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Hip Onahole by Magic Eyes
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Product Type: Hip Onahole

Hip male masturbator

The KABEJIRI onahole by Magic Eyes is a little Hip male masturbator. In Japanese "Kabe" means Wall and this is what we have here, a girl leaning on a Wall, offering you her sweet Pussy and fine Ass in all its glory. We have a soft and smooth skin with the KABEJIRI onahole. Her beautiful camel toe is awaiting you and her tight little Anal Hole is there to give your member a lot of fun. While the Anal hole itself has a very tight Anal sex like stimulation, the Vaginal hole has lots of sensations with ribs, dots and worm like waves. It also has this special features with two big rings, helping to keep the stimulation intense and even and everything in place. If you like Doggy Style sex and a big camel toe then the KABEJIRI onahole is a true must have for you.

The KABEJIRI onahole by Magic Eyes features
  • Hip male sex toy
  • nice camel toe Pussy and tight Anal Hole
  • tight, intense and even pleasure
  • onahole weight about 1200 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 152x134x120mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube


13 Customer Reviews for KABEJIRI

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by Ale April 28, 2020
Prazer garantido

Adoro esse dorso já tive dois a temática de uma garota presa na parede é bem estimulante

by Chaotic anon February 14, 2020
It's fantastic for it's price.

This was a fantastic experience from beginning to end. I impatiently waited for this to be delivered, but all was forgotten when I opened it up. Honestly, I'd have paid even more for this product considering the quality of my experience. So the price is without a doubt the best quality to cost ratio. All in all a great addition to the collection.

by Robert April 1, 2019
The heavier, the better

This my first >1kg heavy hip, and it's amazing! Two holes have totally different but both amazing experience. Bumping into it gives a great satisfaction and sensation. The price is actually quite good considering the size. Now that I've tried a hip, I don't think I can go back any more.

by anon July 1, 2018
value hip!

this is a great hip, with a great small form factor and an amazing tight pussy entrance. the material is not great (slightly greasy, smells a bit) but for this price the product you are getting makes up for it. recommended if you want to try a hip but dont want to splash out on the first one.

by SeedmonsterX March 17, 2018
Great mini-hip onahole

Great price for a mini-hip onahole and very good material used. Feels great and is easy to clean. Best to use it from the back or on a resting surface. This onahole is ideal for long sessions

by Aru February 28, 2018
Very good assistance


by Nathan February 22, 2018
Solid product

This product might feel a little loose for some people. It can also be short in length which will mean hitting a wall after 4 inches or so. However, it may be a little easier to clean because of this, and material is durable... No worries about tearings in this case.

Be aware that the pelvic bone feature they advertised on the box is mostly a gimmick, and doesn't seem to complement the lack of sensation found in this product. I tried squeezing the product in various ways when testing it out but felt little to no change in the experience.

Still, it's a nice cheap and compact hip that I think would be ideally suited for beginners.

by Kappa123 December 27, 2017
Suprisingly Good Hip/Onahole

+ The price is god tier for a small hip.
+ Amazing hip quality. It is also very slappable and it feels so good.
+ Super easy to clean

- If you have a big dick, it will probably be too short for you. If you have a small dick, it won't feel good either. So I think this suits people with average dick size.
- I feel that the opening was a bit too big. It makes cleaning super easy but it also meant less stimulation when you enter.

Verdict (Would Recommend):
For under 4000 yen, Kabejiri is a real bargain. For me, I never bought hips before, so I wanted to try a small and simple one. It's relatively easy to hide compared to other hips. However, if you looking for a super tight hip, this is definitely not the choice, but if you want something that you can have a longer session with, this is pretty good.

by Anon August 26, 2017
Good weight, good feel, durable

Quality 4/5 - Overall its great. Using it from the back (as intended) gives the best results, but that doesnt mean you cant use it in any other way. Vagina is a little too short (always hitting the end) but it feels great anyways. Anal is a tight and a little rough, not to my liking. Main point is, vaginal from the back feels the best. Extremely easy to clean too. Had it for more than half a year, and still its in good condition, though maybe slightly looser. -1 star for quality since mine came with a small hole at the top of the lips

Price 5/5 - For a medium/large onahole, this is actually quite cheap!

Value 5/5 - Great feeling, good durability, dual hole, large size, good weight, and just ¥3,990. Cant expect more from something at this price.

SUMMARY: A good buy, dont regret it. I think it'll last and pleasure for a long time.

by Msevi May 30, 2017

Good price for a medium size onahole, good feel in the 2 holes and very good material

by Kris November 26, 2016

Nice vagina holes but kinda short so it won't go too deep but both holes are tight and feels really good.

by Anon November 9, 2016
Lovely holes

Nice little package. Anal hole is tight like my virgin age admission. Vaginal is open wide with a tight entrance that gives good suction. Both passages are on the shorter side so no balls deep for avg size or bigger. Overall a fun addition to my collection.

by Juan October 18, 2016
I Love It

The Vagina is a little short, but have good feeling, I love it, the anal is not so good and is more short.

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