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Ubujiru Cool Mint Lotion

Lotion by Magic Eyes

Cool and refreshing lotion

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  • Maker: Magic Eyes
  • Product Type: Lotion


Cool down with this fun and unique lotion from Magic Eyes. Infused with a refreshing minty sensation, this lube is suitable for any onahole available on otonaJP. Good for personal use too, or with a partner. Perfect for shocking the senses on a warm Summer day. Comes in a big bottle which will last a long time, and it's easy to wash off.

The Ubujiru Cool Mint Lotion from Magic Eyes features
  • cool and refreshing feeling with this lube
  • high quality product by Magic Eyes Japan
  • Volume 370ml


1 Customer Reviews for Ubujiru Cool Mint Lotion

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by Adam September 27, 2016
Mint scent smell and works like any other lotion

Mint scent is like somebody have breathed on you with a candy (like Altoids) scent like. It isn't strong, nor it doesn't smell weak.
This doesn't lingers, so it not effective for making your toy smell like mint but it does freshen it a bit. So you can use any other lotions and I'm pretty sure the mint smell wont dominate your other lotion's smell. It have a slight cool feeling, but it doesn't last that long. (Don't expect it to be like air conditioning, it's not.)
- I like this because most lotions aren't scented, and I'd rather smell something than nothing!
- Not very sticky and easy to clean.
- It's a pretty big bottle so you won't run out any time soon.
I've had more expensive bottles that had the same action- but with this, you have a scent smell at a reasonable price is one of the best lotion selections you can choose from.

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