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Meiki 008 Hibiki Otsuki Onahole

Meiki Onahole "Meiki 008 Hibiki Otsuki Onahole"

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  • Sku: 名器の証明 ファイルNO.008 大槻ひびき
Meiki 008 Hibiki Otsuki Onahole

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Featuring japanese porn actress Hibiki Otsuki. Comes with lotion. Made in Japan !

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 September 22
  • Product Weight (without the package): approx. 580 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: approx. length 170mm

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Single Layer
My first single layer was with the Maria Ozawa Meiki. Since that one was the first Meiki they made I wanted to ahve a new single layer one. This meiki is everythign what I expected from a single layer. Don't worry about the tearing at the entrance this will most likely happen to every meiki and the tear will not increase after the first tear. Want a softer inside? go for this single layer one.
Review by Meiki Lover / (Posted on 6/24/2017)

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