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Nama Sotai 03

by A-One
Realistic male masturbator
Maker A-One
Product Type 187
The Nama Sotai onahole series by the popular japanese adult toy maker A-One has been popular every since the 01 model launched. The Nama Sotai 03 onahole we have here has a beautiful realistically pink looking pussy. What many onaholes aim for, the Nama Sotai 03 achieves, which is to offer the most possible realistic sex experience a male masturbator can offer. It can easily rival large sex dolls when it comes to stimulation and intensity. The Nama Sotai 03 is a softer onahole, making it also easier to use for beginners. Its feels very smooth and soft and the inside is giving nice pleasure with lots of curves and ribs and massage heads at the end. Additionally it comes with a nice little bottle of lotion.

The Nama Sotai 03 onahole by A-One features
  • Realistic male sex toy
  • Made by A-One
  • dual layer structure
  • onahole weight about 510 Grams
  • onahole size approx. 150x85mm
  • comes with a small bottle of lotion
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User Reviews

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  • | 11/15/2019

    Soft squishy for long play.

    Nama Sotai is series run by A-One for realistic concept and construction. No.3 and No.4 came out together with very different concept. The concept for No.3 is "Soft and Loose" like in experienced women. And concept for No.4 is "Tight" like in maiden in development. Package: No.3 came in black box. The box is well designed and similar to Japanese gift/snack box. (You cannot knock it down flat without cutting). The artwork on the box emphasis woman's anatomy in various angle or cross section. 120 ml lube is big, but I already have my favorite lube so it has to go back to shelf. Usage review: No.3 is significantly softer than No.4 and has very low compression but managed to be air tight, so it has some suction and does not leak lube. The feeling is as advertised, to enjoy the felling of soft vaginal wall with no hurry. Good for long play. Inside is smooth, comprised of big and small bump which you can fell them. (Some product that's too soft and with their pattern too fine, you wont be able to feel them, which is bad. But Nama Sotai No.3 passed this test) A little complain here would be smell, it is quite strong but not deadly, if you fap for 30 minutes in closed room, your room will be filled with its odor. Final: Having owned over 30+ holes, I could tell that it is a good premium sized hole (500g) -10$ cheaper than Meiki but almost as same cost performance. Underrated, and could rivaled NPG Meiki series. But beware that it gives soft sensation with low stimulation (similar to Meiki 06 or soft RIDE' fuwa holes) you should know your preference before decided to buy. Overall 9/10 (+ Very recommended for soft type lover) (- Minus strong odor, and some durability due to soft material)

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