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Niku Man

Onahole by G Project
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Brand: G ProjectFeeling: VaginalFantasy / Genre: Chubby GirlHole Design: Closed Hole TypeProduct Layers: SingleUsability: ReusableFirmness: RegularHow many Holes: 1Weight: 400g (0.88lbs)Length: 140mm (5.51in)Width: 85mm (3.35in)Lotion included: Yes Released on: 2016Product Type: Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 1/11/2024

    Stimulating but high price and okay durability

    used for a few months and loved every second of owning this toy, unfortunately the nubs on the inside that were responsible for the stimulation had become dulled or stretched off to the point it was nothing stimulating left inside. If the price point was lower I would buy again but until then may that toy rest in piece

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  • | 1/3/2024

    Too pricey & lacks feeling

    There's a lack of stimulation when using this onahole... It just feels like a bunch of small nubs sticking out. Suction is practically non-existent given the large product & weird "rectangular-like" shape. Wouldn't recommend for those seeking strong stimulation, but it might be for you if you're looking for edging practice.

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  • | 11/30/2023

    Good feeling but flawed

    Solid 6.5/10 - good feeling but mine came slightly defective. The shaft is off centre so its really thick on one side but really thin on the other. It's nice and meaty and the feeling is good but you need a lot of lube for this one to get going because of the high surface area inside (all the little bumps).

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  • | 7/19/2023


    This is easily the most "varied" experience I've got from onaholes. Soft and squishy in the extreeme, this thing is hugely influenced by different lotions. Try different viscosities. I'm a big fan but I strongly reccommend using it several times before you make an opinion of it. I think it's too expensive but can reccomend.

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  • | 7/7/2023

    It's great onahole

    I can say one thing, before buying this onahole i was worried about the same internal structure along the entire length, but for me it's turned to be a plus because It's gives me more clear intense and concentrated sensations and i really like it.

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  • | 6/7/2023

    5/10, better options available

    I'm smaller than most, 2-3 inches, and for me this was a solid 4-5 / 10 onahole, but why get this when you can get something better.

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  • | 3/10/2023

    It's alright

    It's convenient for quick sessions and after clean up but not very durable. I ended up throwing mine out after a couple months. Overall there's just better onaholes in the similar price range to choose from.

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  • | 12/30/2022

    Absolute staple

    Right of the bat (before even using it) this onahole feels different. Whatever material it's made of or whatever doesn't stick to your hand, feel slimy at all, or even picks up random hairs and whatnot around you. So already it's nice to have it not get dirty as easily as other onaholes. Now on to the good stuff. As you enter it you feel the bumps but what gets you is the surprisingly great suction. Even as my dick was getting completely soft after letting loose and just leaving it inside, she wouldn't let go. That combined with the good bumps and excellent outside feel make this an absolute perfect purchase and highly recommend to anyone.

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  • | 1/28/2022

    An absolute winner.

    Niku Man is a must buy. A champion in every aspect: durable, feels awesome, easy to "handle" and clean, also not too pricy. Do yourself a favor and buy this one, you not gonna be disappointed!

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  • | 1/18/2021

    Hardcore Sister of Cowgirl (Toys Heart)

    This looks, smells and feels so much like Toys Heart's Cowgirl onahole on the outside. Both have really great skin, plus Niku Man and Cowgirl are both thick as fuck! In fact, when I first got Niku Man and Cowgirl out of the box, I started slapping their juicy fat asses for 5 min! However, while Cowgirl feels like a massage for my dick, Niku Man feels like fucking Nemo's sea anemone house. Kinda tickles, but can make you cum fast, especially if you use less lube or make it suck tighter. In short, if ya want slow love making, get Cowgirl. But if ya wanna cum faster, go with Niku Man. I have both and I regret nothing!

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  • | 11/5/2020

    Great toy

    Pros: Great sensation Nice little suction Needs only a little bit of lube Stays lubed long Easy to clean Cons: It doesn't make me a sandwich

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  • | 12/3/2019

    Excellent stimulation

    Pros: Excellent stimulation at slow to medium speeds Durable Easy to clean Cons: Not tight Very messy Pointless to use at faster speeds Conclusion: Highly recommended. I would buy this one again.

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  • | 4/15/2019

    intense as hell

    damn, this is incredibly intense as hell. in fact, it is the most intense mastubator i have ever encountered. made me feel holy crap after each time. those crazy nubs will really do a number on you. definitely will buy again after sold it. in my opinion it should be dual layer as i prefer dual layer. get this, forget the nama niku man. that is way too soft to feel anything or get off.

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  • | 8/2/2018

    This meat is a little raw....

    Hey there everyone! I bought into the hype from the other reviewers and though this would be a great addition to my onahole collection, it arrived shortly after ordering and I tried it out thinking it would out strip my current gold standard for stimulation Julia plus / Geki Fera Deepthroat (both are highly recommended). The material on the outside feels nice and smooth so props to them for the feel. The inside just feels meh, there isn't an overwhelming sensation if I take it fast or slow. From any angle I tried I just couldn't feel much of it. The nubblies inside seem like they would glide over your member and really give you a workout. There just wasn't enough stimulation to feel much of anything. Another setback was the workmanship of the product. You'd imagine that the hole would open up to an area in the middle of the toy. Not in my case as it swerves strongly to the right out to the edges of the material with kind of a blob to the other side which doesn't give pressure or added weight, just feels like some factory defect when they were molding it. All in all I can't recommend this toy to anyone as it doesn't do anything special and I really didn't feel like I got anything for my money. I can still masturbate with it but there are so many other nice toys out there this one just misses the mark on all fronts. Sadly this is a no-Bueno from me. See you all next time!

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  • | 7/15/2018

    Doesn't want to let go

    This onahole feels great and just sucks right on to your dick and doesn't want to let go. It's very firm for it's size, and you can be fairly aggressive without fear of breaking. By squeezing in the sides you can alter the intensity of the vacuum - squeezing hard will let you move more easily, stop squeezing and it'll clamp down on you hard. Either way, you're going to be making a lot of noise with this one, both wet sucking sounds from the toy itself and your own inevitable moans of pleasure that you just can't hold in. Instantly jumped up into my top 3, and you even get a little vinyl bag to keep it in.

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  • | 7/2/2018


    This onahole is made to empty your sack. In fact, this onahole is so stimulating that on my 4th use, I actually made a tear on it due to not relubricating my dick for 50 minutes (I lasted that long, but I couldn't even get my dick out without flinching due to the after sensitivity and the stimulation it had!) and cumming twice in a row during that session. This onahole will punish you (in a good way) if you try to do it slowly. The seemingly random nubs inside is very stimulating and entering the onahole is no walk in the park as well, because once you go past the entrance, you will start to feel the nubs stimulate your head and once you cross that point, there's no going back. After that, there's not much to it sadly. There's no variations for this hole. Stick your dick in it and let the stimulating insides take you to release your seed in it. No gimmicks whatsoever, just pure dick bullying. Overall, these are it's pros and cons: +Stimulating (VERY) +EASY to clean +Built to last (Even though I tore mine, it is still going strong!) +Strong/lewd suction (It won't leave your dick unless you start to become completely flacid, use lots of lube, or you already came) +CAN accomodate any size +CUTE MASCOT (Major reason I bought it in the first place, but I wasn't expecting it to blow my expectations!) +Reasonable price -Not much variety (No crazy gimmicks) -Can be loud (Depends on the amount and type of lube, but it can be managed) I'll give this hole a 10/10. But let me warn you, TRY NOT to go slow for this hole, unless you like to edge yourself and not masturbate for a few days, because you probably won't be able to pull out your dick or maybe cum right after your first one (like what happened to me...)

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  • | 6/16/2018


    This one is the original one among the Nikuman series, I can confidently say that this thing just wants your cum. It's so simulating that you can't last 10mn.

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  • | 6/7/2018

    One of my favorites

    It has a different feeling from most of my other onaholes with the nubs, so it is a welcome change up from your other onaholes

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  • | 4/3/2018

    Made The 'Buy Again' List

    I love this hole. Decently priced, on the weighty end for similarly sized/priced holes and deceptively stimulating. This hole is also amazingly flexible - feels great with thin or thick lube and can easily be used gently or aggressively. Still amazed at how easily I can have subsequent orgasms with this thing. +Weighty +Material appears quite durable +Feels great with every lube I've tried in it +Can be deceptively stimulating +Can be used gently or quite aggressively +Will be buying another one when this one wears out -Inner structure could be difficult to thoroughly clean -Not a huge fan of the included bag. Better than wrapping it in an undershirt, but just spend the $2 on a real bag.

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  • | 10/1/2017

    Amazing chubby onahole.

    The whole thing is meaty, and includes lubrication... i love the texture as well. I have a fetish for thicc/chubby females, and this is a must buy if you have the seem feelings. Its really meaty and when i use it, i take it slow, take my time and enjoy every bit of texture that is available. I really love this onahole! There is a bigger version of this but its a bit more expensive. Ill think about buying that one soon.

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  • | 2/14/2017

    Decent onahole

    The outside of this is soft and very smooth. The stimulation in decent and is also very easy to clean. Overall a very good onahole

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  • | 12/24/2016

    Feels great

    It is very enjoyable to use, it's very well made, and looking at the outside I just can't help but lick it, but maybe that's just me. Regardless the outside looks great and the material the thing is made of is just perfect, very hefty while still being quite stretchy and squishy. Who wouldn't want these Meaty Buns?

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  • | 11/17/2016

    Intense as fuuak

    Let me be clear this hole is not meant to be a slow relaxed fap, it's as intense as it gets. Those nubs all over the place on the inside accompanied with a natural inclination to perform a vacuum... O boy. It's a fairly "loose" hole in the sense that it's not going to strangle your dick and lube can have a tendency to slip out if you use too much. This makes cleaning it very easy especially drying it is just using a microfiber cloth or something similar. One downside I've noticed is that it gets indentations easily, so store it sensibly. I have a large onahole bag from this website that I use with it. It does come with a small bag, but I didn't find it large enough to store it properly. Can recommend!

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  • | 9/29/2016


    It's alright. It has great suction, yes. The nubs are ok, not as noticeable as I hoped. The material is fantastic, easy to clean, seems very durable and doesn't attract shit to stick to it. It's nicely sculpted, has a little butt shape to it. The material is harder than I expected, nowhere near as soft as the Puni Virgin 1000 fuwatoro. It's kinda stiff. I found it... boring? Maybe it was just me, I did try different amounts of lube. It's not a toy for you if you like variation. The toy bag is almost useless, it's too small. I ended up throwing it out quickly. But if you have some spare cash why not buy it. I think it would be good for $30 though..

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  • | 9/6/2016

    Meat buns are the way forward

    G project deliver an excellent onahole well worth the asking price and then some. All the small nubs inside give great stimulation and as if that wasn't enough, niku man packs legit suction, not the tiny air pout the kind that wraps it around your penis in a satisfactory manner that doesn't feel like it's choking you either. The material is great too, lovely to hold and hasn't turned to goop even after washing. On the note it's particularly fine butt is not only nicely sculpted but also makes washing much less troublesome than your average dual layer hole. The is a nice afterthought, you wont get anything else in there with it but the onahole will sit in snug. The little pack of lube provided is just enough for one session so not much to say, but you didn't buy this for the lube did you?

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  • | 7/27/2016

    Ticklish Hole

    Bought this toy based on "Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro" which I also owned. This toy is quite similar to Puni Virgin in the soft feeling, but it is less heavy and kinda loses the bouncy feeling. What I like about this is the all the mini-nibs texture inside, it kinda tickles your head as you go back and forth giving a nice feel. Also, the suction on this is incredible once it starts sucking you, but sometimes make these loud suction noises, hahaha. This toy come with a lube pack and a storage big which barely fits the toy in. Cleaning up is quite simple just like any other onahole. Overall good toy at a decent price.

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  • | 7/8/2016

    Soft and durable

    A lovely product. Comes with a lubricant sachet and a bag although a bigger bag is recommended. Two great things about this product is the nice weight 400g and the super soft material Nikuman is the Japanese name for meat buns and this onahole is definitely meaty! Lovely textures inside along with a vacuum feature makes the experience very pleasurable as your explore it. The material is quite soft and doesn't smell or feel oily. You only need a little lube to go a long way. Take it slowly and have fun with this toy. Cleaning is also straightforward. I recommend rends onahole powder and some microfibre cloth cut into strips.

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