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Panties with a young sisters smell Pink

by Tama Toys
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Panties with the unforgettable smell of a young sister. Juicy and Horny.

Available on otonaJP since: 2017 Aug 25


4 Customer Reviews for Panties with a young sisters smell Pink

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by Tonydiediedie July 14, 2018
Loli panties perfect for HIP onaholes!!

It really really smells so amazing, i feel dirty just smelling these panties, i love how cute they are as well, please clean your onahole or hip onahole if youre gonna use it with the panties, because otherwise the onahole smell might over power the panty smell.

Its a must buy and its cheap. You seriously need one or two!!!

by Parrot February 8, 2018
Nice panties

A good looking pair of panties. They are more pinkish orange than actual pink, but it's ok. The smell was a good addition too except, once you put it on a new toy, the scent of the toy will take over and you'll lose the perfume forever. Definitely don't buy for the scent, but do buy for the cute looks.

by Senpai December 19, 2017

I've bought this out of curiosity and i am amazed by this product. I don't know what "young sister smell" smells like in real life but this for sure smells really good! The panties is really cute and fits perfectly with a Air pillow. I'm definitely trying out other "panties" next time!

This product is great if you are looking for something extra for your imagination.

by Sunusuku November 4, 2017
Very nice

These work pretty well to use on a hip onahole, or similar. Some other scented panties I bought (New School Girl Pants 6) has more of a cherry-like perfume to it, but these ones has more of a traditional teenage girl perfume to it. Not sure how to describe the smell.
Also, the actual color is very bright peach pink (could almost be perceived as bright orange). All in all, great product!

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