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A Kei Meido no Purisshiri

Hip Onahole by SSI Japan
US$146.52 save US$39.78
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Large Anime themed masturbator from Japan with two holes to enjoy

This kinky French maid has a cute round ass and she keeps purposely making you horny as she works - bending over in her short dress and exposing her round thigs and inviting camel toe. Now is the time to give her what she really wants! The A Kei Meido no Purisshiri Hip Onahole has both a penetrable snug pussy and a tight asshole to choose from. Her pussy is made from a soft nubbed material running throughout a meandering tube that feels amazing when she's lubed up and you're deep inside. Her anal tunnel is much tighter and provides a sharper gripping sensation much like the real thing that will have you cumming in no time while slapping and groping her shapely butt cheeks. Maybe she's not so good at being an actual maid - but she sure knows how to clean a cock properly and leave it nice and shiny.

The A Kei Meido no Purisshiri Sex Toy Features:

  • High-Quality Hip Male Masturbator by SSI Japan
  • French Maid Theme Onahole
  • Penetrable Vaginal & Anal Tunnels
  • Large Size
  • Big buttock to Sqeeze & Grope
  • Comes with Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant
  • Weight: 1850 Grams
  • Dimensions: 200 x 130 mm

Maker: SSI JapanProduct Type: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

2 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 10/20/2018

    A jiggle here and there

    Similar to the other review I bought this thinking it would a nice little hip to use along with puni ana dx and a ritopuri (both if which are exceptional. Highly recommended). This was a daily deal and almost half price so thought why not. Great packaging and I've kept some parts of the artwork. That cafe maid is my kind of moe hnnnnnggggggggg. Anyway it's super jiggly. To the point where it bounces around and can be tough to handle right. I've used this mainly in the shower but I'll try it in bed to see if this helps keep miss jello in check. The slapping if the cheeks and overall squishiness is a very fun thing to play with and slap with my hand or member. The vagina lips I have to say are the tastiest I've seen on any of my toys and is the only toy so far I own which I've felt compelled to lick and eat out. Feels really nice to play with that area with my tongue. As far as sensation goes its pretty light and doesn't feel very stimulating. The anal passage may as well not exist and one use also ripped a small 1mm hole just about the anal hole so it has two small holes. Seems to a running issue. The vagina feels better but still very jelly like and not that great. Theres little resistance but can accommodate me balls deep which is nice. I wish the internals were harder so that there would be a stronger stimulation but the jiggly factor is pleasant enough that I'm okay I bought it. Only at a discount since I can't see myself using this much fr actual penetration, just as a side gripe while I'm using another toy etc

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  • | 10/14/2018

    Good for what it is

    I got this when it was on sale for £40.73 (don't what is was in yen). The pussy hole is good, but the anal hole just feels of nothing. This isn't helped by the fact that two holes were connected when I recieved and with the first use of the anal hole there was a rip which created another hole was a few mm above the anal hole. But the main selling point of the onahole is that the ass jiggles, so if you are into ass's that jiggle and move then this is the onahole for you, however due to fact it moves alot you can use it on a surface as it is very hard to handle freely especially with one hand.

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