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Cho Puff Puff Oppai

Breast Toy by Magic Eyes
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Maker: Magic EyesFantasy: KemonomimiMaterial Construction: Triple LayerUsability: ReusableMaterial Firmness: RegularProduct Weight: 6000g (13.23lbs)Length / Height: 340mm (13.39in)Width: 270mm (10.63in) Release: Aug 18, 2023Product Type: Breast Toy
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User Reviews

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  • | 6/9/2024

    They Are BIG!!!!

    They are legit big, soft and jiggly but everyone has a different meaning and idea on what soft and jiggly can be. When the package arrived I was excited but then when I saw the box it looked small so I thought did I just waste money again…. The reason being is, I bought the first version of this Puff Puff Oppai 3.0. I bought it because everyone in the comments and the research I had done were saying they are big, soft, jiggly etc etc. When I opened them yeah they are big but not to my expectations so I was really disappointed in them. That’s why I thought the same thing here when I received the packaged. When I opened them from the box and HOLY MOLY!!! Not gonna lie my second mind got hard just by looking at them, that didn’t happened with the other one. On top of nipple area it’s firmer then the rest of the breast toy. Grabbing onto them and squishing them together and just looking at them it’s awesome. If you are planning on buying the first version of this breast toy I would say don’t buy it, buy this one instead if you really want big anime tiddies or just big ass tits to slap around and squish them however you want it’s worth it imo. Plus I forgot mention I’m very picky when it comes to this type of things, sooo if I’m satisfied then I think majority of you would be also. Plus it’s a good value compare to other options that are out there in the market. The only thing for me it did come with some defects, on the side of the nipple and on top and also maybe around the base of the boobs. I saw videos and pictures of them and they didn’t have that problem but in the end of the day they still did its job to satisfy me. Pros - Big Ass Anime Tiddes, Squishy, Jiggly, Great to groped them however you want, Great to stare at them even, they are heavy Cons- Maybe it’s just my toy but some defects around the base of the boobs and on top of the breast and the side. It’s big so maybe hiding it would be a problem for some,

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  • | 6/7/2024

    Worth it!

    They are worth it's nice and soft and best version. I have also before the 3KG version those are too small for my taste. I didn’t expected that the are this big. One punt of criticism is the box, 3KG version you can easy store it back in the box because the way that you opened. By 6KG you need sly the plastic cover out to and add the plastic on top again and sly back in before you can store it. By the other you opened to top site and closed back in. But that is only down site. I say go for it.

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  • | 12/10/2023

    worth the price.

    if you were to put breast size and price on a correlational graph, this would be the best value breast toy you could buy. it can way more than engulf a 6in doing paizuri, and probably fill any major league basketballers hands. genuinely if your looking for a large breast toy, this is the one to go for. you don't truly realize how massive they are until they arrive, definitely worth the money if you can afford it! (make sure your nails are cut before use too btw, as with any sex toy you plan to be rough with)

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  • | 10/8/2023


    Could not be more happy with this toy! This is my 2nd breast toy after the awesome Funwari Komugiro no Paizuri Bakunyu and while those are great in terms of value, these are SUPERB if you have the extra cash to fork over. Super soft, super heavy and huge! For the price, this is amazing. I don't think I'll be buying another set of disembodied breasts until these ones break, which is my one concern with these as they are so soft I feel like i could tear them easily, tho they haven't torn at all yet! Very happy. Would recommend without a doubt.

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