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Meiki 006 Yen Yu Yee Onahole

Onahole by NPG
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Here's another of NPG's incredibly realistic Meiki Onahole's. Meiki 006 Yen Yu Yee Onahole is based on the sexy porn star Yen Yu Yee. No attention to detail has been spared here, as NPG strive to make these feel well beyond a typical onahole. Visually stunning with extreme care to replicate the look of her vagina, the Meiki 006 Yen Yu Yee Onahole feels almost lifelike inside, with a squishy dual layer construction which tightly wraps around your shaft in a plump and meaty package which even looks incredible in motion. Comes with a bottle of lube and plenty of sexy photos of Yen Yu Yee on the packaging.

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Check out the Details
Brand: NPGFeeling: VaginalFantasy / Genre: JAV (Pornstar)Hole Design: Closed Hole TypeProduct Layers: DoubleUsability: ReusableFirmness: RegularHow many Holes: 1Weight: 750g (1.65lbs)Length: 170mm (6.69in)Lotion included: Yes Released on: 2015Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

13 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 10/7/2022

    Soft and lovely

    Compared to the ZXY that everyone rages about (which I have tried) this one is far better in my opinion. It is a little tighter which a straighter less bumpy hole which has the most sensational feeling. Super realistic.

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  • | 7/23/2022

    World class Onahole

    World class Onahole. my go-to whenever I'm going on a business trip. simply outstanding quality and performance

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  • | 1/29/2022

    So good !

    It has a good amount of stimulation and is not too hard so you can start it off without being erect. Pretty durable too!! Will buy it again!

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  • | 11/4/2019

    Nice but incredibly oily

    Tthis onahole is incredibly oily to the point of being disgusting to hold and leaves residue on everything it touches. Whilst fine as an onahole in terms of feeling the residue is a significant downside. I would stick with the newer ones such as AIKA.

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  • | 3/16/2019


    Meiki 06 is premium, mid-to-large class (750g) hole from NPG. The box is grand and large. The inner pattern is well done, it is not too fine that you cannot feel anything or too hard that it hurts, it is JUST RIGHT. Combine with it's weight and thick body, it promotes its compression and tightness. At the end of the hole it has some small section, it will make small chupa sound and feeling which is great. The only downside though, as other review said, tearing will appear very early on lower entrance lip. Tearing will spread but not to level that ruin its body, just part of the entrance. Another one is it loses some of it tightness after several use, esp if you have somewhat big member. You get to enjoy its 'true' tightness only in several first usage, but even after that it is still doing a great job. Feeling: ★★★★★ 5/5 Hardness: 2/10 (very soft) Odor: Somewhat and smell like play-doh Stickiness: Normal (it is normal for soft material to be a bit sticky and oily) Final: As soft toy lover, this one is PURRFECT! Even normal/hard user, I'm sure that you will enjoy it's enclosure feeling this big lump o meat got to offer. [SEAL OF APPROVAL FROM SOFT LOVER]

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  • | 7/6/2018

    Awesome but...

    Thought this would be better than the 005 but not essentially by much. A bit expensive for what it offers. After 5+ already noticed a tear by the entrance. Feeling wise it's still good but to each their own.

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  • | 2/15/2018

    Best.... For Asian

    there have been more and more review about this Meiki, but I can tell you if you wanna challenge your self, try this one ! As long as you can't hold on in 1 minutes, it totally strike you out.....

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  • | 2/6/2018

    incredible soft material

    When i first touched this toy for the first time, i was shocked by how soft the toy was. It was the softest toy i ever touched at the time. I chose to bought this toy due to its dual layer material and structure. This toy is very soft and squishy on both the inside and outside but not the most softest and squishiest. That honor goes to Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro. I have longed to use this as a replacement for my previous first meiki 005, but later discovered they are two totally different tools for different tastes. Honestly, i like both toys but if i had to choose i would choose meiki 005 and this would be among top 5. This does come with a bigger than small bottle of lube.

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  • | 2/2/2018

    Feels amazing, but...

    I will preface this by first mentioning that NPG is infamous for the material used for their onaholes as they tend to split easily, and my experience was no exception. HOWEVER: It's tight, it's gentle and stimulating and when lubricated right feels almost like the real thing. Compared to the ZXY this is a little less strong, but still feels amazing nontheless. It's priced within the standard range for most NPG meiki products, so there's not much to gripe about there.

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  • | 7/9/2017

    converted a friend to the dark side

    I'm gay with many waifus and a strange addiction to onas - especially ones like these that have really beautiful, realistic sculpts like what meikis are pretty well known for. I personally own a few of the meiki omanko sets, then also a Julia+ from EXE for uhh...visual aesthetic. Anyway, back to the YJY. I bought this as a birthday present for my normie ass roommate who wondered what the hype about the ZXY, and onas in general were about, versus the Fleshlight that he thought was so great. Unfortunately, however, I have read online that in the past 2 years or so, the quality and material have gone pretty downhill for the 005, so I had gathered courage to spend $60 on the 006 instead just to prove my roommate that fleshlights are shit. (wtf is wrong with me) Let me tell you though, this thing is heavy, but it feels like a plushy marshmallow. SO SOFT! 11/10 bonding experience with roommate taking turns smushing its buttcheeks it for like an hour. Julia+ had some impressive realism about it when I bought it new, but the 006 was godly, and has that extra-up in softness, in and out. Sticking a finger in it felt almost EXACTLY like my own real one, even without it being warm. Want something like a real girl with no gimmicks? Go for this one, fellas (or if you're a girl like me, are rich af, and appreciate nice lookin' rubber vaginas for some fucking reason). I'll also say that despite the weird grooves on it, the view of just the butt and the pussy itself is awesome. A bit too expensive for my own practicality, though, unfortunately. If I had a dick, I would buy another one. Needless to say, my roommate won't even glance at a fleshlight now. He tells me that he was amazed from the suction, even with it torn as fuck already. Gay Weebs: 1 Normie Fleshlight Lovers: 0

    ... view more
  • | 6/24/2017


    I have owned 10+ meiki's and this one is definetly good. Every single Meiki has a diffrent feel and it is hard to judge for other poeple. But this meiki has the weight and the grip plus great inner texture. Don't be afraid of some small tearing on the entrance after a couple uses. It will not increase the tear over time. I owned a lot of meiki's and all of them has some tearing at the entrance but it is very durable and the tear will not increase so don't worry about it and enjoy your fapping. (This Meiki belongs in my must have list). I have used mine for about 1 year and had to throw it away because the inner layer started to wear off. I would definetly rebuy it but N.P.G is releasing a lot of meiki's so I bought some other Meiki's too.

    ... view more
  • | 4/27/2017


    Great vagina! very soft. Like a real girl.

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  • | 5/9/2016

    My first one

    I was seduced by the box art, which I still have. It's beautifully packaged, comes with a nice bottle of thick lube The lips are very nice and the entry is tighter than others, like the Meiki 005 ZXY. It grips onto you, however this becomes a problem: you're almost guaranteed to have a small tear which grows over time The sensation is ok, it's nice, gets the job done... but look at the texture and you'll see theres not much, no humps like the Meiki ZXY. The lips look good and theres nice details to the butt, but the outside looks weird with the grooves. Between the ZXY and this, I went with my gut feeling. And it was sweet while it lasted. If you must choose one, get the Meiki 005 instead.

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