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3D Beautiful Booties Konomi

by A-One
(appx. 30.82 )
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The space for the onahole is approx. 86x52mm. The onahole is not included and have to be bought separately. The included poster has a size of 420x860mm.

Available on otonaJP since: 2017 June 1
Product Weight (without the package): -
Product Dimensions: approx. 286x170x352mm


2 Customer Reviews for 3D Beautiful Booties Konomi

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by Beaverbeave April 27, 2019
Hole slot is way too small

Overall build quality is good and all, but the slot for the hole is simply way too small, I'm starting to wonder if there's any onahole that would actually fit into such a size considering it wouldn't even fit The Mouth of Truth which imo is considered as a small type of hole. Thus this design flow pragmatically left this thing useless for me. I think it will be great if Otonajp could list the onaholes that can actually fit into the air pillow/dolls.

by Vitale March 17, 2019
Cheap but good quality

This thing is great (as is its 2 counterparts which use the same inflatable but different posters) but I had 2 issues when it was shipped. My first issue was that one of the suction cups was bent (from packaging most likely) so one side would not stick to the surface while the other one did. This was remedied by removing the suction cup and putting some heat on it (I used a lighter, you can also use boiling water or a heat gun just be CAREFUL you don't overdo it and make sure you spread the heat evenly or else it'll burn the material). My 2nd issue is the actual inflatable itself, OtonaJP doesn't list the dimensions but the onahole slot is only 60mm so some medium to pretty much all large onaholes will not fit. Even when they do fit it's a pain in the butt... hah. I lubed the outside of the onahole to make sliding it into the slot easier.

Overall it's a pretty good product if you don't want something like an insert pillow which are about 3x as large.

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