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Hoshimi Rika could be your Wife

Hip Onahole by KMP
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Huge Sex Doll based on the japanese porn star Hoshimi Rika

Wow, just look at this beautiful piece of heaven! Based on the popular Japanese JAV model Hoshimi Rika, this is the full experience of fucking her stunning body made by KMP. This torso is lifelike in size and weighs a staggering 8kg. You won't find anything that feels like this real in a standard onahole! Offering both her vagina and butt, there's plenty to love here. The tanned material is soft and beautiful to grasp as it pounds against your crotch. Enjoy her nice Breasts while you make Love to her. Hoshimi Rika could be your Wife is an unbelievably impressive torso onahole – you can relive your wedding night with Hoshimi Rika every single day !

The Hoshimi Rika could be your Wife Sex Doll features

  • Lifelike Sex Doll modeled after japanese porn star Hoshimi Rika
  • Made by KMP
  • Double Hole Fun with Rika's Vagina and Anal hole
  • beautiful Tits and tanned Skin
  • weight about 8kg
  • dimensions approx. 250x450x150

Maker: KMPProduct Type: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

5 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 9/14/2021

    Not bad, honestly

    I just got it in the mail today and used it right away. It definitely feels nice. It's smaller than the actual actress, but it's still big enough to feel like it could be a real person. My only concern is that the vagina cavity was molded incorrectly and goes in to the right a bit. I don't know if that is the case with all the dolls or just the one I got. If you have the cash to burn, it's not a waste of money, as far as I can tell, but it's certainly not a bargain.

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  • | 7/20/2017

    Great tunnel sensations but flops around while using

    The Hoshimi Rika could be your Wife was the first large hip toy that I purchased that had tits included with the hip toy and there were some things I learned from the experience both good and bad. The Hoshimi Rika could be your Wife looked very sexy being modeled after a porn star and having her hold up the box it looked like I was getting a toy that was sculpted to be the same size as her torso since shes holding up the box and it looks like the size of her torso in the picture but I found that the butt size is lacking and it doesnt have anything holding up its back so the top part of the toy flops around if you try to put it on top of you without holding up the top. Looking at the preview picture and having purchased a similar looking toy before called the Virgin Love -Koshifuri Meiki- I thought that what I was going to be getting is a version of that toy with tits added on to it since the lower part of the toy looked the same but the butt size of the Hoshimi Rika could be your Wife was far smaller and the tunnels feel very different (but more stimulating than the Virgin Love). Here is a breakdown of the Pros and Cons: Pros -------- + The skin feels pretty soft. + The tunnels feel very good and are ribbed with a very satisfying texture. + The tits look and feel pretty good although I havent tried to titty fuck them yet to see how that goes but the tits are pretty soft and squeezable. + The weight feels decent to make it fun to use. + No foam core like the American large masturbators that get damaged when you soak them in water. Cons -------- - The top part of the toy flops around if you try to use it on top of you without holding the top part up because it doesnt have a skeletal structure. - The butt size is pretty small compared to other toys with similar mold designs like the Virgin Love -Koshifuri Meiki- Conclusion ------------ The Hoshimi Rika could be your Wife is a decent toy if your looking for something with a hip + tits combination for a low cost but just be sure to know what your getting yourself into because the butt is smaller than large hip toys and the back flops around when you try to use it on top of you the best ways to use it are either holding up the top and letting the toy jump on top of you or laying it on a flat surface and using it that way. This toy is probably best used to satisfy your Lolicon with big tits fantasies because the butt size isnt adequate enough to satisfy Oppai fantasies, it doesnt have much to grab in terms of butt cheeks. Would I buy it agian? probably not because I intended to use it for Oppai fantasies but if you like Lolicons with big tits then this serves that fantasy well but there are already other toys that can do that as well for a lower costs like the Puni Ana SPDX which does come with a skeletal structure.

    ... view more
  • | 12/31/2016

    Very nice

    Very pricey but it's worth the money. I gotta say it feels almost like the real thing. Both holes are outstanding and the breasts are amazing. I would recommend this to anybody who has the money and wants to have a product that feels like the real thing

    ... view more
  • | 8/22/2016

    Hoshimi Rika is now my Wife

    I bought this first before buying "Physical Relationship Torso Onahole 7.5kg" and due I guess getting it in stock, I got "Physical Relationship torso" first and reviewed it, but the wait for this torso was worth it. As i said in my other review, I did some research on a decent torso toy to use and I bought this based on measurements, what it features, and its modeled after Hoshimi Rika body. This torso is almost like the real thing in form, feel, and texture inside. My only complaint on this is if they made it like slightly bigger, maybe 2-3inches all around, it would be perfect, but the size right now is not bad. Compared to "Physical Relationship Torso", I Ioved this more due to how real to a woman this feel inside and out, the "Physical Relationship Torso" feels like i'm with a pornstar, hahaha. The texture inside is feels like a real woman. Also breast feels great and natural, and you can make love to them too. Clean it is just like another torso, a little more work, most recommended it is in a bathtub or shower, and then clean well and finally add baby powder. Lube is not provided with this toy so you need to buy some. If you want realism in a torso and have the money for it, give this a try.

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  • | 5/22/2016

    Fantastic ._.

    This honestly makes me feel very kimochi and a daijoubu. My partner Paul and myself have had a very good time sharing this when we have out sessions. We have decided to call it Luke as well. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone who has the money and wants something like this. Tanoshinojikannishimashita.

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