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Funwari Komugiro no Paizuri Bakunyu

I Cup Breast Toy by Magic Eyes
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Maker Magic EyesFantasy Gal / GyaruMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularCup Size I CupProduct Weight 2600g (5.73lbs)Length/Height 320mm (12.6in)Width 220mm (8.66in)Depth 125mm (4.92in)Lotion included Yes Release 2021Product Type Breast Toy

User Reviews

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  • | 3/28/2024

    Gyarus are awesome and these are some good looking boobs

    They are a good size, they look nice and the artwork is very hot. It's kinda hard to keep you dick in between them. They don't have a lot of space between then at the base, which makes for nice cleavage but makes you slip out a bit more easily. But this also has its charm. Maybe use a bit less lube or put them in a bra or top so it happens less often. They are a bit sticky after washing a few times so I'd recommend using some powder. After some time they started sagging a bit and the bottom of the breasts are denting, maybe they are a bit thin there. Overall I'd recommend them. They are my first breast toy and it's a good experience. I've bought another breast toy. And I can't wait to try that one too.

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  • | 1/2/2024

    Nice Appearance and Feeling

    Fair price for the size, color, and artwork. I would say the quality is great. It may be difficult to use for paizuri, but you should be able to get it to work with lotion and the right grip.

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  • | 5/12/2023

    Post Nut Clarity Gone, Unbiased Review Time

    I've had this toy for a couple days and have been trying different ways to enjoy it. I'm gonna drop some major truth bombs here so getcha' popcorn, getcha' ravioli, getcha' soda... here we go. Paizuri... this is probably my biggest fetish, and was the main reason I purchased this. The thing is, the boobs are just smooth material, so while visually it looks amazing, you need to use the proper amount of lube to get it to work. I've still accomplished this near herculean task multiple times now and It's literally left my legs shaking afterwards because I enjoyed it so much. So while Paizuri is awesome, another method of draining some of that baby gravy from my boys was using an onahole while massaging/sucking on the boobs and man I think I probably shot a hole through the other end of my onahole. AND IF you thought I wasn't weird enough, combining that with listening to an ASMR audio about suckin' on some big ass honkers amplified the experience to new heights. So now that you know too much information about exactly I like to BUST, let's get down to the facts again. In terms of size I was really surprised by just how large these are, I measured and marked the size before I bought it but I wasn't sure how it would actually translate into real life, and I am very happy to say these things are very big. I was also happily surprised by the weight, because I wasn't really sure how 2600g would feel. Turns out... that's actually really heavy! I was looking at other boob toys thinking "aww man I want something heavier than 2600g!" but now I don't think so! Overall, this toy is awesome bang for your buck, I won't be buying another breast toy until I absolutely destroy this one! P.S: Yes, I waited until my Post Nut Clarity went away, just so I could write this review!

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  • | 5/4/2023

    Nice appearance, questionable quality

    Fairly decent size for the price, and nice, comfortably soft materials, but due to a couple of points that appear to have been patched prior to packaging, I don’t trust them to hold up to paizuri as well as most oppai. Thin base and what I think is liquid fill make for sizeable, jiggly oppai, but also requires care when handling, and makes washing difficult. Smell is okay out of the package (I swear I could smell brown sugar, but that could just be my brain), but I still recommend cleaning and using fresh corn starch. In sum, I find them quite visually appealing, and worth the cost, so long as they hold up.

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  • | 12/3/2022

    perfect texture

    They just came in the mail today and i didn't have much time tu use them , but in the 2h or so that i used them i can garanty they are exeptional both in terme of texture and of feeling.

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  • | 11/20/2022

    Love Gyarus

    I was exited for these because I love Gyarus/Gals and these tanned boobs looked great, they feel great and are easy to handle and take care of. The only issue I seemed to have and it may be a skill issue is that I couldn't easily get a paizurri going because the two breasts are kinda far apart and don't touch each other on there own, maybe if I had a third arm to assist I could figure it out, other than that they are great. I going to try using some oppai clothes to try and improve their performance.

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  • | 5/2/2022

    Like an oversize pair of mochi

    My first oppai purchase, its much larger than I was expecting! Definitely larger than my palm and a pleasant surprise. With so many oppai toys in the market I went with this as it is one of the few with the tanned skin look! It feels really nice too, not too firm and its soft enough allowing your fingers to sink into the gel. Groping it bare does have that rubbery feel to it, if you have other Magic Eye products you will find the feeling really familiar. It also have a very strong oily plastic smell that may turn a lot of people off and may take awhile to go away. My favorite way to enjoy these is by strapping them to a pillow and covering over with a tight t-shirt. This masks the rubbery feel, replacing it with whatever fabric you use and honestly adds to the imaginative play experience! You can rest them on your lap or desk and just give them a squeeze when your stressed, I quite enjoy resting my face of them and using it as a sleeping pillow. Now how about paizuri? They're definitely large enough to grasp your member but not my favorite way of release. Its also not so easy to properly lube the toy for paizuri, I would recommend using slow drying lube because the surface of the plastic tend to absorb or dry out. The easiest method I found is to just use them in a bathtub filled with water. This makes the material really slippery and smooth in fact I prefer this feeling the most! What they could do to improve the product imo, is to have the nipples a different material and a darker color for accuracy. Magic Eyes have released the Puff Puff Oppai 3.0 shortly after this one and from the look and impressions no doubt it is the better product. If you are a fan of the skin tan and darker color this is a great one to start!

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  • | 6/4/2021

    Solid, firm set of tits

    These arrived in the mail today. And boy, oh boy, they're heavy. I have very little to actually compare it to. Except for Coco's Oppai. So, I will be comparing the two of them. And let’s start with the facts: Miruku Aihana, that is probably the name of the girl. If that’s indeed her name. Which feels like it is a name supposed to sound like Magic Eyes. I tried writing it into translate with Hiragana, came out with “Milk (Miruku) Ai Hana”. In a way, I feel like the name just sort of makes sense. Anyways, facts, these are already 100 grams heavier than Coco’s. In fact, they’re big all around. Bigger than Coco. I suppose that’s where most of the facts stop. Smell? Definitely smells like everything Magic Eyes makes. If you’re familiar with their products, you know what I’m talking about. In that department, I thought Coco’s smelled better. The feeling? Like I said, they’re heavier than Coco’s. They are also firmer than Coco’s. They have much more of a tan, too. And they don’t have that flat plate attached to the back. Well, something like it, but to a far lesser degree. Won’t get in the way of cleaning, then, I hope. The box and the packaging? Oh wow. Where Coco’s Oppai came in a box that allowed you to open said box as if it was a chest, then lift the lid off the plastic container, this one has you open the box from the side, pull out the plastic container and then lift off the lid (which fits exactly over these boobs). This’ll be more of a challenge to quietly open late at night. Extras? A small bottle of lubricant. Turning this one upside down showed me what kind of lubricant it was. A really thick one. In my experience, that means I’ll spend a long time cleaning. What else? Ah yes, the A2 poster. Which is nice. Can’t wait to start titfucking this gyaru.

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