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Fairy Doll Sitting Nono Type A Black Long Hair

by A-One
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A very beautiful and realistic size loce doll. She has beautiful long hair and can be dressed up with every clothes you like. Why not use soem smell on her to make the whole think even more realistic ?

Please note that the Fairy Doll comes without onahole and clothes. These has to be purchased separatly.

  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 1850 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. T:140cm B:70cm W:52.5cm H:80cm

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Brand: A-One
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 1/17/2024

    Great for its price

    I had to write this review, I bought this doll before for more money on a different website. I bought it again, twice, in fact, on OtonaJP not a while ago, and am currently waiting for delivery. I had to write this review. 1. The price: Nowadays, you don't see a 140cm doll that is only 370$. Most out there are over 500$. Much more expensive anywhere else. Yes, the shipping price is a bit tall, but it's worth it. 4/5 2. Experience: Although the doll is 140cm, which is quite a lot for a plush sex doll, it isn't big enough for all the positions and the holes of the doll aren't placed as well as they could've been, and the form of the doll leaves a lot to be desired. For starters, the bust size is not big enough to also have fun with it, and the bottom area could've been more thick, with an extra opening for a butthole for extra fun/customization. The positioning of the hole on the doll's crotch area is located on the bottom, closer to the lower back. This makes it really hard to have fun with the doll while relaxing on the bed - meaning, you almost always have to be sitting or have it sit on you, actively preventing it from falling off. If it just had one extra hole, one closer to the abdomen, this would have been fixed and many more comfortable positions that do not require much effort would have been made possible. That aside, it is a fun doll to cuddle with, and very easy to carry, as it weighs around 1 ~ kilograms. It's robust and durable. Overall, 3/5. 3. Customization: If you remove the wig and the outfit it comes with, it might feel a bit lackluster and bland. On the other hand, this makes the doll very easy for your personal customization. You could add outfits, wigs and even boob-suits to better your experience, and do it very easily. The only thing this doll misses is a zipper - to be able to stuff it with more Acrylic fiber if it starts to flatten. Overall, 4/5. 4. Logistics/Discretion: The doll arrives in a discreet box. No one will know what you bought. The doll is very easy to carry, and very easy to hide in case you need to. The doll doesn't require much space, and does not stand out. You can hide it under the bed or couch, or above your closet if it's big enough. Summary: The doll is great, but for a few quality-of-life changes could make it perfect.

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  • | 4/11/2017

    Great Doll for a Budget Price

    I had just received this doll today in the mail, which by the way got here sooner then I expected. I bought this doll because I been quite lonely ever since my divorce. I've been on the fence about buying this doll for a while and have been shopping around. I managed to snag this doll when otonajp was having a store wide sell with 15% off everything, which saved me about $40 on the purchase. Even if i didn't happen to buy this doll while it was on sell otonajp still had the best going price (with shipping) then everywhere else I've looked. I chose this doll due to it being a full body plush doll, which it better then any air doll since those can get holes and damaged much faster. This doll being plush is much more durable and much better to hold since it is warm and soft to the touch, and much cheaper alternative to a full sized silicone doll. I had purchased this doll with a few of A-one's onahole inserts and an outfit to for her to wear. The only downsides to this doll is the lack of a face, which I knew about before purchasing. I wish there was a face mask you could purchase with this doll. Also the onahole insert area is much smaller then I expected and it is best to buy smaller onahole inserts for this doll. I purchased the Chitsu no Hosomichi Onahole for this doll which seems to fit quite well. This is a sitting doll so it is always in the sitting position and the legs are close together, which would have been better there was a bigger gap so you could spread them better. The doll is also smaller then expected, but not to small, more like the size of a very petite woman. I'm hoping maybe someday there will be a better design for close to the same price which includes a face. I would definitely buy this doll again if they enhance the design a bit more. Overall I am happy with my purchase, and was pleasently surprised by it. Otonajp also included a small hand written thank you card with a package of Japanese gummy candies attached to the card which was a nice surprise making the purchase feel more personal.

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  • | 11/23/2016

    Better than I expected!

    I have been feeling lonely because my girlfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship and bought this doll so I could have someone to hug and squeeze at night! I was a bit apprehensive about buying this as I had quite a few questions I could not find answers to. However, this is a great product. The material feels good to the touch and it doesn't smell bad (although it doesn't smell amazing either). It's nice and "plump" with plenty of stuffing, meaning you can give it a good squeeze and there is nice resistance, it's not too soft and keeps its shape. This is by far the cheapest price I found online by the way, everywhere else prices this around $200 higher! I don't know what voodoo magic lets them sell this for such a cheap price but I'm certainly not complaining. Here are facts about this product I wanted to know before I bought but did not until it arrived: -The hands can stay together because each hand has a couple fingers that have thread keeping them together, creating a little loop you can push the fingers of the other hand through. Great for posing, and you can get her to hug you :D -The legs don't like to stay flat much, it's called a "sitting" doll for a reason. The legs have a natural bend. It's easy to make them flat but I would not do this for extended periods of time because it may cause the legs to deform and lose their "bendiness". -It's small, just barely smaller than a petite girl. I bought a schoolgirl uniform on Amazon in a small (Asian) size and it fits pretty well, just slightly too big. If you want to get clothes for it, get them in as small a size as possible. She has nice curves despite being so small, just slightly unrealistic but it helps her fit into the clothes despite her being smaller than a real person. - The maker, A-One, sells masks for their Air Dolls that I wanted to try on this doll. It comes with a silicone face plate for giving dimension to the face and a pantyhose-like outer mask with a cute anime face. Unfortunately, it was just a bit too small to use with the face plate, I couldn't fully close the zipper. It will fit without the face plate but it is just a smooth face. - The hair is a wig that is not attached. It's easy to put on and take off. With that being said, it comes with instructions that are in Japanese. I spent about an hour translating them using google translate, here is a rough translation of most of the manual, the stuff related to actual care of the doll: Handling the doll - Do not wash the doll all at once. It causes bending, deformation, and fraying of the stuffing, leading to deterioration. Please refer to the maintenance methods - Please do not use washing machine, tumble dry, dry cleaning, or ironing - Applying a sharp object, strong impact, or excessive load may cause damage or shape collapse - Applying perfumes and fragrances directly to the doll may cause spotting on surface of the fabric - The doll is flammable. Keep away from open flames. - Leaving the doll dirty can cause mold and spots. - The doll uses an acrylic bore. It may cause staining if it is dressed with wet clothes. Care of the doll - If the doll gets dirty, immerse a soft cloth in a diluted neutral detergent, and gently dab dirty spots with the cloth. Then, use a dry clean cloth to dry the wet spots, and let the doll air dry in a well-ventilated area. - When cleaning, please remove all clothing to prevent color transfer Handling of accessories - Included camisole can be washed - Included wig can be cleaned with shampoo, rinse, diluted neutral detergent, and conditioner - Included wig can be air dried or dried with a low-temperature dryer. (Keep the dryer at least 30 cm away from the wig, use briefly Storage - Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and moist areas. Keep in a well-ventilated area. - Please keep in a flat place. Storage in an area with poor stability or under a load can cause deformation. Inserting an onahole - The inner cloth is stretchy at the hole-mounting part. There is a possibility that the cloth may be torn by forcibly removing the hole. Please go slowly and carefully when mounting and removing. - When installing, you can insert the hole smoothly by rolling thick paper, cloth, or vinyl around the hole. - Using the hole while wrapping it with vinyl or cloth makes the inside of the doll less susceptible to dirt.

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