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Virginal Bloom Junketsu Premium Butt

Hip Onahole by Magic Eyes
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What an amazing design! Virginal Bloom Junketsu Premium Butt from Magic Eyes is here to simulate a sexy Japanese girl face down, ass up. With its unique visual style, this massive 2kg onahole has been created for maximum doggy style use. Both her vagina and butt are here to be used and abused, pointing up just waiting for you. The holes are even made of different material inside, offering new feelings to mix between every time. Her pussy wraps around, while her butt offers a tighter more narrow hole. Either way, the Virginal Bloom Junketsu Premium Butt onahole will satisfy your every need.

Maker: Magic EyesHow it feels: VaginalFantasy: VirginHole Design: Closed Hole TypeHow many Layers: Triple LayerUsability: ReusableHow firm: RegularHow many Holes: 2How heavy: 2000g (4.41lbs)How long: 210mm (8.27in)How Wide: 210mm (8.27in)Depth: 95mm (3.74in)Comes with lotion?: Yes Released on: 2016What kind of product: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

8 confirmed customer reviews Log in or register to review
  • | 3/1/2024

    It ok

    It’s average have bought over 30 items to try as I tend to throw the shit ones out. The feelings there and it’s great but can’t go as hard as I would like has a lot of weak points especially in the vaginal also it being a flat base limits what you can do with it

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  • | 3/9/2022

    10/10 nice feel good quality

    ok so its honestly really good the feel it gives you when using it and over all the look is realistic my only problem is the anal is not tight but everything else is fine a bit smaller than what i taught it would be but the feeling is great i can keep going after shooting some shots tho it is a pain to clean it but is well worth it 10/10

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  • | 3/9/2022

    Excellent value for price

    Incredibly good quality toy for the price. The feel and texture is Incredibly life-like especially if you use with a good quality lube. I also like that it has good weight for such a small hip style toy that adds to the experience when used in certain positions. I also appreciate the smaller size which makes it easier to store especially if you live with others. My only real complaint is that it can be very difficult to clean properly due to the shape of the passageways , you will absolutely need the proper care and maintain products to keep this toy clean

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  • | 12/13/2021

    This hip is the best

    the material they use is very soft and the feeling when use it is really good. you would never get bored using it. Although, first smell when unboxing is like plasticine.

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  • | 7/14/2018

    Look nowhere else for hips

    This was my very first hip, and I have to say, it was excellent. This thing was heavier and bigger than I thought it would be! The weight and volume makes it feel like a REAL loli hip. Both holes feel very good, but are on the softer side. Vagina has more complex texture than anus, but anus is easier for positions other than on a flat surface. As for maintenance, because the texture is soft, it can tear easily so care must be given when cleaning. The cleaning itself is relatively easy because the tunnels are connected. Overall, a very good purchase as a hip onahole.

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  • | 6/22/2018

    A damn good flatbased hip

    This hip blew all expectations out of the water. Starting from one of the best and most erotically shaped exteriors to the carefully crafted interiors, Magiceyes knocked this one out of the park. The vagina section was definitely the favourite, stimulating while also hugging tight, nothing felt better than finishing while buried in here. The anal section was admittedly not as great, but gave a great change of pace as well as an interesting shift in stimulation. I tended to use this bit as a "rest-stop" when trying to maintain stamina, pacing, and edging. Flat base lets you put it on any flat surface, letting you go to town on it hands free. Can also be handheld (need two hands) and has a very satisfying weight and heft to it. Cleaning was a bit of a hassle but simply due to its size and the nature of the flat base. Connected holes made flushing out relatively simple, but would be interest to see if non-connected holes would improve the usage experience. Insides did tear a little if too rough with the drying process All in all, would definitely buy again given the chance. Would like a slightly lower price tag, or at least willing to pay this amount had the anal part been a lot more exciting

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  • | 2/5/2017

    One of the best flat base hips

    Now this is a real hip. Flat base hips are amazing because they don't have to be ridiculously heavy to be used hands free. The feeling of this thing is very similar to the COCOLO and each entrance offers a unique feel. I quite like them both, but I prefer the vagina to the anus. That being said, the anus is more comfortable to penetrate from a variety of different positions. The downside of this thing is that the durability isn't the best and its not very good if your dick is kind of big. I penetrated past the "texture" part and the head of my dick reaches a texture less portion. Still feels great though. Pros: -- Feels great, kind of soft but very stimulating -- Can be used hands free easily due to weight -- Not too big because of design, but still has a great ass Cons: -- Tears easily, I doubt this will last me more than a few years -- Canals are a bit small if you are more well endowed

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  • | 12/24/2016

    One of the Best Onahole Experiences!

    Virginal Bloom by Magic Eyes has got to be one of the best onahole experiences I've ever had, and I've had many! First off, it's a hip-style onahole. Hip-style masturbators usually have better durability, offer more stimulation, and can give more of a immersive experience than their single-handed counterparts, and Virginal Bloom has got to be one of the best hip-style onaholes out there. To begin with, the packaging is pretty great as with most of Magic Eyes' products and there's even flaps and compartments on the box for you to use with the onahole, although in my experience the box doesn't withstand much, but it was still a good attempt by Magic Eyes. Now with the actual onahole: When you first open the packaging you're presenting with the onahole in a bag and a single-use packet of lube. The bag containing the onahole is a bit greasy along with the onahole but there's no bad odor and the greasiness goes away with a quick rinse. As for the holes, Virginal Bloom has both a vaginal and anal hole, although the vaginal hole is what your paying for here. The vaginal entrance is easy enough to get in but immediately gets tight once you're passed the lips. Working your way in further can be a hassle at first but it's a pleasurable push, especially if you like your onaholes tight, because MAN is this onahole tight! Once you press in far enough you'll find where the anal and vaginal tunnels meet, joining into one end tunnel. This end tunnel is slightly less tight but gives another sense of pleasure and accomplishment as your member presses into its deepest region! And the orgasms that this tunnel can give are amazing! As for the anal tunnel, it's.... okay. It's not the best hole in the world, but it's fun to switch to when your on the verge of orgasm but not wanting to end the fun just yet as it's not as overwhelmingly intense as the vaginal tunnel. So overall, this is one of the best onahole experiences I've had! It's tight and gives a lot of feedback, and it's lasted a very long time, six months plus at the time of writing this review. Cleaning and maintaining the onahole can be a hassle especially for someone new to onaholes or who doesn't have much privacy, but the pleasure this thing can give is worth the clean-up hassle.

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