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Puni Ana DX Kiwami

Hip Onahole by EXE
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The Puni Ana onahole series is truly legendary and is a series of Loli themed masturbators for Men. The Puni Ana DX Kiwami Onahole was designed to offer the ultimate Puni Ana experience. Kiwami in Japanese means as much as "Very" or "Ultimate", making the Puni Ana DX Kiwami the up to today, strongest and most intense Puni Ana Adventure there is. Coming with two holes that can be penetrated, the Vagina hole has a double layer inside which creates a rich and true to life Virgin sex experience. The Uterus entrance is tight and really sucks you in while the Puni Ana DX Kiwami guides you down deeper to finish you off in its vacuum chamber. The Anal Hole is made of a more durable Single layer material, making sure you can live out all your Anal sex phantasies with it. It is textured with thin ribs who given an even pressure on your member during your Anal adventures. One of the true highlights of the Puni Ana DX Kiwami Onahole though are her butt cheeks. They come with an inner gel layer which makes her butt feel much more real and enjoyable as your average Silicone only Hip. No matter which of her Holes you choose, just fill her up and enjoy the best Puni Ana has to offer.

Maker: EXESimulation: VaginalFantasy: VirginHole Design: Closed Hole TypeMaterial Construction: Double LayerUsability: ReusableMaterial Firmness: RegularNumber of Holes: 2Product Weight: 5700g (12.57lbs)Length/Height: 280mm (11.02in)Width: 150mm (5.91in)Lotion included: Yes Release: 2019Product Type: Hip Onahole
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User Reviews

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  • | 11/18/2023


    So, before I go into why I think this hip is great, I'll go into a few issues you'd probably like addressed, bear these in mind before you buy it, otherwise you're in for a bad time. /// - Yes, it is quite BIG. The Hip itself is easier to store, but the full box is quite large, I've just kept it in the package box it came from, while I store the hip somewhere else. /// - Yes, it is a bit of a hassle to clean, so it's better to use it for longer sessions and for when you know you'll have to time to clean up. It is not that big of a deal, tho, if you have the tools to pump water into the tunnels, it may be easier. Also, drying the pussy is a bit tricky since the uterus is there, but I figured it out on day one: just don't insert your Dry-Stick all the way in. /// - Makes a bit of a mess on longer sessions, but that's a plus if you're into that sort of thing. /// That's about it for the downsides, but I'll be the first to tell you this hip is awesome. /// - The holes are pretty tight and fairly easy to get into, as long as you don't have a skill issue. Just double tap your lube. If you're not careful, maybe you'll pop out of her every once in a while, but it is not that big of a deal, just guide your member into her again, bonus style points if you don't use your hands. /// - The weight feels amazing for cowgirl position, and the view is great. From the front, is the beautiful pussy, wrapping your member. From the back, it's the ass, hitting down on you. I quite enjoy both positions. If you have the privacy, you really can clap down on her, but if you don't, you can be gentle with her and she won't make that much noise while still being a great experience. Try it and see where your noise tolerance is. /// - The weight also helps if you have a dakimakura/body pillow or you like having a hands-free experience, so you can either do missionary or prone-bone. It's a bit of a workout tho, and you do need some sort of elevation to use it like this comfortably. It's great if you're into that kind of experience tho. /// So, is it worth the money? Absolutely! It's even better if you wait for a big sale like I did, great value on this one. Might want to get some other stuff on the way, since it is a big order, I found you can sneak in a bottle of Lube and one Onahole (only some) before the shipping goes up.

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  • | 12/25/2022

    Highly Rated Hip Onahole

    I am personally not a hip onahole connoisseur as I only own 1 before getting this one. I had contemplated about getting this for a long time before pulling the trigger, and I'm glad I did buy it eventually. This hip onahole is one of the best I have bought, and it really opened my eyes to what hips can offer despite their size. When it comes to the sensation, there are two holes. The anal hole is pretty general and nothing too spectacular to talk about. The main hole is the star of the show, and the feeling is phenomenal. I think the "cowgirl" position is the best because in additional to the sensation, the weight of the onahole provides a god-like additional sensation. However, one qualm I have is that it can be a bit too tight, especially for people who are well endowed than the average size. I also feel that it can be a bit awkward doing other positions that involves the "butt" facing you because the curvature/angle of the main hole is upward (like your juicer) but when you flip it upside down, the curvature is downwards (which doesn't match your juicer), so this can make it slightly awkward to use. I hope this is something they could look into in the future. Nevertheless, it is not game breaking at all. In terms of durability, it is decently durable, but I have only used it for 4 months. There is some minor rubber flaking on the outside of the product, but that's to be expected. I have found that it eventually becomes sticky, rather than the soft skin that you experience when it is new. Perhaps, I would need to buy some maintenance powders to keep it in better condition. In terms of cleaning, it's tedious like most hip onahole, and drying usually requires me to use some microfiber clothes and I would also air dry it for a day to make sure it is dry. One qualm is that it only comes with a "starter" small pack of lubricant (it's probably like 15mL). You would expect a complementary 150mL when you pay this, so this was slightly disappointing, but not something that I would complain excessively about. I recommend this onahole as it is the perfect medium between the smaller hips (which I personally find way too small) and the larger hips (which are way too excessive as they are difficult to use, clean and maintain), whilst still being able to get the best of both worlds.

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  • | 11/9/2022

    Vaginal hole is inconvenient

    It's a really nice looking hip. Her buttcheeks feel soft and are fun to play with, which is why I prefer doggystyle, but... the vaginal hole is way too tight and the angle makes it hard to get in. The butthole on the other hand is very easy to slide in. It lacks stimulation, but makes up for longer sessions. Combine it with massaging the buttcheeks and you'll still have a great time. All in all I still have great sessions, even though I use the butthole pretty much exclusively now.

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  • | 10/20/2022

    Great, but...

    I really didnt want to write a review like this. This one is really fun to use because of the weight. The skeleton makes for great stiffnes. Having something to heavy and big to hold is great. The insides feel good nothing special but just good. The problem, at least with my one, is the quality. After using it 4 times i just couldnt get it dry anymore. The inside has ripped a little and opened up hole to the skeleton inside. Now everytime im trying to clean it water will flow into that opening and just sit there. That means i simply cant clean it anymore because i cant get it dry.

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  • | 7/12/2022


    I felt really bad about myself for spending so much to cum and now I can't imagine going back to a simple onahole. Take care of this lady and I hope you have long fingers if you're drying her out.

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  • | 5/1/2021

    Heavy ass

    It's good looking on the outside, really lewd when she's riding you cowgirl, and her buttcheeks are MASSIVE and fun to massage. The butthole is the best part as it's really easy to slide in, but I found the pussy WAY too tight and hard (material wise). The cervix is a great concept, but this might work better for bigger dicks.

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  • | 8/9/2020

    Feels great, butt a bit limited.

    I intended on getting the Kahanshin to go along with my Miracle. But with most delivery options being not available for US travel, I went with the cheaper Kiwami to afford DHL shipping. I don't regret it. The vagina is probably my favorite one of any toy I've had. A good texture and surprisingly tight, which is great since I'm average or slightly below average size. Most other onaholes lack tightness for my size, including my Miracle, but the Kiwami is absolutely stunning. The cheeks feel great to grab and smack, and give a great bounce when you go at it. The downside comes up here though. With the main draw of the Kiwami being dat ass, the angle of the vaginal hole makes it rather difficult to get in and thrust in a doggy-style position. You have to hold the hip at an angle closer to downward dog to get in, and you miss out on the satisfying smack of the cheeks on your hips as you thrust because the gel is more along the back and not the bottom. Still, definitely worth a shot.

    ... view more
  • | 2/4/2020

    Best bang for buck lol

    Best hip i ever got so far. Had a few before but nothing compares .

    ... view more
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