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Milky White Real Maji Love Juice Lotion 600ml

by Tama Toys
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Made in Japan.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2016 June 23
  • Volume: 600ml


10 Customer Reviews for Milky White Real Maji Love Juice Lotion 600ml

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by John Rafael May 7, 2019
Great value for money

It's a great value as it come in a large 600ml bottle so it will last for quite a while ans will work for most onaholes. The white milk like color that actually quite nice and reminds me of those hentai scene with excessive cum which can be a plus. overall this is a good choice for everyone in my opinion.

by Hops December 2, 2018
Great Value

In terms of value, this is probably one of the best lubricants out there, due to its viscosity, and the fact that this will not dry this century. Have to take away a bit from its quality score due to a smell of glue, the type children use for craft's classes.

It's color is a pure white, which might fancy some people. Due to its viscosity, it has the tendency to be quite stringy.

While I, personally, don't see myself repurchasing it, for the price and the per buck ( or yen in this case ) lube that you get, it might be a good idea to at least try it.

Do not eat it if you ate glue in school however.

by Scratch September 8, 2018

For the money 600ml is really great, but that is where the advantages stop for me ...

The lube looks like some kind of glue we used back in elementary school, but at least it makes it easily noticable if there is still some left while cleaning. It is not slippery enough for my tastes.

by Maru April 1, 2018
Favorite one

Definitely a favorite of mine. It's a sticky but smooth lube that lasts pretty long. It also has a nice white "milky" color. Great value too for the amount you get.

by SeedmonsterX February 22, 2018
Large amount. Very nice

For the price 600ml is quite the bargain. It's sticky, doesn't dry too fast and lasts for a long time. Definitely worth to buy against all the other lubes on this site.

by DC January 22, 2018
one of the best lubes i've ever used!

I bought this because I get really turned on by the sight of girl's"grool". They got the color spot on and it feels amazingly slippery. A little of this stuff goes a long way and 600ml will last quite a while. It is alil bit stringy if that's something you don't like, but for me it was even better. Also after using this with a sleeve, I would recommend cleaning up right after. After a long time, this lube tends to dry into powder, but not in the way something like cornstarch would be like. More like individual piece of powder.

by Robert December 5, 2017
Good lube for toys

This lube is very good for toys, as it does not dry easily. 600ml is a lot and would last for a long time, well worth the money. The "whiteness" is a bit too much and unreal though, but who cares?

by TXTBK November 27, 2017
New favourite

This is definetly my new favourite lube! It is sticky but does not stick too extreme. It is a very good lotion, especially for the price that it has. The bottle also surprized me, since I was not expecting something that huge.

by Jiff July 14, 2017
New Favorite

This is probably my new favorite lube. I used many in the past but this one definitely surprised me for it's price and the quality it provides. The lube itself is a white color that is smooth and does not dry. It's sticky which is why I enjoy it so much.

by Juan February 6, 2017
Very Good

It's smooth and does not dry easily. It is slippery. The feeling is great, the will be bottle lasts a long time.

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