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Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku

Onahole by NPG
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Maker NPGSimulation VaginalFantasy JAV (Pornstar)Hole Design Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction Double LayerUsability ReusableMaterial Firmness RegularNumber of Holes 1Product Weight 600g (1.32lbs)Length/Height 175mm (6.89in)Width 90mm (3.54in)Lotion included Yes Release 2018Product Type Onahole

NPG has raised the bar once again. A term often used with their items is "scary real" and that definitely applies to the Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku onahole we have here. Based on the beautiful japanese porn star Yuria Satomi who has been featured in over 190 films in Japan, the Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku onahole is very special. A true remodeling of her private parts that was even overseen by a physician who is specialized in genital beauty. The realistic entrance and love tunnel of the Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku are offering nothing short of one of the most realistic male masturbator experiences on this planet. Each thrust and every inch feels just incredible. The Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku onahole comes in a high quality package with sex photos of Satomi.

User Reviews

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  • | 10/7/2023

    Durable, consistent

    It's a very durable toy, but the trade off is it's a little harder. The sensation is consistent and subtly stimulating. Retains lube very well.

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  • | 5/30/2022

    Tighter sister to Meiki no Saigen Aika

    Very comparable, this and the aika meiki. While aika goes for a comfortable snug ride. The material here wraps you tighter while still offering the same pros as the former. Can't go wrong with either.

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  • | 6/29/2021


    one of the best from NPG

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  • | 4/6/2021

    It is awesome

    First meiki i decided to try and it is incredible. The tunnel is great because it feels good but not too much it has the right balance. The bump at the tunnel beginning feels amazing and the ending chamber feels great also. You can use it for quick session and for longer one it accommodates both. The price is a bit high but the quality and feeling definitely makes up for it so i would highly recommend it.

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  • | 12/18/2020

    One of the best NPG Meiki to date

    I have been an avid fan of the NPG Meiki series and by far I would argue that this has been one of the best ones NPG has produced. In contrast to some of the newer Meiki releases by NPG, Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku stills holds its place as one of the more popular Meikis. To better understand the NPG Meikis, they are a highly accurate range of realistic onaholes that replicate the female genitalia of Japanese pornstars. Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku comes with the onahole, an informative box cover with the process of production of the onahole, and 50 ml of special lube made in replication of Yuria’s bodily fluids. I was initially impressed with this onahole as the inclusion of special lube is not common among other onaholes making it a great bonus. However, 50 ml is quite short lived so I would recommend purchasing a more generous amount of lube for prolonged use. In terms of the overall size of the Meiki, it comes at a relatively decent and normal size being 17.5 cm long allowing for safe storage via the plastic bag or cover box provided by NPG. Its size makes it easy to hide and store if you are not living alone. The material of the of the onahole is definitely made to last as it is very durable despite the mould that accumulates time. The internal textures are extremely stimulating and intense as I find myself returning to this onahole every now and then due to the experience I receive from it. Overall, Meiki Sosei Yuria Satomi Kinchaku despite its price is worth its money as a long lasting onahole which never fails to provide great ecstasy as NPG’s Motto. Definitely a 5/5 for me

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  • | 10/31/2019

    It is GREAT

    I'm a big fan of meiki vagina series, and I used 007,009,011, alice001, this product, ordered 010 each things have an own feeling and characteristics. if i need to choose only one of them, I will choose this product one more time. because it is strong enough not to damaged easily, good shape, at the same time, it is very soft to put in my thing. while i use this, i feel very comfortable, at the same time, can get orgasm well.

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  • | 9/8/2019

    Top 2 or even top 1 best product! Superior pleasure!

    I never bought such a tool before and I decided to compare all of the products on this website by the reviews and by own opinion (popular ZXY too), and this product didn't disappoint me, but even made me so happy that I chose it! I'll tell you what.. I always try to buy the best products and I definitely agree with the rest of the reviewers that this product is on the top 2 at least on this website! The quality is good, the color is good, the smell is not bad, comes with a "thin" lotion 80ml bottle, and the most important is that it really, but really gives a superior pleasure after each stroke, especially when you heat it with "Onaho Heating System USB 2.0" for 15 minutes, you won't be disappointed with this product, I promise you! BUT there is version 2 of this product, and I'm not sure which is better because version 2 didn't exist when I ordered version 1 (this), just telling you. And also.. I think that "thin" water based lubricants are the best for feeling the textures, which give more pleasure of course and saves more time. I'm more than satisfied with this product that I don't even think about ZXY anymore, oh and by the way the hole is tight but elastic, fits all sizes!

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  • | 5/18/2019

    great and fine

    1st of all - it's heavy, it make you feel something real in your hand. Also it's tight and everything. After using it like a month the item not even got a scar at the entrance of it so i think the toy is not will break although I have a big male's thing if you know what i'm on. So i think it's the best toy i have ever use.

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  • | 4/15/2019

    awesome as always

    The Meiki Yuria Satomi is one of the best onaholes I’ve owned, and I’ve owned many. Most of them eventually tear the entrance hole and splits the inner canal. So far I like this Meiki Creation Yuria Satomi better than the Meiki no Syoumei 05 Zhang Xiao Yu. It starts with the looks, a sweet inviting vagina. It has a snug and stimulating canal, a really great feel to it. And after many uses it’s not tearing a all, not the entrance hole or the inner canal. That’s awesome. I haven’t owned an onahole (hand held) that hasn’t torn or split. Fleshlights are the only hand held masturbators I’ve found that don’t tear or split. But Fleshlights just don’t feel near as nice as a Meiki onahole. So I keep searching for an awesome Meiki that looks great, feels great and will not tear or split.

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  • | 3/10/2019

    This onahole is by far the best in my collection.

    Dont underestimate this onahole. The onahole is so extremely well detailed is feels amazing. I amazing since it doesnt have great tightness and the material is very soft. I taught it was going to be underwhelming but it turns out to be amazing. Take to technology and 3d imaging. Eventhough i am not sure how far this onahole is exactly Yuria Satomi but if this is an actually her hole. Im am glad since it is amazing. I recommend to go a bit slow on this onahaole to feel every detail in this onahole. You will for sure have a great experience with this onahole eventhough it is a bit pricey then the other onaholes. Im just waiting for this guy to make another anohole with other ac actress. Definitely will buy again. Im looking out for this guy haha.

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