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G Project Hole Quick Dry Ball

by G Project
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Dry your Onahole's and Male Masturbator's

Take the hassle out of your onahole care with the G Project Hole Quick Dry Ball by G-Project. This ball is formed from the natural 'keisodo’ substance, known in Japan for its moisture-absorbing abilities. When you've finished a session with your favourite onahole, simply wash it out, place the ball inside and let it work its magic. Your onahole will be dry and ready to use again in no time, and in tip-top pleasure-providing condition. As we always say here at Otonajp, look after your sex toys, and your sex toys will look after you!

The G Project Hole Quick Dry Ball Highlights:
  • Onahole and Male Masturbator in general Quick-Dry Accessory
  • Keeps Your Onaholes in Excellent Condition
  • Allows Onahole to Be Used Again in a Short Time
  • Dries and prevents your Onahole from developing Mold
  • Diameter: 300 mm


4 Customer Reviews for G Project Hole Quick Dry Ball

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by Classified August 18, 2020
A must

If you own an onahole you need something to keep it dry, i don't use this as much as the drying sticks that i also bought from OtonaJP but i would definitely recommend this.

It is very useful for drying up complicated onaholes that drying sticks might not be able to reach also a good second option if you want to make sure the onahole is clean after you used the drying stick.

Only problem i have faced with these is when they get stuck and possibly break or disfigure a onahole on the inside, so be careful especially with smaller onaholes.

Otherwise i would totally recommend this product.

by K August 11, 2020
Drys well but hard to remove

Bought this to dry the larger onaholes. While it does very well on that end, drying the insides fairly quickly - removing the ball can be difficult. I ended up tying a string around the ball for easy removal, which helps a lot.

by JoeLikesJapan February 17, 2020
Great for curvy canals in toys

The keseido drying STICK is good at strait-ish canals. This one's way better at super curvy ones.

by LordDamionDevil January 19, 2020
Great for Cleaning

I have bought those to try them out and am very happy with the ball.
After cleaning out an Onahole with water and then rolling the ball inside it it directly took up all the left over water/moisture and made it very dry inside while also turning itself blue to indicate that it picked up moisture.

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