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PePe Lotion 145ml

(appx. 6.97 )
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The famous PePe lotion in its original and classic version in the handy 145ml bottle. This goes perfectly with any adult toys from our shop.

Available on otonaJP since: 2017 September 11
Volume: 145ml


9 Customer Reviews for PePe Lotion 145ml

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by Kappa123 December 20, 2018
High Quality Lotion & Bottle, But there are Better & Cost-Efficient Alternatives

I got this for free back then when I used to spend a huge amount of money on OtonaJP. The quality of the lotion is pretty decent. Nothing messy, doesn't smell bad, and the lotion container is good. However, I would never buy this lotion since there are other better options that are both more cost-efficient, and better quality. (E.g. Onatsuyu that is 360 mL).

by J June 3, 2018
Great lube.

Perfect for every onahole. Well, it's PEPE. No question at all. Pepe is the best lube brand.

by Andrew April 17, 2018
Perfect feeling but hate the smell

I got it for free along with another purchase, and the feeling is very good, it does not dry up quickly and is very long-lasting, and is just the right amount of slimy without leaving a sticky feeling.

However, and this is just my taste, I prefer lotion that have a smell gimmick, either if they are perfumed or if they emulate a real smell, and this lotion has a very bland factory smell.

by jason March 21, 2018
it's Ok

good all round lotion.

by SeedmonsterX February 22, 2018
Nice Freebie bonus

It's a good quality lube and comes free if you purchase over the order threshold price. Better as a free lube than separate purchase

by Goshujin-sama February 1, 2018
High-quality freebie!

PePe makes the best onahole lotions around in my opinion, and this one is no different. As a freebie when ordering too much, it is greatly appreciated. PePe usually never have fancy labels on their bottles so the retro anime girl is an unusual delight, too.

However I don't feel like the fancy label is is enough to warrant the relatively high price: if you add around one euro/dollar you can instead get the classic orange cap "PePe Lotion" which nets you a lot more goo for per buck spent.

by Alex January 6, 2018
A good lotion.

Got it for free for an order. Good quality. Lets you slide well.

by A December 18, 2017
Good quality for price you pay

Didn't expect this to be good because of the 80-90s looking anime cartoon on the bottle, but quite decent. Got this for free for ordering a hip (rip shipping fee)

by Mark November 25, 2017
Free bottle

Got this for free from buying too much, its actually pretty decent. Lube quality is good, perfect for most orders if you can get the order threshold

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