair of chopsticks. Lucky for me, the material gave way a bit and allowed me to push myself up before something happened. No one wants to visit the ER with a broken pecker, especially if you still live with your parents. Before cleaning, I noticed some very small specks of her on the towel I laid out. These might have just been pieces that weren't cleaned out during manufacturing, or maybe they may have come off from the entrance of the holes. However, there were no significant/discernible tears (some of the possible tears could be designs to make the entrance of the ass look more realistic). The base that lies on the ground had less focus during production; some loose bits hanging and the shape not being uniform triggered my imaginary OCD a bit, but it wasn't the end of za warudo. Cleaning wise, this is the hardest thing I have ever cleaned in my history of onaholes. Since my fingers are not as long as my dingdong nor can I extend it (STAR FINGER), I had a hard time cleaning the very inside. I resorted to filling a tub full of water and washing her while I washed myself. If you have a syringe (30 cc or more) or a bath hose, this makes flushing the inside out much easier. Just get some soap and lather the inside (soapy water will also do), then fill the syringe and enema both her holes until all the fluids come out. Push her cheeks together to get most of the water out, pat her dry and then sit her upright on a towel to allow gravity to pull the water down. You can try drying the inside with a microfibre cloth, but it's too much of a hassle and very difficult to do. After you have given it sufficient time to dry, it's time to repeat the cycle, or you can store her in the styrofoam box for another unbusy day. Something else you can try with her: put the free lovestick/rotor from otona store in the other hole you aren't using for a vibrating onahip :) I suggest using this when you are super pent up (I.e. After no nut November or no fap February), so you can do multiple rounds before cleanup. I personally had a 2.5 hr session the first time I got her and came like 5 times, so cleanup felt more worth it (thank goodness exams are over; slightly sore dick and loss of time are no joke). Total time used was about 3 hours from fap to drying (drip drying inside not included). Well worth the cost, although I'm a bit sad I had to ask for the box removal since she was wearing a highschoolers uniform (reminds me of the blonde girl from the phantom anime). I'm looking forward to buying the Puni Fuwa Mochi 2k if it ever goes on sale again, so maybe I could do a comparison afterwards.

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  • | 8/27/2017

    The best I've ever had

    As the title suggests, this is the best toy I have ever used, even beats most if not all the women I have been with. This really is worth every penny, the quality is top notch and the weight of it just seems perfect for that realism. The holes are amazing quality and the rest of it just feels amazing to hold and grab on to. My only gripe with it would be in the difficulty in cleaning it since there are no openings, that i know of, so you would need specific cleaners to do the job properly but other than that this is perfect in every other way. :)

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  • | 3/26/2017

    One of the best hip

    It's heavy and big. 5 Kg. It's designed to be laid flat on a surface, very well designed for us, makes you feel very comfortable. The top one is quite short, but enough. The bottom one is perfect. One thing that I worry about it is very hard to clean it. Great product.

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  • | 2/15/2017

    The best hip ever created

    I have searched far and wide for something like this. I own 4 other hips but none of them were really just right for me. Until now. First impressions: This thing is really, really big. And heavy. The flat bottom is perfect and ideal because it makes the ass that much bigger, as well as ideal for slamming into it balls deep. The texture of the ass is extremely squeezable and it is so big you have a good handlebar to grip onto. The canal texture is a bit on the firmer side, but it is JUST right. Not too soft or too hard. The vaginal canal is very deep and the entire thing is extremely tight and meaty--and due to the weight it just feels amazing with nice suction. However, the anal part is extremely short despite the pictures (starting to think mine had a defect or the pictures just aren't accurate). The vagina is so great though that I really don't care. Pros: - Perfect weight - Very tight, very intense stimulation - Grab-able, squeezable, great for pounding into - Very deep canal (vaginal) Cons: - Anal is too short for me to use, ever - Limited positions, can only be used from the back / on top - Really, really, really difficult to clean - Will probably tear a bit in the future but seems durable for now. Despite some of its major cons I still think it is the greatest onahole related purchase I have ever made.

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