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Akane Aoi Woman Ass

Based on JAV Star by EXE x Alice Japan
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Product Type: Based on JAV Star

The Akane Aoi Woman Ass os the result of a collaboration threesome. Popular makers Exe and Alice Japan teamed up with super hot Adult Idol Akanie Aoi to bring you this oustanding masturbator. Its a small hip with single layer material which is very durable. It has a highly realistic tunnel with a vacuum chamber at the end. The Akane Aoi Women Ass masturbator has realistic look and even her tiny and cute butt hole looks exactly like the one from the real Akane Aoi. It has three zones of which each one will give you a different but yet very exciting pleasure. Comes with a small pack of lotion.

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 Oct 19
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 650 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 129x138x62


1 Customer Reviews for Akane Aoi Woman Ass

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by SeedmonsterX March 17, 2018
A huge potential wasted

Honestly this was not worth to buy as it had so little to offer for its price. The size of this is slightly larger than two clenched fist together and it's tunnel length is around 10cm, so it only fits small penises like the little shota dildo comfortably. Straight out of the box it was super sticky and had a very strong factory smell. It is ideal to just use it mounted on a flat surface. Unfortunately for me it broke on the first day with a loud pop as it was too tiny and couldn't handle the brute force. If they upgraded the size and used more durable material it could've been a worthy buy

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