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Medy Pump Free Washer (2 Pcs.)

by A-One
(appx. 5.9 )
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Clean your onahole up much eaier with these pumps. A set of 2 pumps with each 130ml capacity will make it much easier to clean your onaholes without turning them totally inside out. Of course they can also be used vor Vaginal or Anal cleaning. Made by A One Japan.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 March 20
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4 Customer Reviews for Medy Pump Free Washer (2 Pcs.)

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by Tim July 28, 2018

Constantly looking for an easier way to clean onaholes? Get these, you won't regret it. Be on the look out for bigger sizes though... constantly refilling with cleaner or water gets time consuming... if only they made a tool to suck the waste out so dragging large masterbators to the showers wouldn't be such a pain. Then i would be impressed lol.

by Shiki February 14, 2018
Decently made

These pumps are decently made, but they are pretty cheap. If you want something more durable, then you should go for what the other reviewers mentioned.

by Jessica October 19, 2016
Only good for cleaning onaholes

as an enema oe cleaning it's far too fragile as the other reviewer said, if you want an enema for use of cleaning before anal (don't do that too much btw its not good for the natural bacteras inside) get the MEDY Ene Washer or Cleaning Pump DX

by Bun September 24, 2016
Fragile, inconvenient and unreliable

If attempting to use warm water, the plastic may become so soft that the cap may come off (shoot off) upon pumping.

– Inconvenient: Requires taking off the cap to re-fill water after every single pump. Cap does not fit a regular PET bottle.

CONCLUSION: Bad, does not live up to its intended function. Even with 8 pieces it would only allow for 8 pumps and if you needed more water you'd have to detach EVERY cap only to re-attach them again after loading with water, as the pump cannot inhale water on its own.

Recommended only for: Those who cannot or doesn't want to use their fingers.

Try one of these instead:
*MEDY Ene Washer: https://www.otonajp.com/medy-ene-washer
*Cleaning Pump DX: https://www.otonajp.com/medy-ene-washer

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