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Puni Ana ROID

Electric Powered masturbator by EXE
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Product Type: Electric Powered masturbator

The first Electric Puni Ana experience

EXE Japan are evolving their popular Puni Ana Series with the Puni Ana ROID Piston - a state-of-the-art piston male masturbator that was created with the sole intention of sucking every last drop from your sack. Featuring an innovative multi-plain motion (back-and-forth and rotating), with seven different beat patterns and seven different rotation patterns, this piston boasts an impressive total of forty-nine different settings. It also features a soft-sound system for added realism via a speaker and headphone socket. The Puni Ana Roid can be charged via any standard USB port and comes with a lid and a useful docking stand that can be adjusted in its height to your personal needs by a total of 145°. This easy-to-clean male masturbator piston will provide you with hours upon hours of diverse and pleasurable penis entertainment!

The Puni Ana ROID Electric Masturbator Features:
  • Innovative Piston Male Masturbator by EXE Japan
  • a total of 49 Different Pleasure Variations
  • Soft-Sound System With Small Speaker & Headphone Socket - 10 Minutes of Recorded Voice of Puni Ana (voiced by Soyokaze Mirai)
  • Easy to Clean Design With Removable Sleeve and Lid
  • Charging Dock Stand
  • Weight: 875 Grams
  • Dimensions: 310 x 90 mm


5 Customer Reviews for Puni Ana ROID

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by Kitsu December 25, 2019
I love it

Well I was very excited to have an electronic onahole of this kind, and the price and the size is very nice! Is very easy to use, you have the hole part inside a cap, then the "extension" part that you need to remove to put the lube or to quit the sleeve to clean, before removing the sleeve you have to quit a ring that has 4 arms that are easy to remove too. Well, all easy, I read that the sleeve is hard to quit, is not, you only have to put your fingers inside the open parts to muss it and done; but the advice of puting a bit of powder on the outside removing that part gets even easier.
But well, the important thing here, is the sensation good? Yes, at first looks a bit rough and hard but it's not, with the right amount of lube is smooth and good. the lenght is good when offline but when is on and you want to go deeper, well, it's easy to stop it. But with all the options, modes, voice and all of that is not a problem, you'll have your fun momment for sure. In general, I'm very happy and I love it I'm desiring to test it more!

by J November 29, 2019
Good one

It's an overall great item. Feels great, 14 modes total, provides fine quality earphones.
Btw, it's hard to clean the inside of the machine. Quite small, and weak motor. Overall this machine is very...well made. Highly recommended.

by SeedmonsterX October 25, 2019
If done right is feels amazing

After some thorough use and care this machine does feel great if the right things are done to it. It comes in a big box with earphones, sample packet of lube, charging cable and the machine itself. The earphones are standard quality so if you got some better ones it's best to use those instead. As for the charging cable, it is not a micro-usb or type c port but one that is similar to the PSP cables.

It takes around 2 hours to charge to full (I recommend charging it first prior use) and lasts for over 30 minutes based on what settings are used. When it charges it produces a flashing white light like a seizure so I suggest not to look at it too long. Next to the charge port there is the headphone jack so be careful of what to stick into it.

Along with the machine comes the clamp which is helpful but not the best in my opinion. It does stick to hard, solid and flat surfaces but only for around 10 minutes or so. You can use some cooking oil to increase stick times if you want. (If by any chance you own a cyclone X10 use that clamp as it is much better)

The machine itself is quite big and contains the motor and some wires just underneath it so absolutely do not put water into it. As for the buttons you can see what each does in the picture. The voice dialogue is kinda loud and goes for 10 minutes, which can be annoying but is understandable as the motor itself is quite loud. The dialogue loops itself until turned off.

The juicy and most important bit comes to the inner sleeve. Before you do anything POWDER THE INNER SLEEVE FIRST! This makes cleaning and removing so much easier otherwise you'll have problems like the other reviewers had. The sleeve provided in the box feels kinda ok but it is interchangeable with other inner sleeves from the cyclone X10 and X5 series, which can be purchased separately. Using those sleeves changes the feeling from 0 to 100. Personally using a shorter pipped or thinner pipped sleeve is what makes this feels so great. The plastic component has a plastic ring (also interchangeable) that holds the sleeve and it is quite difficult to remove and can potentially break the part connecting it to the motor (do not follow the picture!!! It doesn't come with and instructions on how to do so). So my best advice is to remove the ring component then take out the sleeve for cleaning and while cleaning you can charge the machine for next time.

As for cleaning itself it is super simple as you only need to wash the inner sleeve and the top component (entrance part). The sleeve itself can be folded inside out with its large hole and be easily washed and dried. The top component is actually screwed in place so don't worry about it wash like normal.

Overall the Puni Ana Roid is a great purchase that I do not regret. If using only the parts that come with the box it's ok but with other parts from other machines it becomes amazing. What I like is the fact that other sleeves from Cyclone X5 and X10 are compatible with this and how easy it is to wash and dry them. If I had to nitpick I'd say they should've protected the wires under the motor to avoid accidental spills and the price of this (I purchased this cheaper at a different online store). If you follow what I did you'll have a great time and avoid the problems others had.

by Christopher October 19, 2019
Expensive and Mediocre.

I've purchased quite a few Puni Ana line products and they've all been outstanding, but this one is an exception. The machine itself is fairly solid and decent quality, but the issue lies in the fact that it the silicone pleasuring part of the machine is just not incredibly stimulating. Additionally, the actual range of movement for the machine is just a bit too short or the pleasuring portion of the machine is too short as well. I'll be frank, my penis is not the longest by any means. It's just about 5.1 inches, so definitely not large, and this machine struggles to accommodate me, which is a testament to how small it is. It hits hard against the tip if you are the same size or above as me and you will need to pull out a bit to prevent that from happening, and as a result it's not very satisfying at all.

by tyler October 3, 2019
It's decent but kinda pricey

The box and the container the machine comes in is nice. It comes with the machine itself a charging USB cable, a screw in stand with a suction cup bottom, and a pair of earbuds you can use. The machine itself is pretty good quality. you can remove the top parts for easy clean up. Some of the top parts are loose and don't really tighten up much, and one bad thing I do not like is the middle part there is a ring that locks the pleasuring part which you have to take off in order to clean the part. Feels like the ring will rip the middle part every time you try to put it back on because it stretches the middle part which might cause it to rip.
To use the machine it is recommended to let it charge first before using. The machine itself weights a little bit but nothing too concerning. On the machine itself there is a button for changing the spin, on or off piston movement, and the 10 minute sound clip. When using it the first time is kind of awkward but you get used to it. I would recommend before using it put some lube in the middle part other wise the spinning might hurt. Try putting a decent amount due to the 360 spinning. When using the piston option when putting your member inside too far it can stop the up and down movement so you got to position yourself better.

Using the sound clip its just a recording of a voice and every time you restart it, it starts from the beginning. Its very recommended using earbuds or headphones, the audio jack is next to the charging port, because the machine gets very loud and its very hard to hear the voice. I personally did not use the voice so feel free to have someone else rate it.
Overall I think the machine is very well made but some parts can be better.

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