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Cooling Lotion by G Project
Maker G Project
Volume 220ml / 7.44oz
Release Jun 24, 2015
Product Type Cooling Lotion
This lotion is a joint effort by two different companies. G-Project and Pepee have combined their skills to create the ultimate lube with a refreshing cold feeling. Feel the chill as you bring the heat! Suitable for use with any onahole or adult toy, G PROJECT x PEPEE BOTTLE LOTION COLD is long lasting to stay wetter longer.
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User Reviews

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  • | 7/7/2022

    cold cold goodness!

    I love using this lubricant, it really feels awesome using it with an onahole or even just hands, and incredible if you have a special someone, its not too cold nor unbearable, but it is intense when youre into it. It kinda feels like a mentol light burnish/coldness, its difficult to explain but insanely good to try, Plus its cheap!!!

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  • | 11/18/2021

    It's like using Vick's rub as lube

    Painful at times, very humorous. I love the feeling, but be careful about going overboard!

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  • | 2/17/2020


    Cheap lube and it's not bad lube, rare combo. Very unique feeling. Uses the same ingredient that makes water taste cold after chewing mint gum. Hopefully that helps explain it.

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  • | 1/11/2019

    Worth it

    It´s price is good, but the cold feeling is kind of strong. The lotion is a no go if you want to feel warm and fluffy but top notch if not.

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  • | 11/29/2018

    A "unique" sensation

    At fisrt you can feel a little of...pain ? i guess for some people it could be very strong, but after a minute or less you notice the cold sensation and plus you become very sensitive wich is awesome also it smell a little like a mint, aniway definitely you could try it once at least.

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  • | 7/31/2018

    I like it, but cut whit water

    It's cold and bry fast but as my title says, i like it cut 50/50 with water. Like this it take time to dry and double que quantity

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  • | 6/18/2018

    This is strong stuff

    It gives a sort of "cold burning" feeling, it feels good and cold but hurts very slightly? I cannot describe it perfectly. Imagine jamming your dick into a tub of ice cubes. It smells minty. Only use a small amount!! I can recommend it to masochists, seriously.

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  • | 4/28/2018

    It totally works

    This is my first time trying something like this and let me tell you this, it definitely works. There’s also a pleasant fairly strong minty smell which adds to the overall experience. It’ll take a second for you to feel it, but once it hits, it’s hits. You don’t even need to use much to feel it

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  • | 11/7/2016

    Nice Lube with a touch of Mint

    The lube had a nice feel to it. I was surprised to see it also have a mint smell. Didn't mind at all but I enjoyed the experience as well.

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  • | 9/8/2016

    Spicy Sensation

    This potion was spice, as first I thought it was some kinda of cooling sensation, but it's the same as a mint candy, some extra mint candy, it spices when you first touch it.

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