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Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation

$302.50 $260.00
(appx. 439.4 )
Based on Japanese AV Star by NPG
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Big Hip male masturbator

The Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation male masturbator by NPG is probably one of the best Hips we have seen till this day. With their years of skill have they made it possible to take the experience you will have with it to the next level. At first lets start with its weight which comes in at 6kg. This is really massive and plays a big part in making the experience real. The design is beautifully made from scratch with a nice round butt and sexy looking thighs. The pussy is nicely shaped and the Vagina lips are realistically modeled. Of course the Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation has two holes, Vaginal and Anal, both designed with a high level of realism in mind. Needless to say that they both feel completely different and lucky for us, NPG even recreated the muscles on the inside which adds a lot to a realistic and true feeling experience. Enjoying the Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation is truly something unforgettable and raises the Bar for Hips higher than ever before.

The Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation by NPG features
  • Big and highly realistic male sex toy
  • comes with two holes for penetration - Vagina and Anal
  • both holes offering an intense and completely different experience
  • the weight of this onahole is about 6000 Grams
  • the measurements of this onahole are approx. 300x300x250mm
  • comes together with some free sample lube

Product Type: Based on Japanese AV Star, Hip Onahole


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