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PePee Lotion

Lotion by PEPEE
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Product Type: Lotion

The famous PePe lotion in its original and classic version. This goes perfectly with any adult toys from our shop.

  • Available on otonaJP since: 2015 September 12
  • Volume: 360ml


12 Customer Reviews for PePee Lotion

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by christian September 18, 2018
best lotion i've ever used

I always pick up at least one with my order
viscosity is great and always provides good stimulation
lasts a long time even with generous use

by M May 25, 2018
Great lube for the price

The bottle is gonna last you for quite a while, feels great, and is pretty easy to clean.
Overall, it's definitely worth its (very low) price.

by Anoo May 11, 2018
Does what it needs to at an affordable cost.

There's enough lube in this to last a while. Solid price and why the hell not? If porn stars can use this, why can't you?

by Jessica March 8, 2018
One of the best thick/jelly lubes

Its thick without being tacky or sticky and a little goes a long way. I can't speak for the popular Onatsuyu Lotion, but if you want a great over all lotion pepe is the way to go!

by J March 2, 2018
Nice and simple

When a product is this good, the packaging doesn't need to be fancy. Excellent consistency and slipperiness, just thick enough to stay in place yet not enough to become clumpy and uneven in a hole. Water based, so useful in just about every type of hole and cleanup is a breeze.

by Michael January 17, 2018
Simple but great

Pepe lotion is a great simple lotion that can be used with multiple types of toys

No small
Good lubrication
Long lasting
Good quality

Can be messes


by john December 29, 2017
This is the basic lotion but it' still really good

It may be cheap but don't think it's bad. The one bad thing I can say about this is when I got mine there was a bit of lube leaking out nothing major it was extremely minor. Otherwise the lube is pretty good feels good, and does the job.

by Goshujin-sama October 11, 2017
The very best a man can get.

++ The bottle is enormous! You get an extreme amount of lube per purchase. Really, take a full bottle and just feel it in your hand - you could probably clobber someone unconcious with it.

++ Great price. Even at double the current price it would be a steal when you consider how much lube you get per bottle.

++ Amazing quality. You might think that this lube is a cheap budget option, but you'd be dead wrong. It is one of the best lubes I've tried.

- The cap design is so-so. The funnel design makes applying the lube a breeze but doesn't keep the lube in. Unless stored standing up, the contents will spill out and into the cap itself which means you're in for a nasty and slippery mess if you open the cap up and it runs all over you!

Overall simple one of, if not the best, lube options on the market. I would however recommend slightly diluting it with water to make it more watery and less gel-like - I personally keep one of those tiny lube bottles you sometimes get with an onahole and fill it with water and keep it at hand to drip a few drops or more into the onahole after I've put the lube in.

by marco antonio October 1, 2017
MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!

This is my favorite onahole lubrication, it feels great, its semi thick, and it doesnt dry fast, you need this in your room asap!!!

IT feels AMAZING!!!

by V September 17, 2017
Good lubricant, priced appropriately, easy cleanup

This is a smooth water-based lubricant good for onahole or just bare handed use. It is not too stringy, (stringy lubes fall all over your desk when you try and put the bottle down after filling up your onahole,) and the cap design (can be opened one handed) with a spout makes application into onaholes easier. While it suffers the same problem as all water based lubes-it will dry out after 10-15 minutes of active use, becoming sticky and tacky-because it is water based it is easy to clean up or rehydrate by adding water/more lube.

As a testament to its minimal mess making and ease of cleaning, prior to writing this review I opened my suitcase to discover to my dismay that the cap of the lotion bottle had opened and allowed lubricant to spill out inside the plastic bag I packed it in. However, only a very small amount of the lubricant had leaked out of the bag, none of my other belongings were damaged, and the bottle itself was easily wiped down in a seconds with kitchen towels.

Tl;dr good lube, great price, good cap design, minimal mess, easy to clean

by Ano May 24, 2017
Great lube

It does the job well.
It does not dry up fast and provides good lubrication.
A good amount of lube for a low price.

by Cig Bock April 7, 2017

It's very good lubrication (doesn't need much and long dries), best volume and quality for this price.

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