• Sku: ENJOY TOYS 極選愛器 あやみ旬果
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Gokusen-Aiki Ayami Shunka

Onahole Based on Japanese AV Star by Enjoy Toys

  • Maker: Enjoy Toys
  • Product Type: Onahole Based on Japanese AV Star, Scaled Sex Doll


Enjoy Toys teamed up with the famous japanese porn actress and JAV model Ayami Shunka to create this big masturbastor, modeled after herself. Due to the way this incredibel masturbator is build you can enjoy her in different positions. Enjoy Toys specially took great care of details such as her Breasts and her smooth and realistic lookign Vagina. Not only if you are a fan of Ayami Shunka but specialyl if you are, this is the perfect Mini Doll/Masturbator for you.

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 July 16
Product Weight (without the package): approx. 2000 Grams
Product Dimensions: approx. 330x200x170mm


1 Customer Reviews for Gokusen-Aiki Ayami Shunka

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by - February 15, 2018
For those who like something a little bigger in size

This is actually a little smaller than Love Style Strawberry. The size is more towards Internal Structure of a Moe Body / Kaitai Shinsho in comparison. For its size and price, i would not recommend this if you want to replicate what actual sex is like. Upon multiple uses, the legs might break off easily. For a beginner just starting into adult toys, I do recommend meiki onaholes instead. If you are interested in something a little larger than normal meiki onaholes then this might be just right for you. The entrance cavity is pretty good and it is dual layer in structure. This would be still enjoyable to most users. This comes with a generic bottle of lube as well.

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