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Seventeen Bordeaux Soft

by Toys Heart
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Soft Version of the popular Seventeen Bordeaux Masturbator

Experience the snug and inexperienced love tunnel of a seventeen-year-old Japanese girl's tight vagina with the Seventeen Bordeaux Soft Onahole by Toys Heart. This is the soft edition of the poplar Seventeen Bordeaux onahole, which means it is is a little more forgiving but while provides an exceedingly pleasurable virgin experience. The inner tunnel is wavy, and the walls consist of many bumps that are designed to offer great sensual stimulation along your member. This sweet seventeen-year-old Japanese girl is eagerly awaiting for you to penetrate her soft and sensual love hole.

The Seventeen Bordeaux Soft Sex Toy Features:

  • High-Quality Male Masturbator by Toys Heart
  • Dual-Layer Design
  • Virgin Teen Theme
  • Bumpy & Wavy Inner Tunnel
  • Complimentary Pack Of Lubricant
  • Weight: 258 Grams

Maker: Toys Heart
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User Reviews

13 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 1/18/2021

    Awesome, but not for me

    In my opinion, the Bordeaux really is high quality stuff from Toys Heart, but it has a couple of flaws that I find hard to accept. 1) It's dual layered, which means it's more prone to tearing. I've heard stories of the Bordeaux tearing, but mine haven't yet. Hope I haven't jinxed it. 2) There are large bumps inside the tunnel that are too rough for me, especially when lube gets dry. 3) The tunnel is a lil too long for my taste (it's 14.5 cm long), so if you like penetrating wombs but you're also under 14 cm, ya might wanna reconsider 4) The flaps at the opening of the uterus are harder to dry because they sink in 5) The Bordeaux is really long overall and it often touches the bottom of my dirty ass sink when I'm washing it 6) I also bought the Fudeoroshi (Toys Heart) and it feels like a better version of the Bordeaux in every way. So if you're having these same problems, try the Fudeoroshi.

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  • | 9/19/2020


    Says soft, but SO stimulating. It seems others have some durability problems. But so far mine is standing strong. Take care when turning it inside out as it is a dual layer after all. The suction on it is incredible. With such a wide space inside, you can vary the amount of stimuli by the amount of suction/compression you desire. If you like Virgin Age~Graduation then you prolly like this.

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  • | 3/22/2019

    Slow playable

    It is very slow type hole. If you want last long play time, It is pretty good choice. cheap price with low delivery fee. If you want more pressure, just remove air It could be pretty tight you can adjust what you want

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  • | 8/26/2017

    One of the best, except in durability

    Quality 4/5 - Great feeling, simple looking on the inside, but it gets the job well done. ONE OF THE BEST ONAHOLES OUT THERE. Cleaning is relatively easy as the onahole is soft and easy to squish your fingers around the inside. -1 star for its poor durability. I've bought 2 of these and they mostly just gave up after roughly 8 months of light use (1-2 times/wk) Price 4/5 - Reasonable and great price. Worth it (while it lasts) Value 3/5 - Here value gets a 3/5 due to low durability. Already lost 1 and planning to retire another soon since the inner layer has started to come loose. Also the tears at the lips have gotten relatively large (almost 1cm on top and bottom). If you can justify spending around $50 every 8 months to get a new one, then this shouldnt be a problem for you. SUMMARY: BEST ONAHOLE FOR THE PRICE, JUST LACKING IN DURABILITY

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  • | 6/20/2017

    All around good product

    Disclaimer: this is my first onahole product I ordered the product about 6 months ago, and there has not been any major durability issues other than a slight "tear" near the tip of the opening that has no effect on function. I have used it enough to deplete maybe 1/3 to 1/2 of an onatsuyu nectar bottle. I could see from the construction how there could be separation from the inner layer, but I haven not yet experienced this. The product is easy to clean (again I haven't compared to any other products yet), and gives a good sensation, in my opinion not overly tight or loose. The suction can be adjusted by pushing air out of the chamber at the end. While I have no complaints about this product, when I get a new product, I may get a tighter one, or a single layer onahole to compare.

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  • | 2/21/2017

    Good for starters but requires some extra care for prolonged use

    This is a very gentle onahole, but yet provides enough sensations. I really like the mouth of the onahole, it feels and looks like the real deal. Just to note, one should take utmost care when cleaning the onahole. I've been cleaning the onahole gently and for the past month of usage, its still in good condition. However, it does feels a bit looser in terms of the diameter, I think it doesn't retain its shape as long as I would have wanted it to. Regardless, its a reliable onahole that just requires some gentle care when cleaning, and one should remember to clean the extra small chamber at the end of the onahole! The small area needs a cloth to be rubbed dry, as it will be impossible to leave it to dry.

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  • | 2/7/2017

    Feels like a real pussy hole.

    I love this product, the sensation are almost as same as a real girl. So if you are working with this, you probably working with a seventeen. The onahole is really soft, but my fingernail print damage the onahole with a soft pressed and I am bad for this for my first touching. And cleaning is slight different cause they place an extra layer on the back, so digging in require your finger to stretch and... Damage again, so need to care it properly.

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  • | 12/25/2016

    Great while it lasts

    Vanilla compared to other onaho, but very pleasant. Recommended for longer sessions. Durability is a concern. Layer separation got really bad 3 months in using it like 2 times a week. Water gets in the dual layer making cleaning and drying a hassle. I don't know if it's the product's nature or because I use soap and water to clean it(maybe the soap dissolved the glue?). I would probably re-buy this product because I really enjoy it. I cannot recommend it to people looking for value because of durability.

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  • | 12/4/2016

    Beginners onaho.

    The Seventeen Bordeaux series makes a great starter kit for the discerning fapper. Its soft Fine Cross texture makes it exquisitely comfortable. The straight forward no-frills bumpy inner texture will softly hold your champ in place while rewarding him with a little suction. At best, this onaho deserves a 4/5 for being an easy go-to semi-rewarding love tunnel. If Toys Heart added some texture and made the uterus deeper, this would easily be a 5 out of 5'er.

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  • | 11/1/2016

    It's worth it

    I was brought here from a certain review blogspot and I'm grateful i was able to discover the site before coming here as it had helped me in my decision when I purchased this. If you are looking at the reviews, you must be thinking about buying this onahole. Be it a first time buyer or an experienced buyer, just know that the product and shipping is reliable. The customer service was also really great while I waited for the package to arrive. About the product. It's worth the money, it doesn't feel cheap but it can get sticky if left to dry without talcum powder or corn starch. But really not using talcum powder or corn starch for any onahole is NOT a good idea. This was my first Onahole so I can't really compare the feeling, don't worry it's going to make you ejaculate. Summary (Read the title)

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  • | 8/4/2016

    Recommended for long sessions

    I must say that I am not the type that enjoys long masturbation sessions. I prefer mine to be quick, so I prefer stimulating onaholes. I cannot say I don't feel anything inside. The type of stimulation is different. The vacuum the dual layer provides is amazing. If you want to know what the term vacuum in onahole terms mean, I would point you to this. I think people welcome vacuum because it reduces sound and provides a more stimulating experience somewhat. The conclusion would be that yes, it does feel really nice while you're at it. I believe toysheart is using older versions of material with this? I suspect this because the bordeaux's exterior is pretty different from my other toyshearts. Toysheart are really well known for making quality products, skin safe and I can back that. Still, the bordeaux chafs much more than my other toys/onaholes. Also it was the quickest to become the stickiest as well. Using while sticky is a very bad idea. Silicone rolls up into tiny balls due to friction by your hand and it falls off like dead skin. Cleaning was hard too. I'm pretty lazy but I took care not to invert it while washing. Nonetheless, there was slight layer separation. Though not critical, it makes you become extra careful when you use it. Like you're scared to go full speed and stuff. With all of the above being said, probably all of the onahole damage problems will be nullified if you're not a brickhead like me who used it like a v12 piston. So really, feel free to ignore the stars I gave. I hope I did not give the impression that toysheart products have flaws. In fact I feel that they have the least. Their virgin skin's pretty awsome. Happy shopping

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  • | 6/10/2016

    Very enjoyable experience

    The suction this thing has is amazing, don't be fooled by the simple looking texture it really stimulates a lot and in conjunction with the suction it makes it a very amazing experience overall. The only complain is that the material gets sticky very quickly, after cleaning it once it got very sticky, nothing that talcum powder or corn starch cannot fix anyways, cleaning is very easy but you have to be careful since it's a dual layer.

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  • | 5/28/2016

    Fast shipping and good quality

    Fast shipping and good quality Price is good as well

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