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Meiki 005 Chou Shuu U Onahole

Meiki Onahole "Meiki 005 Chou Shuu U Onahole"

  • Sku: 名器の証明 ファイルNo,005 張篠雨 花顔柳腰
Meiki 005 Chou Shuu U Onahole

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Realistic onahole featuring chinese porn actress Chou Shuu U.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 September 22
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 600 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. length 170mm

Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

most realistic meiki
This is the most realistic meiki i ever owned. In fact, this is the first meiki i ever owned as well as the first dual layer toy i ever owned. I really liked this toy alot, so much so that i used this for more than two years and sadly i had to dispose it due to my inexperience in maintaining it for the long term. This toy comes with a bigger than small bottle of lube. Definitely the most realistic insert, an improvement over the meiki ozawa in terms of material and design. This is a must have for any meiki first time owners.
Review by - / (Posted on 2/6/2018)
Durable and good
Every meiki is diffrent every girl is diffrent. I had to get use of this meiki first because of the huge bump at the start. There where times that I did not like it at all. But after using it more and more I started to love this meiki. This is definetly in my top 3 meiki and I have owned 10+. This meiki is one of the most durable meiki and this meiki is still in good condition after 1+ year of use.
Review by Meiki Lover / (Posted on 6/24/2017)
Best onahole ever
Definitely a must get for onahole lovers. Beginners take note.
The inner pattern is extremely pleasurable and worth to get more than one.
Review by Donny / (Posted on 4/14/2017)
Very good and durable.
This is my first meiki i bought due to the massive amount of reviews it had, and was a benchmark by most for meikis.

Quality wise it is very durable, and pretty easy to clean, just gotta dry it out on the inside.

The lips on the outside do wear off from regular use. The bump on the inside feels really good. I can't compare much with the other meikis as this is my first one, however it is well worth the price. Overall it feels great,better than fleshlights and I would definitely recommend this product it you're looking into buying a meiki, you won't go wrong with this.
Review by CC / (Posted on 4/11/2017)
The Queen of small onaholes
It's one of the highest rated onaholes for a very good reason.

It looks beautiful and alluring, comes with decent sized bottle of lube. The imagery didn't appeal to me at first, but it has grown on me

It features a beautifully sculpted butt which adds visual stimulation during doggy style. The puffy lips not only look inviting, but actually feel good as it grips on you, kissing and milking your shaft.

The quality is very good. The lips are designed in a way that will not tear, unless you have a giant cock you won't find much problems. You will have tiny bits of the inner material falling away every time you clean, this is normal and you shouldn't worry

The texture is amazing. The g-spot, the humps, the cameltoe lips, compared to other toys which emphasise tightness, this one is like a mature, curvy and experienced lady who knows how to make a man cum. In the 3rd picture at the end of the tunnel is a small bump that feels especially amazing on your frenulum, you must experience it for yourself.

Everything becomes more wonderful when you use it hands free.

It's not a super tight toy, but my opinion: tightness is overrated. Texture and sensation is more important, and this one delivers.

If you're deciding between this, and the Meiki 006, get this one.
Review by Ben Dover / (Posted on 5/9/2016)

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