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Puni Ana ROID 2

Electric Powered by EXE
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Product Type: Electric Powered

Electric Powered Hentai Masturbator

Following the success of the Puni Ana Roid - the Electric Masturbator addition of the popular Puni Ana Range - EXE Japan have now given us the Puni Ana ROID 2 with a new sleek black look, so you can enjoy amazing automatic masturbation in style. This sex "android" has been programmed with the sole purpose of pleasing you with her tight pussy, and she'll accomplish that goal with seven massage settings and seven vibration patterns, making up a total of 49 different pleasure modes. The Puni Ana ROID 2 electric masturbator features a powerful piston and superb inner tunnel with various soft nubs and ridges that combine with the vacuum suction to provide amazing android sex. Use this electric masturbator while enjoying your favourite hentai anime, or even a VR title, and you're guaranteed to have one of the best and most futuristic sexual experiences of your life. There's also an adjustable suction cup so you can easily enjoy the masturbator through a 145-degree angle by sticking it to a suitable surface. Also the Puni Ana ROID 2 comes with ten minutes of accompanying “masturbation aid” audio from the sexy android.

The Puni Ana ROID 2 Electric Rotor Masturbator Features:
  • Innovative Piston Male Masturbator by EXE Japan
  • A total of 49 Different Pleasure Variations (7 Vibration & 7 Massage Patterns)
  • An Electric Masturbator Addition to EXE's Puni Ana Range of Toys
  • Power: USB-rechargeable
  • Approx. 10 Minutes of Accompanying Audio With Android Sex Talk & Noises
  • Suction Cup Base With Adjustable 145-degree Base
  • Illustration by Maruku
  • Weight: 635 Grams
  • Dimensions: 240 x 85 x 85 mm
  • Charge before use


2 Customer Reviews for Puni Ana ROID 2

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by Jason May 29, 2020
Weak and not worth the money

Because the masturbator uses batteries it is very weak. When you start it the strokes seem whole, but when you put your peen in it, the strokes will be almost non existent.
The sex talk is also very loud and its not possible to turn down the volume even with the earpods that are included with it.

by nabby April 29, 2020
beware big pps

maybe the best onahole i've ever used, and i own several, including the puni ana spdx hip.

the vibration settings (there are a few of them) are just different, weak patterns that might do something if you arent used to things like the domi 2 or edge from lovense. the vibration is quiet though which is nice.

the movement settings are loud but work really well, however, if you have a big, hard pp (by japanese standards) then you're going to slow down or even stop the motors which is probably dangerous. im average size and if i go as deep as i can go, i do stop the motor. that being said, you don't need to go all the way in to enjoy it.

it's lighter than it looks and more comfortable to use than you might imagine. until now i've only had soft holes - ones without plastic cases around them. have to say, a hard external case makes it more comfortable for sure. this makes it fun to use even with the weak vibration and no movement turned on.

i have not used the wall mount yet (uses a suction cup) and i can't comment on battery life yet either.

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