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My Private Slave Erotic Maid

Onahole by EXE
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Take your Maid fantasies to the next level with this huge male masturbator. The My Private Slave Erotic Maid onahole is your own personal cute little Maid in her French inspired Maid costume. A nice and heavy 800 Grams, almost a little Sex Doll in the palm of your hand. Her full pussy Lips are revealing a nice camel toe and her little perky Breasts are a lot of fun to play with. Made with a silky smooth and very stretchable material, can the My Private Slave Erotic Maid onahole take any member in with its already 180mm of length. On the inside we have a second layer of material which perfectly wraps around your member and holds it tight. The tunnel itself is curved and the walls are rich textured, for an intense stimulation throughout the whole time. Can you resist the urge to fill up that little maid with your Love juice?

Maker: EXESimulation: VaginalFantasy: MaidHole Design: Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction: Double LayerUsability: ReusableMaterial Firmness: RegularNumber of Holes: 1Product Weight: 800g (1.76lbs)Length/Height: 180mm (7.09in)Width: 80mm (3.15in)Lotion included: Yes Release: 2019Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

12 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 4/26/2023

    Meaty and soft like a thick female very realistic

    Well it's a very good toy I don't see why people are upset about the feeling saying they feel nothing because i fucked real pussy that felt like this even a few gals didn't feel this tight or feel this good and multiple times lmao This feels like a big meaty pussy not the tightest but a nice one full of things that rub your penis head if you are big enough. I would say it's good for all sizes unless you need extra stimulation or suction bc you have an old man penis.... If you have a strong curved or even a thick penis this toy is fun to play with and also you can pound it and it actually made my penis a bit stronger from certain play positions haha Felt good being gentle with it I felt more and also got super hard when trying to pound it haha Exe really nails realism bc I've tried a few but not all

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  • | 4/13/2023

    Very Soft, not tight and very slight Texturing, might not feel anything depending on your Preferences.

    The Size is nice, the Material and overall Quality is really good, it's incredibly soft, comes Powdered isn't oily and doesn't smell. || It'll fit small Sausages as well as big ones and the Texturing is really slight, a lot less than what it looks like on the Pictures. || Overall great Quality, however most of the Stimulation comes from the Curvature as the Texturing is too weak and the entire Hole is too soft for me to feel anything. || Great if you like soft Holes with slight Stimulation, if not then it might not be yours. || Objectively it seems quite great though i don't have a whole lot of experience with these things.

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  • | 3/3/2023


    While not that tight, it more than makes up with how soft it is, plus it is a quite big onahole for it's price. Overall I would say it is more than worth it.

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  • | 2/15/2023

    Feels like nothing

    Everything about this seemed good, the shape, the weight, the material and everything, that is exactly why I hate to say that it feels like nothing. Even pocket onaholes have more feeling into them, I don't know if its the entrance or what but this is most certainly the biggest waste of money I have used on this site. Wouldn't use it even if it was free.

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  • | 11/29/2022


    Textured. Tight. Great suction. All you can ask for out of an onahole. Every cent was worth it.

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  • | 11/24/2022

    hidden gem

    i dont hear much about this toy, it is a hidden gem indeed. really good toy, and it is big enough for me, i loved it

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  • | 10/1/2022

    One of my favourite

    Feels really good. The outside has a nice grip to it and has good amount of weight to it. Would buy it again!

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  • | 7/2/2022

    Very good for the low price

    Firstly, many have commented on the difficulty in cleaning; however if you simply squeeze the top part where the breasts are, it pushes anything up there down into the lower cavities which are much less closed off and from there the cleaning isn't difficult. I will rate this onahole based on key factors. Tightness: It could be a lot tighter at the enterance, deeper into the hole it become alot better but this is the opposite of how it should be in my opinion. Material: Both the outside and inner material is very nice, the mini breasts feel like you are fondling a womans puffy nipples. The material is medium in hardness v. softness. Can it be used hands free?: To some extent yes, you have to get the positioning perfect, it feels much better used hands free like most onaholes. The 0.8kg weight feels quite heavy for its size, so that is nice but it isn't enough to keep it still. I have found that positioning it upright and hammering it in a prone-bone position is best if it can be kept still. Conclusion: For the price ($35) it is very good.

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  • | 6/30/2022

    Pretty good

    The inside of the onahole feels great. The outside if also quite appealing with the breast. Trying to clean and dry the inside can be a bit tedious because of its complexity. Also after having it for a while, oil from the onahole seeps through the box, so I suggest washing it and soak the oil up with paper towels

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  • | 3/5/2021

    The best maid onahole

    For someone who loves maid, this is a must try. It gives the feeling of having sex with your lovely mature maid, she is graceful on the outside but naughty on the inside. Her skin is soft and smooth, her body is thick but fit, her inside feels amazing and makes you want to fill her with your love juice. I would recommend this onahole to the experienced users since it provides strong stimulatoin and suction with a reasonable price, for newcomers this will be a high starting point but don't be afraid to try it out.

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  • | 11/30/2019

    Fantastic onahole for such a cheap price!

    I can't believe this onahole still doesn't have any awesome feedback regarding how incredible it is... To be honest, it has become one of my regular for my daily faps even though I own a lot of bigger and more expansive product. This one is just too good, I love it so much and can't get bored of it. The shape is just so gorgeous, nicely molded with those large soft tits. The ass is nice to grab too since it weights quite a bit. The pussy is hidden between her puffy thighs, when you spread it its like opening a treasure. So pink all the way to the deepest part, so hot and exciting! Plus when you add lube and pre-heat it with a warmer, the inside are slippery wet and hot. Just like the 2D hentai girl's pussy you are fapping to. You can go balls deep if you have a penis above Japanese standard size too, it's such a please when you finish deep inside her! They also added a womb at the bottom so every time you feel her kissing the tip of your glans while her vagina, with the vacuum, gets tighter around your member so as to not let you pull out! This onahole is just one of the best I have ever used, and my collection sure is big. I super recommend it, 100% worth the price which is even quite cheap!

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