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Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket

I Cup Breast Toy by Hot Powers
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The long long awaited sequel to one of the hands down best Breast toys that existed in human history, the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta, is now here and ready to make all your Titty desire come true. The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket Breasts are a lot bigger than the original ones, coming in at 4600 Grams or over 10 lb. They are super bouncy and jiggly and simply a joy to play with. They are just like everyone would wish big tits to be, soft and enjoyable. The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket also has some pretty big nipples which are inviting you to suck them and play with them. Also, no matter what size you are, the perfect Paizuri (japanese for titty fuck) is guaranteed with the Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket. In the end it is safe to say that Hot Powers has done an outstanding job here and we are spechless of what they created here. There is not much that can rival the Rocket version of their popular Chichifueta.

The Zuritte Oppai Chichifueta Rocket male sex toy by Hot Powers features

  • genuine japanese adult toy
  • huge tits to play with
  • super jiggly and bouncy
  • get the titty fuck of your life, no matter the size
  • weight about 4600 Grams
  • size approx. 400x150x230mm

Maker: Hot PowersCup Size: I CupProduct Type: Breast Toy
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User Reviews

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  • | 5/30/2024

    Exactly what I wanted

    So the only tough part about this was waiting 2 months for me to get my hands on them! The anticipation built and it did not disappoint! I expected some weight but it is heavier than I imagined but that's not a bad thing at all (Like them big and heavy ey) If you are someone who is breast obsessed and find yourself frequently in the titty fuck section on porn then you should definitely buy this toy. No matter your size you will be right inbetween them and having an amazing time

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  • | 8/27/2023

    Amazing in all aspects!

    If you love oppai, then you'll love these. The price may be hard to sell most people on, but if you can afford it, these are worth it. The weight and heftiness combined with their soft and jiggly reactions make them very fun to play with. Their shape lends itself well to dressing them up, as the nipples love to poke out no matter what material they wear. Their sheer size and design allow for some fun from any angle you decide to "use" these at. They also seem to be quite durable, allowing rougher customers to enjoy them as well. And, as always, Oppai toys are always the easiest to clean. They have many many upsides. BUT I wouldn't want you to go in without making you aware of some downsides. IF you decide you want to dress them up, choose only lighter color clothing or wash the darker clothing a couple of times before using them. Clothing likes to leak dye, as everyone knows, and they WILL stain your toy if you're not careful. While they are EXTREMELY durable, the inside of the breasts are filled with some type of oil-like fluid. Should you get a little TOO crazy, you may damage the toy and must be ready to deal with oil stains. So REALLY there are not many downsides. Mostly just cautionary tales about user error. 5/5, would recommend.

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  • | 4/16/2023

    Worth it!

    It might be hard to sell people on these because of the price point but boy are they worth it. If you're an oppai lover this pair is going blow your mind, I can't keep my hands off them. That's about all I can say without going into gratuitous detail, you won't regret it buying these.

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  • | 12/13/2022

    Exactly what I wanted

    The look, feel, and weight of these boobs was exactly what I was looking for. My first oppai toy and I'm glad I got it. Make sure you have enough room for proper cleaning, powdering and storage.

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  • | 3/29/2022

    F**king amazing.

    This is my 3rd paizuri toy and it is by far a clear winner. They're bouncy, soft, huge and heavy. They're everything you'd want a pair of tits to be! The only toy I can compare it to is the puff puff oppai 3.0, another great paizuri toy, but this one takes the cake as they're far bigger than the puff puff oppai 3.0 and have the perfect shape to them. If you're only going to get one paizuri toy and you're debating about which one to get, don't. This is the one to get. I will say it took about 3 months to arrive, but the wait was well worth it.

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  • | 9/15/2021

    This + A Warming Lube = An AMAZING Paizuri

    This is my first breast toy and man these are incredible!! They're soft and firm and have a nice texture. Feels like these are very durable and built to last a very long time. Someone mentioned that the paizuri felt like it was missing something even with lube. I got that impression too. I felt that it was lacking warmth. So I tried out different warming lubes and came across one called JO H20 Warming. This lube did the trick for me! It provided the warmth that was missing and now the paizuri is AMAZING :)!! If anyone decides to try the JO H20 Warming lube for paizuri I'd recommend pouring only a little bit (size of a dime or penny drop) to the tip of the member. Apply too much and you'll get a "burning" sensation ;). A little goes a long way.

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  • | 7/10/2021

    Amazing pair of jugs

    The chichifueta rockets are great for playing with and paizuri. They are heavy in a good way, and best controlled in your lap or on a table, they're super wobbly and once they get warm they have a very real feel to them (natural not implants). Just be sure to clean them off, let them dry (shift positions now and then between upright and laying down) and once dry pat them down with some corn starch to prevent a sticky feeling from the material. The starch provides a very natural skin-like feeling to them. With proper maintenance before each use, they are amazingly realistic and you can easily believe you're having fun with some enormous natural tits.

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  • | 5/28/2021

    best toy ever!!!!

    First and best breast toy out there!

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  • | 2/12/2021

    Feels incredible! But something is missing.

    This is my second breast toy I've bought. I got my first one on Amazon a while back. Felt great, but would've been happier if I could grope something much bigger. This toy caught my attention and I've seen a few videos of it in action. The price was a little intimidating and the wait time was around 1-2 months, but I couldn't pass the chance to cop a feel of those melons. And yes, they feel incredible! They're so soft, yet firm. It's visually appealing when you squeeze them and make them change shape. And such heft! Groping and sucking on the nipples were super fun and it's very erotic when you push them down into the boobs. The smell is very faint but not terrible, which is a major plus from the last toy I got. But I'd still recommend washing it with warm water and anti-bacterial soap because of the powder covering. As a BIG paizuri fan, one of the biggest things I was looking forward to was putting my dong between those soft pillows and have my hands sink into them as I fly my way to heaven. But... I didn't feel much of anything :/ Even with lube, it just doesn't feel as good as I thought it was going to be. The only way to really feel "something" is by going a little rough, but it hurts my arms considering how heavy the boobs are, and adding lube just makes them too slippery. Maybe it's because my dong's not as sensitive as others. Or maybe it's just that hentai and porn overhyped the concept to make it seem like it's heavenly. That right there was a major downer for me. And because it's a toy, you can't get natural heat from it like you would if you were doing this with a real woman. It gets cold easily and you would have to warm it up with hot water. I know it's a breast toy, but it's missing that intimacy factor. Boobs are amazing, don't get me wrong, but it can kind of get old pretty fast if it's the only thing you've got. It's like icing in the cake. Just having the icing can only get you so far. All-in-all, the Oppai Rocket is super awesome and feels almost like real breasts. It definitely relieves stress. If you're a boob fan like me, it's definitely worth the money and wait. But because I can't really get off, let alone feel anything, from doing paizuris, I don't find myself using it as much as I'd like. I think it's one of those things where it's better to watch than experience it (because MAN, paizuris look visually stunning on screen). Then again, maybe it'd be different if it was a real woman giving me a paizuri. Maybe someday soon. <3

    ... view more
  • | 6/13/2020


    If you survive the shipping waiting the rewards are so grand, literally so grand! I am shocked by how big they are a littler firmer then say the Busty Ai oppai but soft enough to jiggle and spread out under their own weight. Wrapping them up in microfiber stretchy tops makes them purrrfect for nuzzles and cuddles. Once you get your paws on them it's hard to let go!

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  • | 2/20/2020

    Excelent Boobs, SO bouncy!

    I was convinced to get this product as soon as I saw the videos of it. It is absolutely amazing, how bouncy, how soft, how beautiful and well made they are, it really honors the name "Rocket Oppai". It feels wonderful in every way (yes, I'm talking about paizuri too), and the only thing that would make this product even better is if it was bigger. I just love it, totally recommended if you like big boobs

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  • | 11/17/2019

    Worth the wait and money.

    I looked for biggest ones I can get as my first breast toy and found these ones. Needless to say, they went right into cart. Waiting was the difficult part, due to manufacturer doing these in batches or something. First time out of the box -smell wasn't nearly as harsh then I expected. I stared at them nearly 5 minutes straight thinking "these are finally here and all MINE". Feel is good and weight practically spells out "these are proper boobs". Jiggliness is good and overall not too soft. I suggest washing before first use due to powdery stuff on them. And use some lube to enhance the feeling. Due to size, storing them might be slight issue, but since I checked measurements before buying them, I knew just the right place to put them when I'm not busy having fun with them. Quality is on the level with its price. I quarantee these are the breasts you're looking for! Until something even more enormous is made, at least...

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  • | 11/3/2019

    huge, hefty, unwieldy, amazing!

    first of all, this is my first oppai toy so i can't compare it to any others but i do have experience with more traditional silicone toys. the first thought that goes through your head is "ok how do i get it out of the box" because it's so incredibly heavy and the fact that the entire product is made of silicone makes it very wobbly and hard to handle. it keeps trying to slip out of your hands whenever you want to carry it anywhere! but once you get a little used to it there's nothing that comes close to this, it's very soft and floppy and feels almost like real breasts! the thing that was missing for me personally was that there is no texture whatsoever, it's just a pair of very smooth and heavy silicone titties. due to that the softness and size cause it to be a bit disappointing when you're using them with lube because you'll be slipping more than feeling anything so i would recommend not using any lube or only very little though that's all subjective of course. also unfortunately the box that it came in pushed the nipples down a bit (maybe also because the box must have been upside down during transport) so they're not standing up perfectly straight and tilt to the side a bit though this might be different with your product. the toy also comes covered in a powder that makes it easier to get out of the box but you'll need to wash it for a good while until it's completely gone. hair and similar things do get stuck to them easily and are sometimes a bit tricky to get off but a good washing will get them shiny again. i personally think they're best used while having them on a slightly elevated position in your bed, like on a hard pillow and they really deliver the goods, especially when you look down on them, it's really impressive and you can just close your eyes and it feels almost, if not, real! they nailed the weight perfectly and the way they sag and flop is just so irresisitble. definitely a buy if you need a huge set of honkers in your own home at any time! p.s i would recommend buying a bra or a strap that you can put around them so they only sag when you want to use them. i do feel like the silicone in the boob valley might rip over time if you leave them just flopping about since they're so heavy and the base bends when you leave your hands off them. happy fapping!

    ... view more
  • | 9/20/2019

    Money well spent.

    Let's start by saying that this is my first breast toy. The first thing that struck me is how jiggly they are, even before I opened the box! I sat it down on the bed and I noticed the whole box swinging back and forth before settling down. Second thing was obviously the size of the things. Wow. They're a handful, for you and your friends at the same time! It seems that the staff worked hard to ensure fantastic quality and the finish is just excellent. They seem to be able to take alot. I noticed that hairs and dust easily get caught by the skin of the breasts (which otherwise feels great), even after cleaning them but maybe it takes a few rounds of cleaning to get the stickiness out. I may just suck at cleaning them too. Lubed up they feel even better. I've had such a hard time keeping my hands of them tonight that I'm wondering if I'll skip work tomorrow. (Don't worry, I won't) To summarize: They cost a bit to buy as well as to ship and the delivery time isn't fast. That all goes away once they arrive though and they are worth it.

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  • | 9/14/2019

    One of the best that one can get. I mean, just look at the shape of those mountains!

    Excellent service! Good job OtonaJP!

    ... view more
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