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Juicy & Slimy Onahole Shop Lotion Hard

by Hot Powers
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Available on otonaJP since: 2016 September 16
Volume: 300ml


2 Customer Reviews for Juicy & Slimy Onahole Shop Lotion Hard

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by Window June 25, 2018
Thick gooey

It really is thick gooey stuff. In use it is good for long sessions as it reduces intensity. You can use it with an onahole or by hand, but it does increase the volume especially when used with a hole.
I like how it goes from clear to a foamy look when in use.
You get quite a good amount in the bottle. It has a slight plasticy smell, nothing major.
It seems to get everywhere and there is sticky residue, so don't use too much!
It loses a few stars because of the above average price and the residue, but overall I like this lotion a lot and do recommend it.

by George January 19, 2017
Pick this up if you want to try something different.

Pros :
----Very little is needed for its intended purpose.
----Price is reasonable
----REALLY slimy and thick! Like the consistency of melted hot glue.
----Easy to rinse and clean off

---- Extremely difficult to handle due to its viscosity when I upturn the bottle it takes nearly 15 seconds for the bubble at the bottom to reach the top.
----Doesn't really spread very well if you wish to use it as a personal lubricant

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