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by ONDO!
Mini sized double hole Hip male masturbator
Brand ONDO!
The ONDO! MIC onahole is a down sized Hip. It comes with two fully developed holes and all the other perks that Hip male masturbators have, in a simply smaller scale. The outside is nicely shaped with a little perky ass and a cute little belly button. The Vagina is modeled realistically as well as the tiny butt hole of the ONDO! MIC which just waits for your member to hit it. The sensations of both holes are different in tightness and texture, just like in real life a Vagina feels much different from an Anal hole. The ONDO! MIC is made with a single layer material which guarantees for durability and long lasting fun. This little Hip is perfect to take on travels as it can be hidden almost everywhere while still giving you the pleasure and perks you usually have from bigger male sex toys.

The ONDO! MIC male masturbator features
  • down sized Hip male masturbator
  • two different feeling holes for penetration
  • durable single layer material
  • weight of this onahole about 615 Grams
  • size of this onahole approx. 141x106x84mm
  • comes with a free pack of sample lube
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User Reviews

2 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 8/11/2020

    Fun entry level hip

    A small sized hip onahole with a vaginal and anal hole for you to play around with. The vagina hole is the more stimulating of the two while the anal hole give a great change in pace and experience. The onahole itself has a nice heft to it, giving a strong sense of satisfaction when using it.

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  • | 6/5/2019

    Excellent to for one

    An excellent experience, both front and rear end are nicely tight, the weight is just right. Only con I would have is that it's not big enough to wear a pair of panties, but otherwise it's an excellent, budget-priced hip.

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