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Doubles Mattari Onahole

by Enjoy Toys
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Mother and Daughter fantasy male masturbator

Have you ever dreamt of having your way with a mother and daughter at the same time? The Doubles Mattari Onahole is here to provide that need. An amazingly creative onahole design, this product is based on a horny, dominating mother training her innocent daughter to become addicted to your cock. With two holes in one, the mother's tunnel is wet, sloppy and aggressive, while the daughter's tunnel is tighter, smaller and lined with gripping bumps. They'll both clamp down and send your senses into overdrive. A brilliant onahole from Enjoy Toys.

The Doubles Mattari Onahole onahole by Enjoy Toys features

  • Mother and Daughter Sex fantasy male sex toy
  • enjoy two different holes, all in this one male masturbator
  • genuine adult toy from Japan
  • onahole weight about 225 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 135x68mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube

Maker: Enjoy Toys
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User Reviews

7 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 12/23/2019

    It is what it is

    This was my first Onahole and honestly its just fine actually the material peals away constantly. If I am being honest you should go for the hard version of this product as it is much better and feels nicer. Its a good price I will say that but if you account for the shipping cost of this and a thing of lube you might as well grab something else or both versions of the product.

    ... view more
  • | 4/27/2018

    Great for First timers

    I would recommend this to first timers as you will more or less get the best of both worlds. The quality isn't that great after a few sessions & it is quite difficult to clean the inside. However, for the price you pay, you will get a moderate onahole.

    ... view more
  • | 4/20/2018

    Not Bad, Not Great

    While the price is decent on this one I just find the material to be lacking, the outside just peels away far to easily, luckily the inside is far more durable. Stimulation is nice and having two types for different sensations is even better. A good choice for a budget double onahole.

    ... view more
  • | 2/7/2018

    Great starter hole

    This was my first onahole. For this price, a 2 in 1 is an absolute steal. Both holes feel different form each other, though the "daughter" hole is a bit harder to enter. You will accidentally end in "mother" hole unless you try really hard. It's open ended, so if you're large, no problem, you'll just slip out on the other end. Also, if that's your thing, you can easily finish on yourself for that same reason. There's the problem that other reviewers have voiced before, and that is that the outside skin isn't as durable as the inside. All in all, I very much recommend it, it's a great starter onahole.

    ... view more
  • | 11/24/2017

    Great for the price

    I always like the 2 in 1. It feels nice but you might slip into the other hole but it's a nice sensation too.

    ... view more
  • | 9/27/2016

    Great for its price

    This is a pretty great onahole for its price and it gives you 2 different sensations in 1 package! The only problem is that it isn't very resistant to washing as the outer layer peels off after a week, but the inside is still durable. Definitely recommend others to try this!

    ... view more
  • | 5/8/2016


    It's a good onahole so I'll start off with a few negatives and end on a high note. First the outside material seems to have bad reaction to cleaning (warm/hot water, simply rubbing it with hands.. etc), it's something like wetting a paper towel and rubbing it to something rough, bits of the paper will peel off and after a while it wont be as smooth and aesthetically good looking as when it was in its little package. I have 2 of these, used and new, and the smoothness was such a big difference when I held it that It actually affected how much more enjoyable the new one was. But in the end you can easily forget about it and just enjoy the inside which is what matters. That brings me to the 'younger' hole, which was pretty much disappointing. It takes effort and aiming just to enter her since the mother hole was also easily accessible from the younger entrance. Because of the flexibility of an onahole, smoothness of lubes and the design of this onahole, your member will naturally get directed to the mother hole and can take a few tries before you succeed which can make it difficult and annoying to switch holes during sessions when you want. Also, it's a smaller type of onahole and combined with the open finish line, the head of your member will poke out during big strokes, which can be pretty funny. Now for the reason why I still recommend this: It is easy to penetrate the mother hole from her entrance (and younger entrance) and the sensation is amazing. Some onaholes, you think about how good those texture might feel but when it down to it the sensation is tame. That doesn't apply to the mother hole because what you see is what you'll feel and it is fantastic and might be enough reason to buy this. End review: 4 out of 5.

    ... view more
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