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Why should i buy an onahole ?

Why should i buy an onahole ? If you ask yourself that question then you came to the right place. Onaholes are the japanese version of masturbators and there is a reason that they are so famous. What specially sets japanese onaholes apart from Fleshlights or regular masturbators aka Pocket Pussies is the incredible detail many of them have. Its like comparing a Sandwich with a 5 course menu in an expensive restaurant. Both is food but its not hard to imagine which one is better.

As with every products category, also onaholes are offering a wide price range with different levels of quality but even onaholes in the lower price range are often incredible realistic and very durable. The market and the competition in Japan is so Big that only quality survives and so you can get a real great onahole for not too much money. In general, there are all kinds of onahole types. To name a few we have blowjob type onaholes which are offering a realistic blowjob experience, some even with teeth that feel very real. Then we have of course big onaholes which often have 2 holes, Anal and Vagina. Specially the big onaholes are offering an incredible experience, due to their weight and texture. In our onahole category you have various filters to set which are heling you to find the best onahole for you. To only name a few we have blowjob onaholes, Anal type onaholes, large onaholes, anime themed onaholes and even onaholes that are based on real japanese porn stars. 

So to get ultimately back to the one question, Why should i buy an onahole ? Because onaholes are the best masturbators on planet earth, Japan is leading in the development of highly realistic materials and sex toys and there is not better masturbaton experience you can buy for money. So it does't not matter if you have tried any other masturbators before but if you are even slightly interested in masturbators then you can do nothing wrong with an onahole and otonaJP has the best and biggest selection with the best prices.