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Golden Lotion

Lotion by Rends
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Product Type: Lotion

The popular Golden Lotion by Rends was specially designed with the needs a masturbator has in mind. It is very easy to pour, just a little amount is enough for a whole session even on bigger onaholes. It is similar to the popular Finish & Sleep series and is among the easiest to clean lotions on the market. Just wipe it and thats about it. Very convenient after an exciting onahole session when relaxing is way better than cleaning. Rends has once again not disappointed us. A Must Have for all onahole lovers.

Available on otonaJP since: 2016 Nov 2
Volume: 145ml


3 Customer Reviews for Golden Lotion

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by John September 24, 2019
A bit wasteful

The feeling is great, nice consistency, not too liquid, but it dries way too fast, you may end up needing to apply repeatedly, at least has a very nice price

by Nero Bron September 17, 2018
Definitely Where You Should Go If You're Not Sure

I'm very inexperienced in the world of onaholes and other masturbation accessories, so when I wanted to get some stuff, it was somewhat overwhelming at first. I had no idea where to start. I eventually decided on this lube because it was relatively cheap and had a single glowing review on it in addition to being unscented. As it turns out, this was the perfect choice for my situation. A single squirt of this stuff usually is more than enough for a full wank for me and it's very easy to work with. If you're new to this whole world of sexual self-satisfaction, I'd recommend starting here in terms of lubricant.

by Nick November 2, 2016
Best premium lube I've ever bought.

This is my Gold standard for onahole lube; medium viscosity but has a much softer feel to it. This is one step up from the Finish & Sleep lotions in terms of feel but retains the gel-like substance, which makes it a very "clean" lube. This is definitely one of the more premium onahole lubes but it is packaged in a nice dispenser bottle; there's an option for a refill pack as with the Finish & Sleep series, which makes it much better value for money.

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