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Marshma Road 2 Shine

by A-One
(appx. 9.11 )
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  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 December 15
  • Product Weight (without the package): -
  • Product Dimensions: approx. 64x95x45mm


3 Customer Reviews for Marshma Road 2 Shine

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by 4ever June 9, 2017
could be better

Well, after I saw everyone hating on this hole I wanted to try it myself just how bad it can be.
In my opinion the only problem with this hole is the softness of the material. Since its so soft, and thin you cant get a good grip, and almost every time you end up poking through its side, not even going all the way in the tunnel.
At least it comes with good lube, and nice box.

by Anon November 23, 2016
Bad onahole

So I got this as a gift from this website but I can say many bad things about it; first of all the feelings are...well almost none, I felt like I am f*cking the air, seriously.
Quality? Also very bad, broke off after the first/second use and it started to tear off outside and inside as well! (probably cause it is small also) Very bad!
Well the good side is the lube which is fine (but still not good) and the art box.

by Zai August 28, 2016
Cheap fun buy it for the artwork

The size of this onahole is indeed very small as I believe this will mainly fit asian males of average size. The supplied lube will provide good stimulation but I think at most this onahole could last 1-3 uses depending on how rough you are. The material for me started to break down after 3 uses but since this is a cheap onahole this is expected. Honestly I bought this for the box art and cause I like Lightning :)

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