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A Witch’s Temptation (Seducing Witch)

Hentai Onahole by Toys Heart
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Product Type: Hentai Onahole

Cute Witch Hentai Onahole

Do you know what the Harry Potter franchise was missing? Witches wearing nothing but their hats and thigh high boots. Toys Heart are here to correct that with A Witch's Temptation. Let this slutty little witch cast her growth spells on you. This onahole is large and thick, designed around maximum suction as you push deep within her enchanted pussy. The walls are highly detailed with ribbing textures to grip you from every direction. The end chamber will have your head spinning with a series of bumps and nubs. A Witch's Temptation is another high quality onahole from Toy's Heart. Pure magic this male sex toy !

The A Witch’s Temptation (Seducing Witch) Onahole features
  • Hentai Onahole based on a cute Witch
  • Made by Toys Heart
  • Strong Vacuum Onahole
  • Made with Toys Heart's unique material
  • onahole size approx. 125x90x100mm
  • onahole weight about 585 Grams
  • comes with a small sample lotion


6 Customer Reviews for A Witch’s Temptation (Seducing Witch)

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by Bryan March 23, 2018
Good hole

The size is good and the sensation is great, if you want a very good sensation you need to push out air for a suction. Maybe a little expensive. I recommende it

by R February 10, 2018
Damn good hole

feel: 9/10
Great suction with great sensation. This hole is trash if you don't know how to vacuum(which is basically just squeezing the hole to get the air out). So learn to vacuum before you complain. Feels even better than some of hard holes.
price: 7/10
To be honest, this is hole is on the pricey side. Not really a good choice if you are tight on money. Great choice if you want to treat yourself.
Hard to break with all the extra layering you have. this hole is heavier than your usual holes due to so much material.

Cleaning: 9/10
pretty easy to clean. there isn't much to worry about

by Clover September 14, 2016
Amazing toy

I consider this one a must buy, it's absolutely stunning and the suction is divine, new users should be wary not to be caught off guard by the sensations of it
Lasts quite a nice long time as well

by Tfrenchy September 6, 2016
my best so far!

My 1st bigger toy..
Perfect hole size, good sensation all the way.
Watch out if you skimp on the lub!

by Rikko June 25, 2016
A bewitching experience

For not being a Hip it is a very large toy , so it accomodates a big variety of users. The feeling is nice and the many twists ( I think) provide different stimulations depending on the position. The onahole is pricey but for what you get I would say it gives just as much quality back.

by Cake-eater May 24, 2016
A great onahole with excelen suction

Toysheart has outdone themselves yet again, This hole will complete the mana tranfer with deep and satisfying suction. 4,5/5

It is pricy but worth it.

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