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Fellamatio BLACK

Onahole by otonaJP
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Fellamatio BLACK is here. Made in a collaboration between Hot Powers and otonaJP. It offers a very intense blowjob experience and was made to please. The Fellamatio BLACK onahole is made by the advanced and unique METEO material which is specially durable. On the inside you have small ribs that are stimulating you the deeper you push yourself in. The vacuum that is building up is giving a nice deep throat experience and Fellamatio BLACK is ready to such you dry. This onahole is easy to clean and with the ribs on the outside, you never loose grip when enjoying her. Let Fellamatio BLACK give you the blowjob of your life. If you love intense stimulation then this must be yours.

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Brand: otonaJPFeeling: OralFantasy / Genre: BlowjobHole Design: Closed Hole TypeProduct Layers: SingleUsability: ReusableFirmness: HardHow many Holes: 1Weight: 295g (0.65lbs)Length: 150mm (5.91in)Width: 65mm (2.56in)Lotion included: Yes Released on: 2018Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

21 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 6/1/2021

    Intense simulation

    This onahole is darn intense, it does what it is advertised for. A really intense blowjob and the constant simulation of the banjo string/frenulum. It is not the loudest onahole out there but it does make sounds like someone is giving you a deepthroat. Other than the sensation wise, the build quality is alright. The durability is pretty subpar. The entrance tore on first use, I am not girthy at all compared to the other guys out there. For its price, you can't expect much from the durability.

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  • | 8/26/2020

    great sensation bad durability

    Well the felling is just amazing but started riping open only after 3 use dont expect it to last but the sensation are just amazing

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  • | 6/12/2020

    Two words... GOD DAMN...

    This hole I got with my Super Ecchi Grab Bag deal, and I have taken a look at this hole a couple times will searching the site. I was excited to see this in my grab bag, and took it out to see what it was like. The hole's exterior is super sticky when you take it out of the box. This makes for some easy gripping, though it can be hard to put it back in the plastic sleeve inside the box. The sensation this hole delivers was absolutely insane. It truly felt like I was getting a blowjob. Your member is rubbed and caressed all around, and with enough lube you can make it sound like you're getting an actual blowjob. This hole really is something else. My biggest gripe with this hole is that after only two uses, the entrance began to tear. Its not too bad of a tear now, but I'm afraid it can get bigger over time with continued use. So best be careful not to get too forceful with this one. Overall, an amazing blowjob onahole, but it really should be remade with a more durable material.

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  • | 3/14/2020

    Feels intense and sucking me dry

    The inside of it feels amazing and all the dirty noises it makes is a plus!

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  • | 9/6/2019

    Amazing sensation but not that durable

    You get a surprising amount of sensation from the tongue inside the toy. It's perfect for rubbing the right spot with long strokes. The toy is also easy to clean but unfortunately the durability isn't that great. The entrance started ripping open after around a week. Oh, and as a bonus the onahole has a super nice box art. In short the toy feels great but won't last that long. I do recommend it.

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  • | 5/21/2019

    Disappointing durability.

    I was pretty excited for this one being my first bj onahole. Out of the box the material feels firm and very sticky. It has a pretty small entrance, I would recommend using a generous amount of lube. My disappointment with this comes with the entrance which is hanging on from splitting in half by a few millimeters of material left after it ripped from first use. I always use plenty of lube and am not rough with my onaholes, maybe I just got a faulty one. Despite this the internals still feel amazing but I am not hopeful for it's longetivity.

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  • | 4/26/2019

    Good Sensation But Low Quality

    Excellent interior, but the opening tore after just two uses, I guess the inside still works for now but it's possible the tear will get larger and make it useless.

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  • | 4/19/2019

    Great Feeling, Poor Durability.

    I've never bought an oral type onahole, but after looking at that cover and reading the reviews I figured it'd be a good time to branch out. I'm glad I did. Fellamatio Black feels fantastic. The entrance is pretty small, but past that is a real treat. It has just the right mix of strong, worthwhile textures while still being easy to use. The only issue that I have is the durability. It's ironic given that it has "Amazing Durability," written on the box, but the entrance broke during my first session. It isn't torn enough to render it unusable, but it's consistent flaw in an otherwise awesome toy.

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  • | 3/23/2019

    I got this with the spring grab bag.

    As far as price vs quality since i got this in the grab bag I fell I got the best deal possible. the toy is fun and does have an extremely unique feel as many reviews said. The packaging is great. for my taste, it's a little too hard but that just comes down the personal prefreance. for sure a great starter toy.

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  • | 2/17/2019

    "Fellamatio BLACK" - Interesting Initial Release w/ Features & Suggestions

    Interesting, a otonaJP Originals Blowjob Type Onahole. Used a couple of times now, so here's the review: Packaging and add-ons: *No comment, item was ordered with others, and all packaging was removed to avoid risk of customs seizing any assumed loli-related content* . Onahole: Specs as per picture/information on box. Outer material was very sticky and normal rubber texture feeling. Not sure about powdering it as the nature of the material/stretch-ability would be affected? The insert hole design is simple small hole. It creates a tight suction once it is stretched out for the entrance head of the penis. Not sure what happened, but eventually the hole worn out and started to rip to the sides. This cause it to lose a lot of suction and not very pleasing to look at. There are two main design components: 1. The raised ribbed section for the blowjob feeling 2. The remaining surrounding stubbed section for additional massage feeling Problem (as other's have stated): it is not clear which direction of the penis entering/onahole orientation that you are supposed be hold it. I assume that the ribbed section is supposed to be under the penis. However, it is very easy to rotate the onahole while inside to get the proper orientation. Cleaning: Got to flush with water and flip upside down to rinse out. The flush doesn't run out as smoothly. Also, material holds onto water, especially deep inside. Make sure to completely dry out with rod/sheet prior to storage.

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  • | 2/7/2019

    Worth the money

    Definitely an unique sensation compare to other fellatio toys. You will be surprised how simple it looks but how amazing it feels. The long chain of rib is amazing since u can twist the onahole as you see fit to hit your sensitive spots. The reason i wasnt able to give full stars is because this onahole actually makes a lot of noise. It is nothing weird and i assume it is trying to mimic fellatio noise which is extremely sexy. Warning this is not a quiet fellatio toy so if you just want to pleasure yourself quietly, it is better to enjoy it in the shower or with some background noise like fan or music if you dont want to attract attention. Overall an amazing toy.

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  • | 1/29/2019

    My first BJ Onahole

    This is the best you can find in this range of price. I go better sensation with Ubujiru Lotion than Onatsuyu

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  • | 10/25/2018

    Good job OtonaJP!

    I can’t wait to see what else you might make in the future! This is a solid oral type onahole at a reasonable price. Talking function, it gets a 10 out of 10 from me - it gets the job done admirably. I wholeheartedly recommend it. On the form side of things, however, there are some minor issues. Starting with the material itself - it gets extremely sticky! Remember those little stretch hand thingies you owned as a kid that could extend to grab things? Yeah that’s the kind of stickiness we’re talking about here. Definitely the stickiest in my collection! Secondly it is a bit tricky to figure out at first. The gimmick is the ridge on the inside that is supposed to stimulate the bottom of your wang. Like a tongue during oral. The problem is that there is no real indication on the outside as to how the toy is supposed to be rotated for it to line up, so it may take many tries to actually get it right. Oh and lastly, while the box art is most lovely, the onahole itself isn’t very sexy as it doesn’t really look like a mouth or anything.

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  • | 10/13/2018

    Blowjob onahole is intense

    This blowjob onahole is in the same lineup of witch blow job onaholes. Essentially there is a central rib for excellent stimulation. The sister models are nice but due to the softer experience they're more prone to tearing. On the otherhand this black hard model has is noticeably harder but still enjoyable. Lube is sufficient and experience was great. Would recommend a thick lube by g project for maximum stimulation. The artwork on the box is great and the English is helpful and well written. Overall a great onahole to add to your collection.

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  • | 10/8/2018

    Best box design ever

    Got this during Daily Deal. The box is one of the few I ever kept from my onaholes cause it really looks amazing and is all in english which is super rare. The hole itself is fun but quiet tight. Its like she has a small mouth but sucks you well.

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  • | 10/8/2018

    Good masturbator

    This is for sure on the tighter and harder side but if you love this tight pressure around your cock, then you are in for a real treat. Good cover design also.

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  • | 8/31/2018

    Good buy

    Got this one together with two other holes but it really stands out. I love the grip you have on it and it can even take a ruff session. The material seems to be of good quality as I never felt that I have to hold back when using it. With toys heart stuff for example (looking at you Virgin Age) i always felt that I have to be gentle, even though the stimulation is great. With the fellamatio black I just feel i have something worth the money and it came with a small pepe lotion instead some cheap ass no name crap. Thumbs up for otonajp.

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  • | 8/31/2018

    Good Job Guys

    Not sure if otonajp has been secretly making onaholes all this time but there first one which they made with Hot Powers together is just great. Gives great stimulation and no lube drips out when using which is always a big plus. Even it just arrived yesterdad, i had a few sessions already and it might even be my new favourite. Btw. smoking hot artwork on the Box.

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  • | 8/30/2018

    Surprisingly good!

    First tries usually come with errors or mistakes regardless of what product you're making. This onahole is the exception! Outta the box this onahole is very sticky both inside and out, hiwever the material is firm and very sticky. I had to use a lot of lubricant with it but the entrance is tight enough that none of it will leak thanks to the right grup

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  • | 8/26/2018

    Good onahole

    This made me cum very hard. Strong experience with this one and its feels very good to hold. I am no expert but using this is a lot of fun. Also its cool to see some english on the box....Big thumbs up for that.

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  • | 8/26/2018

    Just awesome

    When I heard that otonajp and Hot Powers are doing an onahole together I was excited as I love this shop and also Hot powers. The onahole itself seems to use material similar to the black Kunoichi which I very liked when I tried it last year. The box art is super nice which always get me going and the onahole has a very strong stimulation. I recommend a thick lube for it but the sensation on your glans is so hard that I really have to focus to not come too fast. For everyone who loves cool artworks and good onaholes this is a must buy.

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