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Marugoto Maoman 100% Real Hamasaki Mao

by NPG
Male masturbator based on the japanese porn star Hamasaki Mao
Maker NPG
NPG is famous for creating onaholes that are not only based on japanese porn stars but also highly realistic recreations of their private parts. The Marugoto Maoman 100% Real Hamasaki Mao onahole is a fantastic example for that. Based on the smoking hot japanese porn star Hamasaki Mao, this onahole offers a high class experience that is unmatched. Same as the Meiki Onahole series can we see an incredible level of detail and love put into this. The inside is made with a realistic dual layer structure. The different stages are modeled after Mao's real body parts, creating an unmatched sensation. As a nice detail, on the side of the Marugoto Maoman 100% Real Hamasaki Mao onahole you find her signature, making this replica of her Vagina a very personal and exciting gift for you.

The Marugoto Maoman 100% Real Hamasaki Mao onahole by NGP features
  • realistic male sex toy based on the japanese porn star Hamasaki Mao
  • dual layer structure for intense pleasure
  • lots of sex pictures of Mao in the box
  • onahole weight about 600 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 170x100mm
  • comes with a small free lotion
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User Reviews

3 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/2/2021

    Tight, Stimulating, and Lasting!

    While this is an older model in NPG's JAV Meiki line, it has one of the most tight and stimulating experiences to offer. In terms of its size it is slightly more robust and bulky than the others but is also easy to handle. Moreover, the onahole remains tight after months of use and provides a deeply stimulating experience no matter how fast or slow you are with your method. Despite being a little more expensive than the newer and other JAV Meiki's, Mao Hamasaki's Meiki provides a excellent lasting experience which after months of active use still remains in mint condition

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  • | 12/26/2020

    Tight and intense

    The material is soft and thick. The entrance is sooo tight, and you can feel the Onahole grasping you all the way. The other key word is accidence. Due to the design, when I feel safe and mild, the next stage will hit me with unexpected stimulation in a soft way. Such kind of surprise cheers me up the most.

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  • | 6/16/2018

    Great Meiki

    So probably like most people, I bought this because of the box. The box has a great picture to advertise the product that let's be honest, very few horny guys are going to be able to resist. I have had 3 other meikis but this one has me hooked. I have used it a lot since I received it. But here is the crazy thing, it doesn't feel amazing. It just feels really good, especially with the usb warmer I got with this. I really enjoy this toy because unlike my favorite meiki so far which is the Julia+, this feels more realistic to an actual vagina and doesn't have too many things inside that rush me to orgasm. I can enjoy this toy while watching a movie for a bit rather than being rushed to orgasm. Basically if you want a toy to use and enjoy for more than a few minutes and don't want the sensation to be overpowering, this is a perfect toy.

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