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Niku Man 2200

Hip Onahole by G Project
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Brand: G ProjectFeeling: Anal, VaginalFantasy / Genre: Chubby GirlHole Design: Closed Hole TypeProduct Layers: SingleUsability: ReusableFirmness: RegularHow many Holes: 2Weight: 2200g (4.85lbs)Length: 210mm (8.27in)Width: 180mm (7.09in)Depth: 120mm (4.72in)Lotion included: Yes Released on: Oct 19, 2017Product Type: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 4/14/2020

    Loved it but can be improved

    First off I'd like to say I really enjoyed this product I had no problems with it it was my first large hip if you do have a large number like me ( above average) then you'll enjoy taking your frustration out of this it's not the most stimulating but it can really take a pounding and it feels real good when giving it the rough treatment

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  • | 4/15/2019

    dreamy soft

    My first impression upon feeling this onahole was that it was way too soft and wasn't going to do much for me. But this overweight onahole is kind of got more dreamy. The soft nubs are pretty dull stimulating overall, but the nubs are hard to feel individually for me. If one is sensitive down there, this one might be on the very stimulating side. The softness lets you apply decent gripping power if you want a bit more stimulation. You can also stretch the closed end away from you for a bit of suction. The stretchiness makes it very easy to clean. Probably one of the easiest to clean onahole that I've ever seen. The walls do seem a bit on the thin side, and the soft material makes me worried about the durability of the onahole. However, it has not seemed to degrade after >5 uses/cleanings.

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  • | 6/30/2018

    Need a full version

    The price is expensive for the material, and the lovers of BBW need a bigger version of this, with boobs.

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  • | 12/23/2017

    Fun for a short time.

    I bought the Niku Man 2200 when it was on the front page staff picks, what caught my attention was that the item looked very soft, kinda chubby, and big butt so it looked like it would be fun to try out. Once I received the item it was indeed very soft and squishy but only on the lower butt cheeks which seem to be made out of a softer rubber than the main toy and are attached to the toy which is kind of weird because when your using the toy you can feel where the soft rubber connects to the harder rubber. The insert holes ripped the first time I used them, they were made out of the softer rubber that the outside butt cheeks are made out of which is flimsy. These are the pros and cons and my conclusion in more detail: Pros: + The shape of the toy is very attractive. + The outer butt cheeks are really soft. + It felt pretty decent (6/10) the first 2-3 weeks I used it. Cons - The outer butt cheeks and the insert holes are made out of a softer rubber that tears easily. - You can feel where the softer outer butt cheeks connect to the harder rubber from the main toy when holding it in your hands. - The tunnel is ribbed on the walls/sides but when you go deeper inside its just a big pool where the lube and sperm accumulate in a big pool so if your not careful you can dump tons of lube in that pool and when using the toy multiple times the fluids will get all over your penis. - The tunnels get worn out quickly, the toy only lasted me 2-3 months before the tunnels became dull. Conclusion ============ It was good to experiment with new toys to see if I liked them or not so that im not always using the same ones every time I buy sex toys but I think its better to stick to the ones I usually buy instead of this one, I will not be buying this toy agian in the future.

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