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Ubujiru Lotion

Lotion by Magic Eyes
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high quality lube from Japan

Ubujiru doesn't just sound like a cool early 90s anime series, it actually translates to 'pure & innocent'. This sums up Ubujiru Lotion perfectly, as the lube has been created to be as hassle free as possible. Easy to get out of the bottle, simple to apply, long lasting and a breeze to clean when you're done. No stress here! Suitable for any onahole available on otonaJP. Grab a bottle today and masturbating just got even easier. Made by Magic Eyes.

The Ubujiru Lotion by Magic Eyes features

  • high quality lotion from Japan
  • perfect for every male masturbator or to use with a partner
  • Volume 370ml

Maker: Magic EyesWhat kind of product: Lotion
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User Reviews

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  • | 3/15/2022

    Good value

    You get a lot of lotion for the price, and a little bit goes a long way. It lasts a while, and has a consistent feel to it while using; it doesn't get too thick or thin after using it for a bit. It's also easy to go overboard and use way too much. This lube also doesn't actually clean up that easily. That stickiness is good while you use it, but toys you can't turn inside out are that much more difficult to thoroughly clean. It's also not great for use with another person. I've noticed this with other Magic Eyes lubes, but it gets weirdly gummy quickly.

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  • | 2/13/2022

    Slippery fun :D

    I'm coming to this product after having used G Project's Lube and fuck me I've been missing out! The lube just has a great consistency, it's nice and smooth and doesn't dry up in any meaningful way unless you want to double dip after the refractory period. It's just an all around good projuct that just does it's job and does it well.

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  • | 6/13/2021

    Best lube I ever used

    Really good price for the quality and amount. It's slippery, does not dry out so you don't have to keep wasting more or use a whole lot, and the best part is how easily it washes off. Skin does not absorb the lotion at all so you can just rinse with water and you're completely dry. For those who need a visual, the bottle is as big as a can of coke + the lid on top (355 ml = 12 oz, the lotion is 370ml). Not only do I recommend it, I wish this stuff was more readily available at local sex shops. 10/10

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  • | 7/17/2019

    Standard lotion at a good price

    Can't really say much about this except it's pretty much standard lotion, not too slippery nor too thin it provides a decent glide ALSO it behaves leagues above free lotion packets and Crystal Lotion though so if you want a steady first lotion to try out you can go with this one.

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  • | 12/5/2018

    Good Lotion

    I use it for my medium et long session ,she is a little more trick than Onatsuyu I wouldn't recommand it for soft onahole

    ... view more
  • | 11/10/2018

    Huge bottle for the cost

    For the price I was expecting a much smaller bottle but is way larger bottle than I thought (12oz). I was being stupied and not thinking to convert ml to oz. Very good lubrication and the nozle makes it very easy to pour into the onahole. Would highly recommend.

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