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Magic Face 2

Onahole by PPP
Simulation: Oral Fantasy: Ninja Release: 2018
US$190.74 save US$41.16
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The Magic Face 2 from PPP is taking blowjob masturbator to the next level, to a whole new level actually. The Magic face 2 is not only a simple onahole, it is a whole head. Made for your pleasure and nothing else. The Magic Face 2 is the successor of the original Magic Face which was first released in 2015. This new version is more massive and incredible in every aspect. The large head now comes with a bone structure for an even more realistic feeling. The measurements are big enough to have endless variations and positions with her. As a little extra, the Magic Face 2 is based on the popular japanese Hentai Anime series Taimanin whichis a big bonus of fans of the series. The artwork on the box is simply incredible, making this monster of a blowjob onahole one of the best choices out there.

Maker: PPPSimulation: OralFantasy: NinjaHole Design: Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction: Single LayerUsability: ReusableMaterial Firmness: RegularNumber of Holes: 1Product Weight: 3000g (6.61lbs)Length/Height: 250mm (9.84in)Width: 200mm (7.87in)Lotion included: Yes Release: 2018Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

12 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 5/4/2023

    An Oral Hole Gamechanger!

    The main thing that I can say about the Magic Face 2 is that moving from a hand held hole to something that mimics the shape and structure of a head completely alters the experience. It's not so much the tunnel or texture itself that makes the difference but the way in which you can apply leverage to your cock and the way the throat grips and stimulates it because of it. While you're fucking the hole you can hold the head at different angles and how you're bobbing it actually matters. It honestly can feel absolutely out of this world and I've experienced some of my most intense orgasms using it. I'm not talking about just cumming a lot- but legitimately leg shaking vocal experiences that leave you gripping the head and wondering what you were doing buying holes like the Mouth of Truth or other similar oral holes. I highly recommend it and I think it's worth the money if you can store it. Some advice if you're trying to fit into the second hole is to literally grip the throat and bend it up while you're stiff to force yourself in. You'll never go in naturally but when you do that it will pull down and keep you in there and it feels pretty freaking good.

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  • | 3/31/2023

    Quite a Realistic Stimulation Indeed

    The softness of this toy is surreal. It is very supple to the touch. This successfully adds to the squishy experience I believe a mouth could offer. Imagination in my opinion is not needed much with this toy as it is quite the calculated experience. When looking at it before a buy it was impossible to imagine what this would feel like. Before giving it a shot I had felt the throat with my finger and immediately faced stimulation. There is a realistic texture on the back of the throat and a little tonsil. I was baffled by this feeling and it only further pushed me to try it out. For a weight of 3,000 g I expected it to be heavier and bigger but it is not bad during use. I usually aim for a more realistic weight but this one makes up on pleasure. On the good side, those that want to have it on top wont have issues with it and I was surprised to find exactly what I wanted. Possible issues over time are degradation of the soft skin like material, and drying issues. Since the hole is not a straight line, drying sticks won't reach the deepest depths. This may leave an undesirable moistness that may cause issues in the back over time. As for the degradation I already had some degradation on the mini pigtail parts of the toy after the first clean.

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  • | 12/16/2022

    Real DeepThroat

    Especially when you reverse the head to use the mouth in a deep throat way, it's amazing, very near to the real thing, I really like. Would be nice if a bald version of her could be made, just to change her hair style to change her look. But I know she's an anime charactere and has already a nice look ;)

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  • | 5/1/2021

    69 is real

    It is heavy and sometimes difficult to move around, but once you get a good grip of her and try her 69, you won't let go until you coom. It's very tough to reach the other hole, as you'll always slide easily on the main one. It's kinda noisy and the blindfold didn't do it for me, but personally I like strapping her to my desk and casually move my hips without the need to hold her. The inside is slightly bumpy but it's better on the "tongue"/cheek area in my opinion.

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  • | 11/7/2020


    best hole i've ever had i recommend this to anyone

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  • | 1/6/2020

    Not bad but not my thing

    Bought it because I was curious, it is pretty heavy, but sensation wise it's pretty average, but isn't very convenient to use, so I rarely bother to use it. It is pretty interesting to try if you have the money, but wouldn't recommend this as you main go to.

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  • | 7/22/2019

    Really really great fella toy

    As a taimanin fan, I can say that this is a must have for your collection. The size is awesome and it's a real pleasure to use. It's really easy to clean and the ribbons are quite fun to play with. However, do note that this can't stand upright on it's own and needs to be supported. I also couldn't really find the right angle to get down into both tunnels during use.

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  • | 3/1/2019

    7th Toy Purchase

    Yup. If you are hesitating/considering, just buy it. Very well worth it. Beats all other purchases I made, other blowing toys don't match its level. Below reviews pretty much covers all and describes it pretty well. Didn't think box would be this big though, surprise!

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  • | 2/26/2019

    Good head

    feels good and its a big toy. love going deep throat with the blind fold on the toy :))

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  • | 9/17/2018


    Not gonna lie, when I saw the overwhelmingly positive reviews for this i had to your it. First off, when I got this I was pleasantly surprised with the size and look of it. It got me so excited I just had to use it immediately. It's nice and soft on the outside and incredible on the inside. Thanks to the hard like skull design you can be quite rough with it which was perfect. The best position to use this, in my opinion, is the 69 position with you on top. Allows for a great feeling when you get deep in the throat of it. As soon as I changed to this position, it was like a whole new level of pleasure. The other positions are good but when you're about to blow I highly recommend switching to the 69. All in all the quality is great, the price is also pretty good once you've experienced the onahole which makes it's value great. Good job PPP for a great onahole.

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  • | 6/26/2018

    What a wonderful world

    Firstly, thanks to previous review by Lolly-gager, I bought this and its a true work of art. Just received today and already played with it once, then played with another toy, and then went back to Magic Face 2 (after I had already cleaned and dried it...I know it was a busy today ;)). I am entranced by this epic toy. The previous review has already covered it, but I am very pleased I have this. Thankfully I have a nice place to store my 15 different onaholes, but this one now takes center place. Very nice feeling from the throat and both back areas, holding it on my stomach and letting the toy dip down 69 style was awesome. Even putting it face up off the side of something to throat her felt awesome. Definitely will be using her for a looooooooong time to come. And the hair ribbons are fun to play with too. They've very soft, like large ear lobes. Cheers otonajp. You've done it again! 10/10 this toy is unbelievable.

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  • | 6/2/2018

    Best of the best medium/large sized fela onahole.

    I'm skeptical to buy medium or large sized onaholes for many reasons. Usually the price is a bit more than they are worth and I feel a bit ripped off whenever I buy one. There's also the fact that they are huge, hard to hide, and aren't suitable for sneaky sessions. However, this one is still worth every dollar/yen you spend on it. I was expecting a relatively large hole with a weakened sensation. Usually the larger onaholes even with a skeleton lose a bit of the tightness you get from some of the smaller ones. This one can be intense and maintains a tightness you'd find in a handheld onahole. Laying it on a flat surface, the head of my yukikaze kind of falls forward and doesn't really stay upright if you leave it by itself, but that won't really be a problem since you'll be vigorously supporting her with your member. Also she's not so heavy that you'd get tired easily, but heavy enough to enhance the experience a bit. The face fuc*ing provides a very good experience and sensation, but the meat and potatoes for this one is the positioning as if you were doing 69. Like the blowjobs in hentai, this one will try to keep you large and erect as much as possible. Some of the medium/large onaholes usually get me going for one or two loads and then I get really flaccid. Yukikaze will suck your load and try to keep you erect even after three or four loads. It will try to suck you dry. For positioning yourself, I actually tried laying flat but sitting in a slightly reclined (think high fowler's positioning but not completely 90 degrees) was the most intense for me. Basically have the flat surface on your abdomen then allow Yukikaze to go down on you. The flat base had some fraying or tags on the side but that doesn't really matter since you shouldn't be focusing on that. One of my favorite things about this one, oddly enough, is Yukikaze's hair ribbons. Yes, it's the fleshy onahole material but it's just fun to play with for some reason. On to the cleaning. For a medium/large onahole the cleaning for Yukikaze is really easy. One of the main reasons I dislike buying larger onaholes is cleaning them is a pain. Yukikaze is an angel in this aspect. The entirety of the tunnel is decently long but in a way that allows you to reach in and clean it really easily. It goes forward and then drops down somewhat like a real throat ending in two reservoirs and this allows easy access for your fingers to apply soap and any drying equipment to easily pat dry excess water without having to fist her open all the way up to the middle of your forearm (looking at you SPDX). I honestly bought this not expecting much but this turned out to be one of the most satisfying onahole purchases I have made. I have over 20 by the way so I have experienced a bit of disappointment. Verdict: 5 headpats out of 5

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