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Gokujo Nama Meiki Muto Ayaka

Mature Type Onahole "Gokujo Nama Meiki Muto Ayaka" by Ruby

Mature women male masturbator based on the japanese porn star Muto Ayaka
  • Maker: Ruby
  • Sku: 極上 生名器 武藤あやか
Gokujo Nama Meiki Muto Ayaka
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The Gokujo Nama Meiki Muto Ayaka onahole by Ruby is based on the beautiful mature japanese porn star Muto Ayaka. A true japanese beauty and a dream for all milf lovers. The Gokujo Nama Meiki Muto Ayaka onahole has been designed to give you a true mature sex experience. The tightness of it is medium while the stimulation is rich and intense. The outside is nicely designed with little butt cheeks and realistic looking vagina lips. The inside is made with a dual layer material which is soft and ribs and dots are on the inside all the way down. Specially well designed is the first part of the tunnel, it very well creates that feeling of entering a women, the first few inches when you slide in which is really great. Ruby does not often release new products but whenever they do, they make it count and the Gokujo Nama Meiki Muto Ayaka onahole is a great addition to your collection.

The Gokujo Nama Meiki Muto Ayaka onahole by Ruby features
  • mature women male sex toy
  • based on the beautiful japanese mature porn star Muto Ayaka
  • realistic double layer material
  • onahole weight about 380 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 150x85mm
  • comes with a small pack of sample lube

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