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Double Fellamatio

Blowjob Onahole by Hot Powers
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Product Type: Blowjob Onahole

Double Blowjob pocket pussy

Hot Powers are somewhat of a specialist when it comes to making blow-job Onaholes, as can be seen from their successful Fellamatio male masturbators. Well, now they've taken the next logical step in the series and released the Double Fellamatio Onahole that mimics receiving a blow-job from two, yes two, fellatio-loving temptresses. When you penetrate the tunnel of this Onahole, your penis is lovingly stroked and massaged by two different sets of tongue textures at the same time. One of them consists of a series of ridges, and the other is a series of bumps, which ensure that stimulation factor is high. The artwork on the box also features Hot Power's popular Imotto and Ane characters in the act of fellatio. If you've ever wanted to experience the feeling of two tongues running up and down the shaft of your member, this is the Onahole for you! As always with Hot Powers toys, this one comes with a small pack of lotion so you can get started in your fellatio escapades right away.

The Double Fellamatio male sex toy by Hot Powers features
  • Double blowjob masturbator
  • creating the experience of getting a blowjob from two girls at the same time
  • unique Hentai themed design
  • weight of this Onahole about 310 Grams / Dimensions approx 150mm in length
  • comes with a complimentary pack of lube


1 Customer Reviews for Double Fellamatio

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by Justin.L September 25, 2019
An improved version of the previous few!

This onahole is slightly better than the previous few versions. I've gotten the Fellamatio BLACK from grab bag, it broke on first use (tore in half cuz the material wasn't the best). This one when compared to it, has a softer (i mean A LOT SOFTER) exterior. The picture of it bending downwards? It bends more than that.
The sensation: OH LAWD HELP ME! The two strips of "tongues" there are AMAZING. 10/10 sensation from those 2! All the other onaholes with blowjob tongue gimmick? Ain't nothing compared to this. You can feel every bumps and nubs in this one.
BUT! What i said applies only to the "tongues", the other sides are empty. 0/10. I suggest putting some rubber band in the exterior trench thing to tighten the onahole for a better experience.
If you're looking for a good blowjob onahole that actually have a stimulating tongue part, get this. I would suggest waiting for a discount tho!

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