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Which onahole should I choose?

Which onahole should I choose? The answer to that is simple and complicated at the same time. (If you don't know what an onahole is, please click here) It really depends on what you like. Onaholes have so many variations that the selection seems endless. There are onaholes that are recreating a blowjob experience, many onaholes are Virgin themed and are letting you experience Sex with a first timer. Others are Anal hole themed and letting you have some real "back door" fun. Then of course we have the large onaholes that often offering two entrances, Anal and Vagina which often offering a totally different experience, just like it is in real life. Below we will make a few recommendations. These are based on what onaholes we sell the most, on customer feedback and also customer reviews. Surely everyones taste is different so please just take our recommendations as an idea.

Basically what you should ask yoursef before buying your first onahole or a onahole in general is this.

  1. How much money do I have or how much am i ready to spend ?
  2. What do I like and what do I look for ? Large or Small ? Tight or Loose ? Blowjob or Anal ?

There is an almost endless selection but we have very useful filters in our onahole categories that let you filter the onaholes. For example blowjob type, Virgin type. large onaholes, Anime themed onaholes, Scaled Dolls, Electric Powered, onaholes based on japanese av stars and of course the very poupar Meiki onaholes (What is a Meiki ?).

Lets get to our recommendations. 

  • The Mouth of Truth is a very popular blowjob type onahole by Magic Eyes and is still unmatched. It has even real teeth and offrs a sensational deep throat experience. One of our best sellers and very popular with our customers. 
  • Virgin Age Admission is the onahole to go for Virgin lovers. It is made by Toys Heart which is one of the best and most popular makers in the onahole business. There is also a harder version of it with a more stable and hard material, the Virgin Age Admission Hard Version.
  • A very very popular larger onahole is the Puni Ana DX Hard. It is the best selling of the Puni Ana series and is made by EXE Japan.
  • If you wanna go very large and are eady to spend a few extra bucks then surely we can recommend the Real Body series from SSI Japan. 

These are only a few recommendations from us to give you a slight idea of what to choose but it really only is a fraction of what we have to offer. otonaJP carries much over 1000 onaholes but with our filters and setting options you will be able to find the perfect onahole for you, both in price and style. We hope you enjoy our onahole section, please click here.