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G PROJECT Sponge Sticks (50pcs)

by G Project
(appx. 45.43 )
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Could you wash in the onaholes well? Let's make it easy with this sponge stick!

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 June 4
Volume: approx. 2 Grams (per one stick)
Product Dimensions: approx. 150x15x12mm (per one stick)


2 Customer Reviews for G PROJECT Sponge Sticks (50pcs)

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by Goshujin-sama April 7, 2018
Pretty OK but...

... the actual stick sucks. It is made out some kind of paper pulp-ish material that does not take well to getting wet (it will start to disolve and break apart) and I worry about it breaking off and getting stuck inside or even damage the toy. However, this was easily fixed by applying clear tape along the length of the stick to make it water proof.

It does however result in a lower Quality-rating from me. As the issue is fixable though, I'd still recommend the purchase. You get a lot of sponges here and as long as you rinse and dry it after use each individual sponge-on-a-stick will last for quite a few uses. Just be mindful of that stick material.

by Toyfan October 24, 2016
Very good quality purpose made swabs

I was a little taken back by the price of these, but since I have a rather large investment in both a toy and doll collection I felt that they were necessary, for some of my items have rather deep cavities.
Once I received them I realized that these where not only purpose made for cleaning sex toys, they're indeed very well made.
I have used only one so far to clean and dry two dolls and a torso.
I use a toy cleanser first on a swab to gently scrub out the hole, then rinse using a rinsing bulb, then rinse and dry the swab by squeezing it between a towel, and use it then to dry out the hole, blotting out the swab each time.
I first thought that doing this would at least bring the swabs usefulness to an end but surprisingly it held up very well with no signs of coming apart.
Very useful item to effectively clean deep a bulky toys/dolls.

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