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Meiki 005 Chou Shuu U Onahole

Onahole by NPG
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Maker NPGSimulation VaginalFantasy JAV (Pornstar)Hole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 1Product Weight 800g (1.76lbs)Length/Height 170mm (6.69in)Width 80mm (3.15in)Lotion included Yes Release 2014Product Type Onahole

The legendary Meiki Onahole series from NPG in its 5th entry. This onahole is based on Chinese porn star Chou Shuu U and was made in collaboration with her. Often called the ZXY Meiki for short, no attention to detail has been spared here. Its a beautiful replica of her private parts and a male sex toy to die for. It offers an extreme realistic stimulation with its double layer material and feel silky smooth to touch. On the side of it, you even have a nice detail with Chou Shuu U sign which gives this a very nice and personal touch. Every Meiki onahole from NPG is a little masterpiece and an example of how sex toys for men should be. The durability and pleasure it gives will surely make you happy and you simply can't go wrong with her.

User Reviews

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  • | 1/22/2024

    Rather disappointing

    After looking at all the overwhelming positive reviews, I finally cracked down and bought one for myself just to go "That's it?" I seem to be the outlier in this review section but could be insightful for future buyers what to watch out for. The material is very soft and loose (probably because I prefer tight onaholes), I didn't find the internal texture all that pleasurable and durability wise seems to be bad because I already broke it in the first week maybe I was tightening it too much? Don't get me wrong it can be pleasurable under the right conditions but it's simply not worth the effort for when I have better alternatives. But I really do feel like I could have bought two better onaholes for this price...

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  • | 10/7/2023

    Soft, Tantalizing

    Feels very soft, the "cave in" gives a very nice hug. Teared a bit at the entrance after a year of moderate use.

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  • | 4/28/2023

    Keeps getting better

    Using this with the flashlight universal launch and it just takes everything...

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  • | 4/26/2023

    They don't make these like they used to

    After using mine I noticed the canal sort of angled quite a bit to the left , and a bit upwards , making the left side of the wall thinner and anything inserted would bulge a bit. It doesn't really seem to match the cross section above, and I regret buying it now.

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  • | 4/23/2023


    Looks so real, feels amazing, and the price is decent. no regrets

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  • | 3/3/2023

    Realistic, but expensive

    While the price is bigger than most onaholes, the material feels of slightly better quality as well. That, the fact that includes a small bottle of lube (much more than the small packages of lube onaholes tend to have), and it's feeling make up for the cost. It is really realistic on it's feeling (if you ignore the slight plastic/rubber feeling of the material), but there are other onaholes that, while of unrealistic feeling, are just much more pleasurable. A most buy at least once, but can't really say about buying another a second one or more.

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  • | 2/18/2023

    One of the best

    I have to say, I think this is the best onaholes I've ever used. It feels great and is made of quality material. Well worth the price for the quality you get, it's nicely packaged and even came with a full small bottle of lube. Even comes with a resealable bag to keep it in after using and cleaning it. Highly recommend!!!

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  • | 2/15/2023

    Top 3 onahole currently

    Lives up to the hype, a must have in all honesty. Soft and intense, especially when used sideways personally, comes with a complimentary quality lube so no complaints at all. 9/10

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  • | 2/5/2023

    Lives up to the hype

    I recently ordered this from Otona and it came pretty quickly. The feeling is great and it isn't too difficult to clean. It does have a realistic feeling but I have yet to try it while it is warm. I'm looking forward to that. I recommend buying this. I'd say it's a must have.

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  • | 1/9/2023

    the GF in your pocket. if your pocket was a cargopants pocket.

    realistically this thing has a 90% chance of replacing your GF if you have one. the interior and the exterior are 2 different materials. and i've noticed the interior has multiple different materials on the inside giving it a lot more gimmick that works. it's soft in certain areas and hard/ tight in others. The thing overall is like a GF in your pocket. it feels like the majority of girls i've been with except way cheaper and less drama and it doesn't nag you to no end when you don't wanna give it attention. i would buy it again if i need a new one, but seeing has how well constructed it is, it may be a while before that comes about.

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  • | 11/27/2022

    the Queen of Onaholes

    I've been through many Onaholes during my tenure, and the feeling of the classic ZXY still reigns supreme. It offers softness while still providing texture and intensity miles beyond what other 'soft' toys can offer. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a complete newbie, if you have not given the ZXY a shot, I highly recommend that you do!

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  • | 10/31/2022

    The best

    Tight but the grooves of the onahole is what makes it different from the rest. the pressure downwards on your penis as it enters fully is overwhelming. a great experience overall

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  • | 10/19/2022

    Probably my best Onahole experience

    Absolutely perfect. The texture, softness, weight, tightness and size are top notch. I think I have already gone through 3 of these. Will definitely get more in the future,

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  • | 10/11/2022

    A whole new world!

    Bought this as my first onahole and boy oh boy did I regret not buying this sooner! It feels really good to use, soft and smooth on the outside and fairly simulating on the inside. The deeper you go in the hole the more your mind blows! I'd recommend this as people's first buy!

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  • | 5/30/2022

    A comfortable dream.

    Favourite in my collection. I recommend setting up some contraption (with pillows on chairs or whatever) to keep it in place and let you thrust. A much nicer experience which I prefer over stroking. Turn it upside down and thrust slowly and that big nub at the start on your frenulum is a dream. 2 hander if you want to stroke with it, little unwieldy imo. Definitely aims to be a more realistic, comfortable experience. Not for hard and fast sessions.

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  • | 3/15/2022

    Realistic but not the best stimulation

    This toy's realism blew me away, because I've never had a toy that's even close to this level of realism. I do prefer a toy that has more stimulation though. So, the high price is mostly for the realism, not the stimulation.

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  • | 2/13/2022

    Starter Friendly

    From the good review, I found this is based on the best out there in the market according to many people review. And seems it is. It's starter friendly, the size is just enough (can be leaner, tho), the stimulation is neither too strong nor weak, and also quite easy too clean. It's like the best all rounder out there.

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  • | 2/13/2022

    Great stimulation and decent price value

    The stimulation is stronger than I thought, bullying yet comfortable and provide long and heavenly cum feeling. It has thick wall to constantly grabbing and putting some pressure every time you thrust. Moreover, it provides variety of interesting experiences throughout the entire tunnel. Have been using it for 2 months, except a tiny tear on clitoris part, the entire body still look/feel the same, great durability. There's some heavy smell but will fade away after a few washes, note that it's a bit oily, you may need some good powdering as well. Lastly the lubricant included is insanely thick and nice feeling, just that it dries up quicker than onatsuyu and is very difficult to pour it out. Great sex quality and good price value.

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  • | 1/29/2022

    Was my favourite

    For the price, this is a solid buy especially if you looking for a first few to try! Although the first one i tried a couple years ago seemed to feel much better than the current ones.

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  • | 1/21/2022

    The best I've ever used

    10/10 but difficult to clean.

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  • | 11/1/2021

    Good Intro to Onaholes

    I bought this based on online reviews and it did not disappoint. It is very stimulating and feels great. Cleaning can be difficult, the use of a dedicated toy cleaner is definitely recommended.

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  • | 10/2/2021

    not as expected

    saw a lot of good reviews and wanted to try this out. Out of the pack, I got a bad odor from the item and touching it, made my hand smell. I tried it and it was soft but slips out easily. Feels good but the smell is a turn off

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  • | 5/18/2021

    Very good toy

    I think that if you wanted to test one of these toys, you should buy this one first. Very realistic.

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  • | 2/14/2021

    Nothing special, smells aweful

    Appearance: Passable. More attractive than a sleeve, but otherwise nothing special. The vagina molding is a bit crude. Feeling: This onahole comes highly recommended for realism and pleasure, but I don't agree. I own about a dozen onaholes, and I would say this is below average for pleasure. The internal shape is realistic, but the material has a rubbery quality that isn't particularly realistic. Other onaholes offer a more realistic material. Smell: All onaholes smell a bit at first. This thing stinks, permanently. I've had it for over a month now and washed it a dozen times, and it still smells as strongly of plasticizer as the day I bought it. The smell transfers to your hands and anything the onahole touches. Other reviews don't mention this, so I wonder if the rumors of a manufacturing change are true. Cleaning: It's a closed-end hole, but it's relatively loose so cleaning isn't bad. Easier than most onaholes, harder than a fleshlight. Summary: This onahole doesn't offer a particularly pleasurable, realistic, or unique experience. Combined with the annoying smell, I use it rarely and don't recommend it.

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  • | 12/30/2020

    Most realistic, best one for me.

    I was impressed by how realistic it felt the first time I purchased it. Bought another one from this website just in case. It is probably one of the more fragile feeling onaholes I've used, so maybe don't be too rough on it. That said, it's lasted me 3 or 4 months so far and hasn't suffered any real damage (only minor scratches and some peeling of the outer material). Just figure out with common sense how careful you'll need to be while using it. Its fragility is its only downside, it is otherwise incredible. If I could only have one, it would be this.

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  • | 11/27/2020

    The best

    When I decided to buy an onahole, this one was one of the most recommended ones during my research so I bought it. And man is it good. Properly lubed and heated up, the Meiki ZXY makes me cum incredibly fast. Even though it's not super tight, the feeling inside of it is just amazing. A nice bonus is that cleaning it is also super easy. Should it ever break, I'll definitely get another one. It's so good

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  • | 4/16/2019

    Pretty awesome

    I have bought it three times already , that says it all how good it is, last a half year or more for me. Recommended meiki, very soft massaging feelin

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  • | 4/6/2019

    Wasnt really happy with that one

    Leta start with the question "why did you ordered this?" the answer is obvious, everybody was saying how good it was and how real it was! at first when i got this i was shocked, the box and the onahole itself were HUGE and heavy, didnt expect that but i was pretty sure that I got some high quality stuff till I actually started using it.... Well the feeling were pretty real but still arent the same and still not great, next up is the quality, it was ripped after like 2 months (of intense use)... yes, you heard it right, a 6000 yen onahole from NPG ripped after like 50 uses, as well as the lips of the pussy it self which were ripped after few uses only! petty sad and maybe unlucky... Also another something to point is their lube, its terrible, it dried my d*ck OFF. Sorry NPG, maybe your products arent for me :(

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  • | 3/24/2019

    My first Meiki onahole

    Finally got meiki zxy from ontonajp. This toy is really amazing. Soft skin and inside layer make it very similar to real creamy girl. The sensation is quite intense. Lotion that coming in the box also doing a good job. Its sticky and not dry fast. But i thought only problem of this wonderful thing is it a bit hard to clean and dry. L Definitely recommend this product. Worth buying compare to the feeling and sensation you will get.

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  • | 8/11/2018

    Very soft and squishy

    This onahole feels great as all the previous reviews say, especially those bumps inside. It's quite chunky, and the material is very soft and squishy. The sensation is pretty mild - not much suction or intense stimulation, which is great for a slow session. As with other dual layer onaholes, the material can tear easily, so be very careful when cleaning. Drying is especially hard because the tunnel is windy - I insert a microfiber cloth stick to dry the insides. The skin also gets quite oily and sticky so make sure to keep it powdered.

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  • | 7/6/2018

    A realistic and premium meiki

    A very realistic meiki with some weight to it. Comes with small bottle of lube. Don't expect it to be tight but apart from that it is one of the better meiki onaholes in my opinion

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  • | 2/6/2018

    most realistic meiki

    This is the most realistic meiki i ever owned. In fact, this is the first meiki i ever owned as well as the first dual layer toy i ever owned. I really liked this toy alot, so much so that i used this for more than two years and sadly i had to dispose it due to my inexperience in maintaining it for the long term. This toy comes with a bigger than small bottle of lube. Definitely the most realistic insert, an improvement over the meiki ozawa in terms of material and design. This is a must have for any meiki first time owners.

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  • | 6/24/2017

    Durable and good

    Every meiki is diffrent every girl is diffrent. I had to get use of this meiki first because of the huge bump at the start. There where times that I did not like it at all. But after using it more and more I started to love this meiki. This is definetly in my top 3 meiki and I have owned 10+. This meiki is one of the most durable meiki and this meiki is still in good condition after 1+ year of use.

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  • | 4/14/2017

    Best onahole ever

    Definitely a must get for onahole lovers. Beginners take note. The inner pattern is extremely pleasurable and worth to get more than one.

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  • | 4/11/2017

    Very good and durable.

    This is my first meiki i bought due to the massive amount of reviews it had, and was a benchmark by most for meikis. Quality wise it is very durable, and pretty easy to clean, just gotta dry it out on the inside. The lips on the outside do wear off from regular use. The bump on the inside feels really good. I can't compare much with the other meikis as this is my first one, however it is well worth the price. Overall it feels great,better than fleshlights and I would definitely recommend this product it you're looking into buying a meiki, you won't go wrong with this.

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  • | 5/9/2016

    The Queen of small onaholes

    It's one of the highest rated onaholes for a very good reason. It looks beautiful and alluring, comes with decent sized bottle of lube. The imagery didn't appeal to me at first, but it has grown on me It features a beautifully sculpted butt which adds visual stimulation during doggy style. The puffy lips not only look inviting, but actually feel good as it grips on you, kissing and milking your shaft. The quality is very good. The lips are designed in a way that will not tear, unless you have a giant cock you won't find much problems. You will have tiny bits of the inner material falling away every time you clean, this is normal and you shouldn't worry The texture is amazing. The g-spot, the humps, the cameltoe lips, compared to other toys which emphasise tightness, this one is like a mature, curvy and experienced lady who knows how to make a man cum. In the 3rd picture at the end of the tunnel is a small bump that feels especially amazing on your frenulum, you must experience it for yourself. Everything becomes more wonderful when you use it hands free. It's not a super tight toy, but my opinion: tightness is overrated. Texture and sensation is more important, and this one delivers. If you're deciding between this, and the Meiki 006, get this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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