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6 Lieutenant Cervical Lilith

by A-One
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Hentai Anime masturbator

Lilith is a saucy little demoness who loves nothing more than devouring a stiff cock with her tight pleasurable pussy. The 6 Lieutenant Cervical Lilith Onahole by A-One features a tanned smooth exterior design with a grip for easy handling while using. Her inner love tunnel is made up of six chambers that are surrounded by thick soft flaps that will rub and caress the length of your shaft and provide a gripping-like sensation that feels like it is trying to keep you inside. At the end of her love tunnel is a uterus-like hole that stimulates the head of your penis for an ultimate demon-sex experience. The 6 Lieutenant Cervical Lilith also comes in a nice box with a sexy illustration of the horny demoness Lilith exposing her big breasts.

The 6 Lieutenant Cervical Lilith Sex Toy Features:

  • High-Quality Male Masturbator by A-One
  • Hentai Demon Girl Theme
  • Stimulating Inner Tunnel
  • Comes with Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant
  • Weight: 265 Grams

Maker: A-One
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User Reviews

8 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 8/4/2021

    Faulty...another one

    It doesn't really surprise me that this one is out of stock, though it does rather disappoint me. The reason why it doesn't surprise me is because, as the title implies, the hole I got was faulty. "But Tristan, what do you mean by that?" What I mean is that I did the usual thing. Starting off as I usually would with onaholes. Lubing up the onahole, getting hard, then going in. So far so good. Bit of a strange sensation to move in and out of those six chambers, but nothing you couldn't get used to. After all, I paid a decent amount of money for this onahole, mostly just for the art. Because if a hole fails, all you really have left is that sexy art. Now, I've had two holes before with an exterior like this one. The first was the White Gal L-One, the second the Kubire Princess (the latter of which apparently doesn't have a review yet, which I'll remedy within the next half hour or so). Each of them had that wavy/hill-and-valley outer structure, which I believe is detrimental to the onahole's structural integrity: a hole has an easier time to form due to these areas being the weak spot of the onahole. Which is exactly what happened. As I said: I was hard, I was inside. Going in and out. And then I hear this ever so slight whistling sound. Okay, some sort of slopping or suction or whistling sound is normal when there's friction between air, a cock, some lubricant and an onahole. But the sound wasn't coming from the entrance hole. What's more, is that I felt air and moisture (lubricant) was actually being pushed out. Which is when I found a tiny hole at the end of the third "valley". I stopped my session and immediately made to use another hole instead.

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  • | 12/13/2020


    I didn't regret this purchase. I bought it mainly because of the box art and the theme and I didn't rgret it at all. The material is soft and feels good in hand and the tanned color also looks amazing. The inner chambers feel nice but it is required to push out the air so it can be more stimulating. The cleaning is easy and fast.

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  • | 8/13/2020

    Lilith is good, but she can be better...

    Third and final piece of the Succubus trio by A-One I managed to get my hands on. It certainly looks inviting, and I'm a big Succubus lover... Lets take a look-see. The exterior is the same as Meandering Vagina Wall and Absorption Lamia with curves to help getting a good grip on this. This one is now dark skin color to match the art on the box which adds to the overall allure of this onahole. The sensation this hole provides is good. The way the canals are designed makes it so you can get in easily, but pulling out will certainly make you shiver as Lilith refuses to let you go easily. Now that may sound exciting, in truth this hole doesn't hold a candle to its two sister holes in my opinion. Where Lamia and Meandering had nubs that massaged your member from multiple angles, Lilith here only consists of the six ring-like flaps that don't really offer much in variety, ergo it makes this hole feel a little bland. Now don't let that fact make you think this hole is bad. Its a really good onahole with a unique gimmick. I'm just saying, in my experience, Lamia and Meandering have slightly better stimulations than Lilith does. Cleaning is super easy. You're able to turn this hole inside out for a thorough clean and not risk any real physical damage, thanks to the hole being stretchy and durable. Overall, this hole does its job well. It could be improved if each of the flaps were textured differently or were different size, but its good buy nonetheless.

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  • | 2/7/2020

    Soft material, but all in all stimulating. When turned inside out, not too durable.

    Special feature: Six cervices Cleaning: 1,25 ★ turns inside out, but reduces lifespan a bit Durability: 1,00 ★ minor changes after 15 uses (little rifts, material became porous) Feeling: 1,25 ★ soft material, but very stimulating through 6 cervices Extras: 0,75 ★ lubricant included, nice box print Sum: 4,25 ★ | ★★★★☆ My opinion: The onahole came with a sachet of lubericant. The material smells like plasticine and is wax like oily for the first three uses. The smell and oiliness became better after each cleaning. The material is a bit too soft for my taste, but the form of the tunnel is highly stimulating. So the onahole is all in all above average pleasurable. The onahole consists of two materials. The ribs (cervices) are made of a different material than the rest. During the first use a tiny hole popped open. It is so small that no thick lubricant, but thin lubricant and water leak through this hole. Due to the softness of the onahole it can be turned inside out for cleaning, but this will reduce its lifespan a bit. After 15 uses and cleanings the onahole changed a little inside. The joints between the two materials got small cracks. Generally the inside became porous. When used small shavings arise through contact with sweat and the material. My summary: Soft material, but all in all stimulating. When turned inside out, not too durable. My summing: ★★★★☆

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  • | 7/23/2018

    Leaves room for improvement, maybe we get a HARD version of this someday?

    It looks much more interesting than it actually feels. It's still a solid toy, but it falls short. Like someone already had mentioned, it's hard to feel any of the ribs. This toy will still drain you, but it's intricate design and the box art along with the theme kind of overhypes it. Still a perfectly serviceable cum receiver.

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  • | 7/17/2018

    It may hurt

    I was expecting something rough from this one, but not that much. It will just hurt if you don't go for a whole lot of lube the 5 entrance are pretty much the only thing you'll feel but for sure you won't miss it. It's pretty decent for it's price and is pretty made of pretty good material. But overall i won't recomend it except if you're really looking for something rough, but ever for that, there is probably better options.

    ... view more
  • | 7/9/2018

    Good workhorse

    I liked this "resisting" design. I didn't expect too much from this toy but it helps to get the needed relaxation because for me the stimulation is good (if you use the lube). The toy is not too flexible so it's easy to handle it while playing. I don't have any problems with cleaning as well. Materials (both layers) are durable so I think that this workhorse is going to serve long years.

    ... view more
  • | 1/18/2018

    Not much stimulation

    Hard to feel any of the ribs in this onahole (as predicted), due to the fact that they are so short compared to each of the 5 interior entrances. The bottom "womb" looks like it has another small chamber for your glans, but that isn't the case. It's actually just solid piece that protrudes up without actually doing anything much for stimulation. She's easy to wash but drying is more difficult due to the extra surface area from the interior entrances. Got baited by the busty demon loli boxart and hoped for the best, but in the end I didn't even get the box itself since it would've gotten problematic with the customs if opened.

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